Romney & Obama - JohnsonJonathan Martin and Glenn Thrush recently wrote an e-books available at Amazon: “The End of the Line: Romney vs. Obama: the 34 days that decided the election: Playbook 2012. Here are some excerpts from the recently published e-book:

The fourth and final eBook in POLITICO’s Playbook 2012 series once again provides an unprecedented minute-by-minute account of the race for the presidency. …

The End of the Line follows President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney as their campaign teams go all-in to win in the critical final weeks of the 2012 election.

From Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” video to Clint Eastwood’s speech to an empty chair, the 2012 presidential campaign did not lack for memorable moments.

In The End of the Line, POLITICO senior White House reporter Glenn Thrush and senior political reporter Jonathan Martin chronicle every hairpin turn in a race that defied the predictions of pundits and prognosticators.

Tonight, I searched YouTube, and was surprised to see a large number of videos about Tagg Romney’s expressions about Mitt Romney’s run for the presidency.

Kathryn Jean Lopez at the The National Review emphasized two points from the e-book above:

1. After the 47 percent video was revealed: “Romney knew it was a disaster. He felt so bad about his remarks that he sent an email to some of his senior aides taking responsibility for the damage he had caused and apologizing.”

2. After Chris Christie appeared with the president following Hurricane Sandy, Romney said to advisers, according to aide recollections cited in the book: “Guys, he’s the governor of the state — he’s got to do what’s best for his state.”

The Wall Street Journal‘s video, “Why Mitt Romney Lost the Election – WSJ Opinion” expresses more reasons why Romney lost the election. They point out, for example, that Romney should have spent more time in the spring going after Obama early. Instead, Obama went all out to paint an unflattering portrait of Romney.

I am sure you all remember the last night of the GOP convention when, instead of showing a film about Mitt Romney’s life, the campaign team chose to have Clint Eastwood speak. I enjoyed him a great deal. However, it would have been better, far earlier, to create a video to introduce Romney to the public far earlier.

Politico noted:

A behind-the-scenes documentary on Romney from the 2008 campaign made by a filmmaker friend of the candidate’s sons aimed to show the warm and decent man behind the awkward politician prone to reinforcing his own rich-guy caricature. But the film was spiked by the advisers and has never aired. The problem, in the eyes of the candidate’s high command: The film was too heavy on Romney’s Mormonism.

After the election, I wrote an “example” of a video that I wish Romney and his team had done right from the start, long before the convention. Here are a few portions:

I am making this five-minute video so that you know why I invested my money in Switzerland and in Caribbean nations. The Democrats have attacked me for that, Republicans too. We’ve patched things up, and I am making this video BEFORE my official campaign begins, early this summer, because you need to know why. I worry about my family a lot. Ann, all five of my wonderful sons, their wives, their children — my precious grandchildren — and my sisters and brothers too. I worry a lot about all of you too. […]

In case you wondered if I’ve really ever worked and struggled and worried? Look at me up yonder in that video at Staples. That’s me at the very FIRST Staples, stocking shelves, and me talking to all the great workers. [I almost didn’t invest in that company!]

Here is that Staples video. Mitt Romney, in my opinion, should have featured this video far more often and much earlier. (However, I live in a blue state and didn’t see most of the videos. So please let me know in the comments section if any of you ever saw the Staples video.)

Towards the end of my post, I added “The Staples history comes from Boston Herald, which just endorsed Mitt Romney for president, “Romney’s The One.”

  • West_Virginia

    The election had nothing to do with videos. It was turnout. The Obama team harassed blacks and other non-white voters to the polls knowing that, once they were in the booth, they would vote for their guy over the white guy. The Obama team used racist GOTV tactics, as they always have. So much for post partisan post race races. This was a killer take all event and the most ruthless won.

  • sowsear1
  • bbf

    This might be another reason Romney lost:

    I was on my way to the dentist when the cab passed by my MN precinct on the early morning of 5 Nov. I only had a few minutes to look…but I was surprised at the huge number of person of color in line. There might have been nearly 100 persons in line. As I recall, I didn’t see one person who was not a person of color in the line. In passing, I thought that was a more than a little bit odd..because this neighborhood is about my brother would say “of European heritage”. It was the same when I passed by 2 hours later.

