I spoke with Eli Lake, Malcolm Hoenlein,and Reza Khalili with regard to the Middle East minefield, and what is to be done with the predator state of Iran. The new Hollywood version of what is to be done, “Zero Dark Thirty,” presents the horse opera scenario of how to win a war. Find the boss villain hidden in the lush despair of the Hindu Kush and kill him. The hunt for Bin Laden looks more like a video game than an historical event.

It may be that the fight against the Devils of Tehran is now so vast and unpredictable that we can only soothe ourselves with a fairy tale of a righteous ending such as the Bin Laden gambit: the beast is slain, long live the king.

Bin Laden was a gangster who puffed himself up to be a revolutionary. At the end, Bin Laden was a vain, weary, impotent foil for other men’s ambitions. Killing Bin Laden answered no questions in the long-running war with the Devils.

The Devils.

Tehran is the enemy, and it will not wait to be defeated by lightly armed operators shooting into a hole as in the Bin Laden end. Reza Kahlili tells me his sources report a biowar factory buried in the hillside outside of metropolitan Tehran, employing Russian techs to weaponize anthrax, encephalitis and worse. Carved in the hillside by the factory, visible on Google Earth, is the Farsi symbol for “Ya-Mahdi,” meaning the 12th Imam is coming after chaos and war sweep the earth.

This is a measure of the genuine threat of Tehran. The Supreme Leader is not a stick figure middle-aged man like Bin Laden who bullies women and boasts of his piety. Rather the Supreme Leader commands to the death the NBC-loaded IRGC of Iran, waiting to launch a genocidal war against Israel in order to trigger more mass murder in the Middle East.

It can sound far-fetched to state the war aims of men who practice torture at home in Tehran and ignite missile salvos on innocents abroad as in Syria. The plain fact is that the Twelvers of Tehran are a murder cult in the same way the Hitlerites and their Death’s Head cult were in 1939 when the Germans punched into Poland. The IRGC has long since crossed the boundary between good and evil.

Hollywood does not have a script for how, when the darkness visible of the Devils falls across the lands, it cannot be lifted without answering with a violence that never ends happily or righteously — and sometimes not for eighty or one hundred years.