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Who’d want his job? John Boehner has an emotional moment after being re-elected as House speaker.

The New York Post columnist John Podhoretz writes that [conservatives “have gone wild” and that conservatives are “turning on other conservatives” and have accused each other “of impurity and corruption for refusing to march their party and their movement over a political cliff.”

Then, the lefty blog ThinkProgress’s post, wrote in “Republican Congressman Insults Nancy Pelosi’s Appearance: ‘There’s No Facelift With John Boehner’”:

An outspoken Republican congressman castigated House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s looks during a radio interview Friday. […]

[Rep. Louie Goehmert said that Boehner is] functionally equivalent to Pelosi because both held one-on-one backroom negotiations with the president. Gohmert then went on to deride Pelosi’s appearance: “Well, let’s give him credit. There’s no facelift with John Boehner.” …

John Podheretz added:

The most powerful Republican in Washington has been looking at the calendar and the polls, and what he’s seen is this: 1) On Jan. 1, taxes automatically go up on everyone in America. 2) Everybody is going to blame the GOP if that happens.

Has anyone ever been in a worse negotiating position?

Oh, and don’t forget the heat he’s feeling from Republicans and conservatives who are calling him a weakling and a traitor, a monster, a coward, a sellout and whatever nasty adjectives they can come up with that will make the dollars flow from political donors who think “fight” is a winning strategy after you’ve already lost.

Boehner: Getting blamed no matter what he does.

Boehner doesn’t want taxes to go up. His party opposes all the tax hikes now under discussion. He’d like all current tax levels to become permanent. …

John Boehner is feeling heat from many conservatives who call him “a weakling and a traitor, a monster, a coward, a sellout and whatever nasty adjectives they can come up. …,” Podheretz added.

Republicans hope that money will begin coming in from donors who seem to believe that fighting “is a winning strategy after you’ve already lost.” Frankly, I wonder how many donors are sending more money at this time.

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This is an open thread. I bet most of you are watching the NFL play-offs today.

So, later, I trust you’ll share your own opinions about the mess that the Democrats, Republicans and President Obama (who, instead of remaining in Washington, went on vacation in Hawaii, as I wrote in my post, Obama’s Vacation: $4 Million).

Since then, Mr. Obama has returned to Washington D.C., as CNN reported in “Obama’s vacation came amidst fiscal wrangling”:

President Barack Obama flew out of Washington. He landed in Hawaii 11 hours later – over 4,000 miles from Capitol Hill, and where the temperature was a balmy 80 degrees, twice what it was in Washington. …

  • MG6
  • getfitnow

    This morning there was an ad on tv—HR Block. the agent was explaining how she had read ALL 900 pages of the new healthcare law and was ready to help. 900 pages pertain to the IRS and the citizen’s tax obligation.

    This is dreadful.

  • getfitnow

    When I heard/watched this I realize, how far away we have already moved from our founding principles.:(

  • MG6

    For yucks….

    President Obama goes to a primary school to talk to the kids.

    After his talk he offers question time.

    One little boy puts up his hand, and Obama asks him his name.

    “Walter”, responds the little boy.

    “And what is your question, Walter?”

    “I have four questions:

    First, Why did the USA Bomb Libya without the support of the Congress?

    Second, Why do you keep saying you fixed the economy when it’s actually gotten worse?

    Third, Why did you say that Jeremiah Wright was your mentor, then said that you

    knew nothing about his preaching and beliefs?

    Fourth, Why are we lending $ to Brazil to drill for oil, but America is not allowed to drill for oil?”

    Just then, the bell rings for recess. Obama informs the kiddies that they will continue after recess.

    When they resume Obama says, “OK, where were we? Oh, that’s right: question time. Who has a question?”

    Another little boy puts up his hand. Obama points him out and asks him his name.

    “Steve,” he responds.

    “And what is your question, Steve?”

    Actually, I have two questions.

    First, Why did the recess bell ring 20 minutes early?

    Second, What the f*#k happened to Walter?”

