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Susan Rice
I recently spoke to Joe Kernan, of CNBC “Kudlow Report,” [see video below] re the unclassified report on the Benghazi tragedy, and I aimed to be clear that the State Department is not at fault (about nine minutes into the lengthy segment).

The Benghazi mission was and continues to be a national security operation for arming, training, funding and transporting Libyan ihadists from Cyrenaica Province of Libya to Syria to pretend to be the “Free Syrian Army.”

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This is the Obama foreign policy after two years of the Arab Spring — making common cause with strongmen and hiring gunmen to do the bidding of the powers.

Benghazi is a window on the larger operation that aims to pressure Assad to leave Damascus or to pressure Tehran to negotiate with the US in order to preserve Assad.

The men who killed the ambassador and the CIA ops at Benghazi were cutthroats and blackguards who were also the known hirelings of the US and Turkey. The strike that day was a revenge attack in response to the US drone-killing of a Libyan gangster who was No. 3 at Al Qaeda, named al-Libi.

This is what the classified report begins to discuss. The Benghazi story will play out for years. What is also true is that the Islamists and jihadists know they can play Washington for chumps. No hurry on the details. White House speakers propose distortions of the narrative. History disposes the distorters (Susan Rice).

Game is afoot, to be continued, enjoy.