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Who’d want his job? John Boehner has an emotional moment after being re-elected as House speaker.

The New York Post columnist John Podhoretz writes that [conservatives “have gone wild” and that conservatives are “turning on other conservatives” and have accused each other “of impurity and corruption for refusing to march their party and their movement over a political cliff.”

Then, the lefty blog ThinkProgress’s post, wrote in “Republican Congressman Insults Nancy Pelosi’s Appearance: ‘There’s No Facelift With John Boehner’”:

An outspoken Republican congressman castigated House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s looks during a radio interview Friday. […]

[Rep. Louie Goehmert said that Boehner is] functionally equivalent to Pelosi because both held one-on-one backroom negotiations with the president. Gohmert then went on to deride Pelosi’s appearance: “Well, let’s give him credit. There’s no facelift with John Boehner.” …

John Podheretz added:

The most powerful Republican in Washington has been looking at the calendar and the polls, and what he’s seen is this: 1) On Jan. 1, taxes automatically go up on everyone in America. 2) Everybody is going to blame the GOP if that happens.

Has anyone ever been in a worse negotiating position?

Oh, and don’t forget the heat he’s feeling from Republicans and conservatives who are calling him a weakling and a traitor, a monster, a coward, a sellout and whatever nasty adjectives they can come up with that will make the dollars flow from political donors who think “fight” is a winning strategy after you’ve already lost.

Boehner: Getting blamed no matter what he does.

Boehner doesn’t want taxes to go up. His party opposes all the tax hikes now under discussion. He’d like all current tax levels to become permanent. …

John Boehner is feeling heat from many conservatives who call him “a weakling and a traitor, a monster, a coward, a sellout and whatever nasty adjectives they can come up. …,” Podheretz added.

Republicans hope that money will begin coming in from donors who seem to believe that fighting “is a winning strategy after you’ve already lost.” Frankly, I wonder how many donors are sending more money at this time.

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This is an open thread. I bet most of you are watching the NFL play-offs today.

So, later, I trust you’ll share your own opinions about the mess that the Democrats, Republicans and President Obama (who, instead of remaining in Washington, went on vacation in Hawaii, as I wrote in my post, Obama’s Vacation: $4 Million).

Since then, Mr. Obama has returned to Washington D.C., as CNN reported in “Obama’s vacation came amidst fiscal wrangling”:

President Barack Obama flew out of Washington. He landed in Hawaii 11 hours later – over 4,000 miles from Capitol Hill, and where the temperature was a balmy 80 degrees, twice what it was in Washington. …