  • MG6

    Gotta to see this video from Cataluna, Spain….

    see what is on the way for US, after Spain:

  • KenoshaMarge

    Reid says Hurricane Katrina was ‘nothing in comparison’ to Sandy

    WASHINGTON – Comparing disasters is probably never a good idea because regardless of the size it’s a travesty for those directly affected. Therefore, it was surprising, as well as factually incorrect, when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Friday took to the Senate floor and declared that Hurricane Katrina was “nothing in comparison to what happened to the people in New York and New Jersey” from Hurricane Sandy.

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nev., made an unfortunate comparison between Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy. J. Scott Applewhite, The Associated Press

    Sandy devastated some of the nation’s most populated areas, but it didn’t come close to Katrina. Hurricane Katrina, and the flooding that followed when federally built levees failed, killing 1,833 and causing more than $145 billion in damage. Sandy has been blamed for 120 deaths and over $80 billion in damage.


    There he goes again…

    • getfitnow

      Where is the NAACP touting how racist the comment is?

      In terms of #’s, I like Maya Angelou’s distinction. When it was thought there were 10,000 lives lost on 9/11, and she asked about it. She said 10,000 lives weren’t lost, rather ONE life 10,000 times.

      Every life is precious.

  • getfitnow
  • getfitnow
  • getfitnow
  • getfitnow
  • getfitnow
  • getfitnow

    Sadly, an honest assessment of CA. The comments are interesting too.

  • no_longer_a_democrat

    I think Boehner is doing as a good job as he can, at least he isn’t that botox witch.

    Problem is, he’s not just dealing with dimonrats, he’s also dealing with the entire American “press” corps, which is a mouth piece and protector of the dimocrats.

    • getfitnow

      He has a bully pulpit too, and needs to use it. People relying on the msm to keep them informed about what’s taking place, need to hear from the GOP and what they’re doing, as well as what That One, Pelosi and Reid are not.

      • no_longer_a_democrat

        agreed! i wish the repubs would outright treat the press like they’re dimocrats, and go after them on live tv for shilling for the dimocrats like what gingrich did on many occasions during the debates,

        and its not hard to do when the evidence is so overwhelming on how the press are just dnc.

        • KenoshaMarge

          You mean those vicious media watch lap dogs?


    some quiet winter beauty just because

  • HARP2

    God dosen`t make mistakes.

    • HELENK2

      thank you for that. too many people forget it

    • DianaLC

      So sweet!

  • Miss Malevolent

    Hmm, maybe because I’m a libertarian (used to call myself an independent but, decided to come out of the political closet) but it always strikes me as hilarious that liberals are always too willing to give conservatives advice on how to be a better conservative.

    Now I could see conservatives giving advice on how to a better conservative…or even libertarians giving advice to conservatives on how to be a better conservative.

    But I thought the purpose of being a liberal was to be anti-conservative…so why would you care at all about fixing the conservatives problems.

    And thus, as a conservative, why would you give a shit about what a liberal had to say in fixing your party?

  • nickoury
  • getfitnow

    Iowa Hawk

    Government that sent Mexican drug lords 3000 guns fines bank for laundering Mexican drug lord profits

    • Larry Johnson

      Yes, saw it and will get something posted tomorrow..


    I do hope most of those who lose jobs thru this voted for backtrack, It is only fair, should have to pay the price of their mistakes the rest of us knew better

  • Hokma

    Boehner did not get to be a leader and speaker in the House by being a doormat.

    I think Obama has overplayed his hand and once too often. Boehner telling Harry Reid to go F himself twice in public is probably indicative of how aggressive Boehner will be from now on.

    The problem Boehner and the GOP have is that their biggest opponent is not Obama or Reid or Democrats in general. Their biggest opponent is the media – the daily newspapers and local TV news shows where 90% of Americans get their news and views.

    The public relations aspect of the GOP has been atrocious. Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin are ways of talking to the only the believers.

    Murdoch cannot be the only one owning media that is balanced.

    With the current state of the media it does not matter who the Speaker is or how right conservatives are on policy issues.

    Bottom line is we are screwed.

    • HELENK2

      I hope he gets some backbone soon. the democrats have lost all sense of reason and are hurting the country. Someone in congress has to stand up and be counted to stop the idiocy of the current government

      • KenoshaMarge

        If he, and the other Republicans in the House don’t start fighting back soon the war will be over, Obama will have won every battle and they will have presided over the demise of their party.

        I personally think Boehner is too big a wimp for the job he holds. I am willing to be proved wrong.