  • Deapster

    Obama unleashed and full of himself without tele-prompters will finally expose The Arrogant One so many have blindly supported.


    backtrack going on Sunday talk show for the first time in 3 years. Funny how he always finds a lawbreaker( david gregory) to embrace


    another do as I say , not as I do democrat.
    anti-gun senator shoots home intruders

  • getfitnow

    Can we be as un-serious as congress members? No, but have some fun while trying. I was a huge fan of Mystery Science Theater many years ago when it ran on the Sci-Fi channel.

    • HELENK2

      that is fun. I stole it and sent it to some friends


    McConnell did not hear a thing from dems since Thanksgiving.
    now everyone rushs back to make it look like they are really interested in the fiscal cliff.

    from mighty mouse backtrack ” HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY”

  • MG6
  • getfitnow

    The scout probably knows more about this issue than Mr. Baucus.

    • HELENK2

      good for that kid.

  • getfitnow
  • getfitnow
  • getfitnow

    Here’s a nice summary with common sense perspective..

  • HELENK2,0,215136.story

    a little too late to find this out. due to long lines 49000 people did not vote in Fla presidential election

    • Hokma

      I wonder why that happened?

      • HELENK2

        could not have been poor planning could it????

      • getfitnow

        GOP suppression, doncha know. /s

  • MG6

    iowa hawk

    Obama already claimed the power to decide when Congress is in session. Now he decides where spending bills originate too?

    • HELENK2

      My president spent $7 million to fly to DC, and all I got was this lousy boilerplate.

      • getfitnow

        Yes, my thought was, why did he come back? It’s all political theater with a willing msm. The gop needs to use the msm too. No, they won’t get the glowing coverage, but at least what they’re doing won’t be left for interpretation by the corrupt msm. Most citizens don’t know what the gop is doing or is up against.

        I’m stunned how many people I know that don’t have a clue how Congress works.

        And how much more to fly FLOTUS and tribe back separately?

        • Deapster

          All part of the theater. POTUS leaves the loving warmth of his family to attend to serious matters of state and knock some sense into recalcitrant Republican obstructionists. Shows the man cares first for his county, while his bereft family is left to stay calm and carry on. Or go to the beach. Whatever.

    • HARP2

      Dow Sinks 70 Points During Obama’s Speech – Dow Futures Drop 226 Points Following Obama’s Speech

      Maybe now they will find out


    Pres Obama today signed 20 bills including H.J. Res.122 which sets
    next Friday as day Congress counts the votes of the Electoral College.

    WOW 20 bills including giving congress, biden and government workers raises

  • sowsear1
    • HELENK2

      good to hear from you


    no matter what the outcome on the fiscal cliff debacle, $1BILLION in new taxes will hit Jan 1 2013 due to obamacare

    • getfitnow

      The problem is that sooner or
      later, all Americans will have to suffer the consequences for the poor voting
      choices, selfish demands for more and more entitlements, cowardice to confront
      politically-incorrect problems and putting up with self-serving corrupt politicians
      collecting goodies for themselves instead of doing their jobs.

      • Deapster

        The alternative of course is flooding the streets with screaming hordes demanding their free government goodies be reinstated.

        Are we buying freedom from social unrest and true armed class warfare with these hollow. symbolic gestures. Or is the better word extortion by the threat of angry mobs unleashed by Obama’s patent duplicity?

        There is always the other side of the coin in a country now well past its tipping point in fraudulent government vote-getting programs fostering dependencies and guaranteed Democratic votes.


