America awakes this morning to the realization that our federal government is collectively unwilling and/or unable to tend to the people’s business.

Many in America might like to point fingers at one side of the aisle or the other. Many others would bemoan the general lack of real leadership in the most senior positions within the federal government. Folks, we can point fingers all we want and apportion blame however we might like . . . but pointing fingers gets us absolutely nowhere.

A full 16 months from the downgrade of our nation’s credit rating and a full 6 plus weeks from the Presidential election and there has been virtually zero progress in terms of addressing the impending fiscal cliff. Businesses in America have no ability to proactively plan for 2013 and beyond without knowing what our tax code may look like. Families have no ability to proactively plan their own personal budgets faced with the tremendous uncertainty of their own tax bills. Is there any wonder why nobody is willing to deploy risk capital to grow an enterprise?

You would not run your own families and businesses this way. Yet, our federal government is running in exactly this fashion. It is an absolute joke. Unfortunately, the joke is a bad one and it is being played out on every man, woman, and child in America right now.

With so much focus on the immediate fiscal cliff, let’s be real, our nation’s real issue is our ENORMOUS fiscal crisis. If our government cannot even address the fiscal cliff, how will they ever address the fiscal crisis?

Regrettably, though, folks, we have the government that we deserve. While the jokers in Washington head home to be with their own families, I would only hope that they might view a sobering video that looks not at the fiscal cliff but at the fiscal crisis and what it means for our children. This video, Overdraft produced by Travelers Insurance, runs for about 55-minutes. It takes a wide angled view of many issues that embody our fiscal crisis.

If we care to believe that we may have a brighter future, then the issues highlighted in this clip had better start being addressed.

Can we literally embarrass our government into action? I do not know but given the fact that little else is working right now, I think it is high time we try. On that note, President Obama, Speaker Boehner, Senator Reid, and every member of Congress: you are collectively a JOKE!! Show us otherwise or prove me wrong.

To those who might view this, I welcome you to spike the eggnog and embrace the truth . . .

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Navigate accordingly.

Larry Doyle

  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    More of a joke that even you may realize, Larry. I just spent an hour on a conference call with a Democratic lobbyist who told the conferencees that now that Obama doesn’t have to worry about political considerations because he is in his second term, they can really go to town on loading legislation with pork for their clients. He actually laughed at the victims of hurricane Sandy, who he said actually receceived “very little” of the emergency relief funding that Congress had just appropriated for them. “It’s all about pork,” he said.
    The call was real inside the Beltway stuff that I had somewhat forgotten about since I retired and left Washington. Excuse me while I go vomit.

  • Robert Miller

    Actually the only joke is the Tea Party Republican House, who refuse to compromise and will not vote for higher taxes on the wealthy, even though a majority of Americans want this.

    There are plenty of good leaders in government. Obama is one of them. The problem is the Republicans have terrible leadership, if you can call it that. Boehner cannot even get enough Republican votes for his “Plan B”. What a joke.

    By the way if you read the Moody’s U.S. downgrade report them mention the Republicans by name as a reason for the downgrade. The downgrade was BS. Notice S&P has not downgraded America.

    Larry Doyle since when do businesses make plans based on the tax code. Complete BS. Every survey of business says that taxes are very low down on the priority list of things which they worry about. There is always uncertainty about regulations, the government and the tax code. Were business all that concerned when Bush was trying to get the votes to pass the tax cuts in the first place. They could care less.

    You really are a fiscal conservative you should be welcoming going over the so-called fiscal cliff. It will be the quickest way to reducing the deficit.

    “ENORMOUS fiscal crisis”
    There is no enormous fiscal crisis. How do you figure? Where is the crisis. There are long term fiscal issues, but no crisis. Stop fear-mongering. U.S. government borrowing rates are at the lowest ever. Investors are not overly concerned about America’s fiscal situation.
    Your Republicans are at home for the Holidays. Obama is in his office ready to come up with a compromise.

    • Hokma

      Great. The latest online name for scottymac and his host of alter egos.

      As I said, you can change your name but your answers are always he same.

      Show us Obama’s actual solution. Or one solution coming from Dingy Harry whose only claim to fame is diarrhea of the mouth.

      • Robert Miller

        Obama has done more and offered more to improve the fiscal situation in this country than any recent President, including President Clinton.

        He has offered more spending cuts, several trillion, he has offered to marginally increase taxes and is open to reforming the tax code to broaden the base to bring in more tax revenue. He inacted the ACA bills, which do more to move toward curtailing healthcare costs than any previous President. He has put Social Security and Medicare on the table (no previous President ever did that). Romney and the Republicans just spent several hundred million dollars complaining that Obama was making big cuts to Medicare.

        The deficit has actually fallen 30% under Obama’s watch and is expected to continue to fall.

        What have the Republicans offered? Nothing but further unpaid for tax cuts, which would have blown another big hole in the deficit. They harp on spending cuts, but have given us zero actual significant spending cuts. What spending cuts do the Republicans acutally want to make? Can you answer that question? Neither the Ryan budget, which they voted on several times, nor any recent statements by the GOP have given us any specifics on what spending cuts the GOP would actually like to make. As ususal the GOP talks a good game, but in the end, as always, they are far less fiscally responsible than the Democrats.

