UPDATE: See Larry Johnson‘s more recent post, “Why No Mass School Shootings in Israel?.”

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The Hartford Courier reports:

President Obama called for new proposals for reducing gun violence during an address Wednesday.

He appointed Vice President Joseph Biden to head an inter-agency panel to come up with “a set of concrete proposals by January that I intend to push without delay,” Obama said.

Megyn Kelly discussed this on December 21st:

From the Washington Post, “After Newton shooting, business leaders are changing their tune on guns—but for how long?“:

In the latest sign that the gun control debate is having an impact following the horrific rampage Friday in Newtown, Conn., three major businesses are making notable changes amid the tragedy.

“Perhaps most significantly, Cerberus, the secretive private equity firm, announced Tuesday that it would immediately begin the process of trying to sell its stake in the Freedom Group, a company that manufactures the Bushmaster firearm brand, which was used in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. “It is apparent that the Sandy Hook tragedy was a watershed event that has raised the national debate on gun control to an unprecedented level. …”

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