    BREAKINGNEWS: Senate approves bill to provide $60B for states affected by #Sandy.

    how much of it really goes to the victims. there is so much pork in that bill they could have a barbeque


    ‘Fiscal cliff’ meeting at the White House started at 3:10 pm ET and ended at 4:15 pm ET, according to the White House – @NBCNews

    whole lot of time spent on the fiscal cliff issue NOT

    • HELENK2

      Update: Congressional leaders leave White House after ‘fiscal cliff’ meeting with Obama, do not make public statements – @Reuters

      • getfitnow

        This is an area where the GOP is very weak. Why hasn’t Boehner been in front of the microphones? They are MIA and will allow the msm spin a tale of how wicked the republicans are.

    • HELENK2
      • HELENK2

        President Obama to deliver a statement at 5:45 pm ET, White House says – @NBCNews

        • getfitnow

          Sun rises. Sun sets.

      • getfitnow

        Where was his first offer? He just wants everyone to agree with him. I read McConnell said he hadn’t heard anything from the WH or leadership from dem senate/house

        That One wants taxes to go up on the “rich” and to neuter the GOP. Period.


    backtrack always reminded me of this guy

  • foxyladi14

    conservatives form our customary circular firing squad to deal with
    concerns about the leadership of House Speaker John Boehner, we might
    want to consider the possibility that Boehner was dealt a bad hand in
    the last election and that he has played that hand as well as anyone
    could have. It might even be worth considering the possibility that
    Boehner has been crazy like the proverbial fox in his dealings with

    Read more:

    • Deapster

      It is all theater at this point. But it makes me feel raped by boys playing men to whom we have handed leadership of the Free World (as if that term even has relevance today).

      Backtrack, staring as The Great Conciliator will not play well on either side of the aisle.


    screw an honorable man who fought for the country and served her well. pick an obot in stead of his last request

    thanks abercrombie

  • Deapster

    When you combine the 47% who get some form of government benefits, growing each year with more baby-boomer retirements with the Democrat union member ground game and GOTV election day discipline, a tipping point in America has been crossed.

    It will be decades and empty coffers before America charts a different course. I suspect there will lots of new money printed and thereby increasing inflation during this fundamental transition time for the next decade or so. Plan accordingly.

    BTW: it finally dawned on me that one reason there was that unsustainable inflation in post WWI Germany was by printing tons of money, the German government got to pay off their war reparations a lot faster than with a more stable currency. Not so sure the German inflation experience was not more than a shrewd and temporary business decision. Stay tuned.

  • Popsmoke

    The reason why Romney lost is because he was not hungry enough…. Politics is a blood sport, you have to have had tasted blood to be hungry enough to chew on the opposition. That is the reason why 99% of the real good guys and gals will not run….
    The book good guy stuff? That is mostly PR… Yes I am sure he is a very nice guy. But to be as successful as he was in business, he also had to be bad…in a business sense.
    While the Mormon thing does not play well with most folk. Romney’s campaign chiefs got that one right.

    • Deapster

      Politics takes raw animal spirits and a gift of gab — see Richard Gere in “Give Me That Old Razzle Dazzle” from Chicago or the current and brilliant movie “The Campaign” with the SNL star (name escapes me).

      Anyone who does not have a gut feeling for the lowest common denominator that moves most voters (their own selfish interests) will not do well in politics. The sooner we admit this, the more successful future quests will be.

      We may not be inherently evil, but we are selfish – what is in it for me drives the massive Democrat vote machine.

    • elizabethrc

      Someone told me years ago that I didn’t have the fire in the belly, that I wasn’t hungry enough to succeed in my chosen endeavour. He was right. You are right about Romney.
      It’s the rare politician who has that fire, does what he or she must to win and can still be true to a noble set of values. It’s a hard thing to do.
      There was a program on the radio today and the speaker was discussing that very subject. The speaker mentioned that Steve Jobs wanted to run for political office, that Jack Welsh and a number of top exec also did, but that their friends took them aside and reminded them that they would have their reputations, their works torn apart. None of them ran.
      Isn’t that a sad commentary on America’s politics?!!

      • Deapster

        Politicians are crazy and you have to be crazy to be a politician. I actually forgive many of their sins because few would ever sanely choose the job and the demands we voters put on them to woo us, appease us and make them raise spend millions just to get our one vote.