        • Hokma

          What is going to take for you to stop using an assortment of names but all with the same mindless and ignorant comments?

          You just pieced together a series of subjective statements with zero support.

          My question is how hard is it to be this stupid or does it just come naturally to you?

          • Robert Miller

            Funny stuff coming from you, given your continueous meaningless replies of personal insults and completely unsubstantiated statements. If you disagree, then argue your point. Personal insults just tell us you have absolutely nothing.

            • Hokma

              Doesn’t take much to smoke a low life like you out. Scottymac – back into your basement before your mommy sees she left the door unlocked.

  • Deapster

    News Year’s Resolutions: ensure fiscal conservatives run and are elected on every single one of your LOCAL boards: city councils, board of supervisors, school boards.

    Stop worrying about state and national politics. That train has now left the station. Even state politics has been sold out to special interests.

    The best place for your political energies now is making a difference at the LOCAL grassroots level educating voters and becoming an independent and effective voice about conservative principles.

    Build a new farm team of effective fiscal conservatives who have a lot of money and influence at the LOCAL level. It all builds one by one for a new and better future.

    Do not let a local school board election go by without giving it your best efforts to make a difference there. Whining about four more years of Obama is wasting time and energy and not investing in the deep fundamental changes the US electorate needs to understand.

    That can happen on the grass roots local level and the Republican (or whatever) party gets rebuilt from the ground up. Need I say the more diverse this new fiscal conservative movement is the better?

  • getfitnow

    If this is the mindset of POTUS (and I believe it is), what do you do?

    Elections have consequences.

    • Deapster

      LOCAL elections have consequences too. Make it a New Years resolution to campaign and support all local fiscal conservative voices and build a new and diverse movement from the ground up.

      • Dave L.

        Where I live, in the Tucson, Az area, the City of Tucson is run by Stupid libtards that have ruined the city. I personally wouldn’t live in the city limits if someone gave me a house. Tucson is lost forever, it is a miniture San Fransicko. The rest of the state laughs at Tucson and their liberal attitude. Tucson will never be more than a stagecoach stop on the Tombstone to Yuma run. Welcome to the territory, set your watch back 50 years !!

        • getfitnow

          I’m in CA —east bay area. The dems and unions run everything, and everything is a mess.

          • Deapster

            Take a look at what unions and political correctness did to City College of San Francisco (90,000 students) if you think Oakland is bad. They are only a few months away from possible closure due to over a decade of mismanagement and ignored warnings to shape up by accreditation.

            Yet the SF voters put in exactly the same incumbents who drove this college into the ground. What are they putting in EBMUD and the Hetch-Hetchy!

            It is time for elections to have consequences and it can start right there across the bay. So long CCSF.

  • elizabethrc

    It is impossible to ’embarrass’ Congress. Frighten them? Yes, maybe.

    • KenoshaMarge

      I agree, it’s impossible to “embarrass” these fools. I doubt it is even possible to frighten the ones on the left since they have a very big edge with the biased MSM in their corner on every issue.

      It is the media that perpetuates the win or lose aspect of every issue. Therefore compromise of any kind is seen as a loss.

      Media has always liked confrontation and disagreements because it makes for better theater. In Obama and Biden they have both drama and comedy. No leadership or honesty but they don’t want that anyway.

      • elizabethrc

        When the colossal mismanagement and wonton spending of our money finally leads to the closing down of so many necessary programs and so many welfare programs, nothing the media can say or do will change the reality that will hit ordinary citizens and those who partake of all the freebies. The media aren’t strong enough to fight the personal realities these families will face. Sure, they’ll try to blame the Repubs, but it is inevitable that the blame will fall on Obama’s laws, executive orders and ineptness. It will be in full view. It’s going to take a long time, however, but most second terms end rather badly. This will be no different, and maybe far worse than most.
        As usual, it will Republicans who will have to clean up Obama’s and the Dems’ mess.

        • Deapster

          Tee, hee …love your pun about borrowing all our money from China …”.wonton” spending. (!) Yeah, I know it was a typo but a sly one at that!

          • elizabethrc

            That was just stupidity on my part…I’m not that clever…just a bad speller! But thanks for the unearned credit, though!

    • Deapster

      Making them irrelevant is the best option.

      • KenoshaMarge

        I like that but how do we do it?

        • Deapster

          Concentrate on local elections where you can both elect good people and educate voters about the important issues at the same time.

          You get more bang for the buck electing good, independent non-union people to local offices than the shills that move on to Congress or the White House.

          That is how you make them irrelevant – the unions will fund, back and get out the vote for their friends and now there is nothing you can do about this on the national and maybe even the state level.

          But grassroots, sitting tables, and pounding the pavement can matter in local elections.

  • Dave L.

    These asshats need to be on vacation permanently !!

    • KenoshaMarge

      People fear “gridlock”. I fear their actions more.

    • Deapster

      Build a LOCAL conservative farm club of new and diverse faces who work their way up to a new legislature and a new Congress and a new voice for America.