Think the Democrats are worried about America? Think again. They are only thinking about themselves and feeding their clients at the pork barrel. Received the following from a friend who was privy to a briefing by some Democrat lobbyists in the last couple of days:

I just spent an hour on a conference call with some scumball Democrat lobbyists who described how they were going to load the fiscal cliff legislation with pork that they needed to then dispense to various companies, with a hefty cut for themselves, of course. One of the lobbyists was actually laughing about how the hurricane Sandy victims actually got very little of the recent relief funding that Congress appropriated for them.

That’s how the Democrat controlled Senate rolls.

If the Democrats are smart (and evil), they will try to peel off House Republicans by trying to toss some of the crumbs of this deal to them as well. That is the corruption that is Washington.

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  • bbf


    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    After four years of maneuvering, President Obama finally has his White Whale, Social Security, within harpooning distance. “Obama has largely neutered Social Security’s traditional congressional defenders, who know perfectly well
    what their president is up to, but will not directly oppose him.”

    Obama’s Historic Assault on Social Security

    “He can accomplish what Republicans only dream about.”

    President Obama and his Republican partners in austerity have choreographed a kind of bi-partisan ballet, in which the dancers reach out to each other in slow motion, their fingers almost touching, teasing the audience. These cheap and transparent theatrics are designed to transmit a soap
    opera-like sense of drama: “Can the two parties come to a compromise for the sake of the country?” But, the fact is, Obama and the Republicans reached most of their grand bargain more than a year ago, when they slashed $1.7 trillion out of domestic spending over a decade. As liberal
    Obamite Robert Kuttner, of Demos, points out, there’s very little left to cut except Medicare and Social Security.

    Social Security has always been Obama’s Great White Whale; he’s conspired with Republicans and right-wing Democrats to harpoon the mother of all New Deal programs since the very start of his presidency. But Social Security is not an easy mark. George Bush found that out in his second term, when he suffered his worst domestic defeat in attempting to privatize the program.

    It would take a Black Democrat, fresh from a near-landslide election, to put Social Security on the chopping block, as Obama did in January of 2009. But before he could move in for the kill, Obama and his allies had to convince the
    public that Social Security is a major contributor to the federal budget deficit – which is a lie. Social Security runs on its own stream of revenues that go into the Social Security Trust Fund, totally separate from general taxation and debt. However, by endless repetition of the Big Lie – that Social Security adds to the federal deficit – Obama and
    other corporate Democrats and Republicans succeeded in program into the austerity debate, where it does not belong.

    “Social Security runs on its own stream of revenues.”


    progs e-mail dems demanding they oppose fiscal cliff deal.
    not taxing the rich enough


    Breaking… Democratic aide: Fiscal ‘cliff’ deal reached #BreakingNews #wkyc #breaking_news

    fiscal cliff deal reached says dem senators and wh.
    will ever have any congress critter with enough backbone and balls to really represent the American people?



    backtrack scuttled the fiscal cliff deal, promises never ending tax hikes

  • anon

    Boehner reminds via Tweet that House has passed legislation to avert
    fiscal cliff yet with just hours to go, Senate has yet to act.

  • Hokma

    Not sure if it is prophetic but of all days, SyFy channel has had Twilight Zone reruns all day which personifies what is going on inside the Beltway.

    By the way, these shows really are tremendous after all this time and even in b/w.

    • getfitnow

      Yep, I watch it every year. The scripts and acting are so good, you don’t even have to watch. You can just listen—like old radio programs.

      • getfitnow

        I’m watching the “It’s a Good Life” episode. I wish I could put That One and all his enablers in the corn field.


    no house meeting on fiscal cliff.
    will meet for a couple of hours 5PM Monday to discuss Hurricane Sandy bill


    adelphia tweeted:

    #BREAKING: No House vote tonight re: the fiscal cliff, economy already damaged:

    • Hokma

      One has to wonder how much of this has to do with Obama’s deplorably childlike behavior today. As you noted the GOP was livid of Obama’s reckless theatrics.


    #BreakingNews Congress won’t meet Monday midnight deadline on voting to avert ‘fiscal cliff.’

    Gerimo get your parachutes ready, here we go

  • MG6
    • Hokma

      The only policy we should have had was to remove all Christians and other non-Muslims and then let the SOBs kill each other off without getting involved.

      There us no winning side for the U.S. in this revolt.


    In reading the news, it looks like backtrack went out of his way to screw up any deal.
    He would screw up a one car funeral


    BREAKING NEWS: McConnell Says Deal Reached on Taxes


    On Senate floor, John McCain, R-AZ., calls Pres Obama’s statement “a message of confrontation to Republicans.”