        If they stumble and lurch and occasionally get something right, it is a good day in Washington.


    backtrack executive order
    pay raises biden, members of congess and federal workers

    • Hokma

      And mainstream media will completely ignore.

      This is outrageous. This no talent Marxist thug is increasing pay for government workers at a time when private industry workers are still hopelessly unemployed – are watching their own paychecks diminish – and at a time when it will diminish even more because their taxes are going up.

    • foxyladi14

      no cliff for them.

  • Deapster

    The last white male in the US …… who stood for decency, family values, success and personal accomplishment. Mourn this passing. America has shifted gears.

    Just remember to substitute the work “successful” every time the Obots attack the “rich” and see how you like their new vision for America.

    • Hokma

      And it is why he lost.

      Obama is a Marxist thug who wins by defaming his opponents and has a long history of that.

      Even though Romney was tougher than McCain, he was just not tough enough to counter the waves of slander coming out of Obama and his thugs.

    • elizabethrc

      Sadly, this is a vanishing breed, replaced with mean spirited people who are so jealous of accomplishment that they stoop to any low to take from them what they have righteously earned. Just remember that many endangered species are saved by a few who care. So it will be with them.
      This, in the long run, will not work in America. We seem to be a nation which has to be pushed to the wall before we act to save ourselves. The Dems and libs are doing the pushing right now, but they are so full of themselves that they are unable to see their own flaws and it is those which will defeat them. When the money runs out, when the programs to buy the freeloaders’ loyalties dry up, the enchantment will also end. It’s going to take awhile, but athere is no such thing as a bottomless pit.
      I am glad the wealthy in this country are keeping their cash, whether it be off shoring it or in a mattress. They are wise to not invest when they don’t know what faces them by way of taxes, uber-regulations, union sympathizers in the White House and having to live in an atmosphere of hatred from those who want a more socialistic nation and would seek to divest them of their wealth for no other reason than that they are too lazy or spineless to exert themselves to create their own wealth.
      Strange that I never hear of the liberals criticizing the playactors in Hollywood or the sports players across the country. Their wealth and their excesses are astronomical but of course that’s okay, since we all know how much they give to this country that is of lasting value. Just think of all the companies they have created which benefit mankind, and think of all of the diseases that have been cured because of the charitable way they use their money. But then again, they’ve never been know for great acts of charity other than the very rare and occasional random one, accompanied by great fanfare. It is, after all, a great opportunity to garner publicity. Gosh, who’da thought!
      It’s the mindset, and they don’t have it. Neither does Washington.

      • foxyladi14


    • getfitnow


      There was an interesting guest on Rush’s show today. I forget his name. Maybe Mallory was the first. anyway, he’s written a book “Shadow Bosses.” All about the unions including how they won the election for That One. Micro-targeting those that voted for Obama in ’08 but weren’t going to vote, at all, this time. The unions made sure they made it to the polls.

      • Deapster

        Exactly, we saw this locally, state wide and obviously nationwide.


    should have , could have do not count.
    too many people in this country did not pay attention to just what backtrack is and always will be. lazy, raised to dislike America, a user and a taker.
    We had a chance to turn the country around and too many just could not see past color to do so.
    Too many republicans stayed home, to me out of pure stubborn refusal to compromise to get better for the country.
    It may be too late by 2016 to still have an America with the freedoms our forefathers gave us and fought for us to keep. They were given up without a shot being fired and the country will be taken down from within.

    • HELENK2
    • wwwild

      Most importantly Romney and the Republicans either didn’t pay attention,
      didn’t care enough, or were plain stupid. To me, putting the 2008
      loser to the loser against the 2008 winner is just plain brain-dead. So,
      what did they think would change between 2008 and 2012 to make Romney a
      winner? The lying, fraud, etc. continues in Washington and how many
      words did we hear directly challenging this? None that I know of from
      the mainstream. Country is officially lost IMO, wish it wasn’t true,
      but wishing like hoping is worth…