Romney & Obama - JohnsonJonathan Martin and Glenn Thrush recently wrote an e-books available at Amazon: “The End of the Line: Romney vs. Obama: the 34 days that decided the election: Playbook 2012. Here are some excerpts from the recently published e-book:

The fourth and final eBook in POLITICO’s Playbook 2012 series once again provides an unprecedented minute-by-minute account of the race for the presidency. …

The End of the Line follows President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney as their campaign teams go all-in to win in the critical final weeks of the 2012 election.

From Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” video to Clint Eastwood’s speech to an empty chair, the 2012 presidential campaign did not lack for memorable moments.

In The End of the Line, POLITICO senior White House reporter Glenn Thrush and senior political reporter Jonathan Martin chronicle every hairpin turn in a race that defied the predictions of pundits and prognosticators.

Tonight, I searched YouTube, and was surprised to see a large number of videos about Tagg Romney’s expressions about Mitt Romney’s run for the presidency.

Kathryn Jean Lopez at the The National Review emphasized two points from the e-book above:

1. After the 47 percent video was revealed: “Romney knew it was a disaster. He felt so bad about his remarks that he sent an email to some of his senior aides taking responsibility for the damage he had caused and apologizing.”

2. After Chris Christie appeared with the president following Hurricane Sandy, Romney said to advisers, according to aide recollections cited in the book: “Guys, he’s the governor of the state — he’s got to do what’s best for his state.”

The Wall Street Journal‘s video, “Why Mitt Romney Lost the Election – WSJ Opinion” expresses more reasons why Romney lost the election. They point out, for example, that Romney should have spent more time in the spring going after Obama early. Instead, Obama went all out to paint an unflattering portrait of Romney.

I am sure you all remember the last night of the GOP convention when, instead of showing a film about Mitt Romney’s life, the campaign team chose to have Clint Eastwood speak. I enjoyed him a great deal. However, it would have been better, far earlier, to create a video to introduce Romney to the public far earlier.

Politico noted:

A behind-the-scenes documentary on Romney from the 2008 campaign made by a filmmaker friend of the candidate’s sons aimed to show the warm and decent man behind the awkward politician prone to reinforcing his own rich-guy caricature. But the film was spiked by the advisers and has never aired. The problem, in the eyes of the candidate’s high command: The film was too heavy on Romney’s Mormonism.

After the election, I wrote an “example” of a video that I wish Romney and his team had done right from the start, long before the convention. Here are a few portions:

I am making this five-minute video so that you know why I invested my money in Switzerland and in Caribbean nations. The Democrats have attacked me for that, Republicans too. We’ve patched things up, and I am making this video BEFORE my official campaign begins, early this summer, because you need to know why. I worry about my family a lot. Ann, all five of my wonderful sons, their wives, their children — my precious grandchildren — and my sisters and brothers too. I worry a lot about all of you too. […]

In case you wondered if I’ve really ever worked and struggled and worried? Look at me up yonder in that video at Staples. That’s me at the very FIRST Staples, stocking shelves, and me talking to all the great workers. [I almost didn’t invest in that company!]

Here is that Staples video. Mitt Romney, in my opinion, should have featured this video far more often and much earlier. (However, I live in a blue state and didn’t see most of the videos. So please let me know in the comments section if any of you ever saw the Staples video.)

Towards the end of my post, I added “The Staples history comes from Boston Herald, which just endorsed Mitt Romney for president, “Romney’s The One.”