According to Fox News’s article, “Officers deliver emotional testimony about scene of Colorado theater shooting“:

The officers struggled to hold back the tears as they recalled the Colorado theater shooting: discovering a 6-year-old girl without a pulse, trying to keep a wounded man from jumping out of a moving police car to go back for his 7-year-old daughter, screaming at a gunshot victim not to die.

“After I saw what I saw in the theater — horrific — I didn’t want anyone else to die,” said Officer Justin Grizzle, who ferried the wounded to the hospital. …”

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Emotional news at James Holmes’ hearing (NBC News)

James Holmes Fox News Larry Johnson Bronwyn Three days after he allegedly shot up a Colorado movie theater, killing 12 and injuring scores, suspect James Holmes appeared in court, where he seemed disheveled and disoriented.

James Holmes, the man in the image above, is accused of going on a “deadly ramage.” Holmes didn’t show any emotion. … “At one point, a woman buried her head in her hands when an officer recalled finding the 6-year-old girl.”

“He’s heartless. He really is,” Sam Soudani said. “He has no emotion. He has no feeling. I don’t know anybody can live that way,” Sam Soudani said of the gunman afterwards.

Fortunately, his daughter survived despite being hit by shrapnel by his explosive device, according to Fox News.

NBC’s transcript reports that “Weeks after a shooting spree at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school left 20 children and six adults dead. But, NBC adds that “prosecutors are laying out their case with the nation embroiled in a debate over gun violence and mental illness.”

It is going to be a difficult court this week. Prosecutors still have hours of the crime scene of the videos. …” For more of the transcript, please visit NBC News.

This is going to be a difficult case. If Holmes pleads guilty to the charges, he will avoid the death penalty and will remain in prison for the rest of his sorry, pathetic existence.

I am fed up that the mental health system does provide sufficient assistance to people who desperately need it. James Holmes should be in a mental institution instead of being free to roam the streets as he did.

  • nickoury

    Did you mean to write “… the mental health system does NOT provide sufficient assistance to people who desperately need it.” ?

  • Hokma

    It is very troubling that the core problem with Holmes and Lanza was that both were severely mentally disturbed to the point that they should have been in an institution because they were a danger to themselves and to others. That was clear and established well before both went on their rampage.

    Yet, you have Mayor Bloomers abused the latest carnage to blame assault weapons as the reason that the kids in sandy Hook were killed and the reason the people in Aurora were killed.

    If the man had half a brain he would realize that his solution, and the solution from the brain dead left, may reduce the number of deaths – not eliminate them.

    Having a national database which also includes the mentally ill is not enough because that assumes the current system we have will adequately identify them and not continue to excuse them.

    • DianaLC

      The saddest case, in my opinion, is the one in Tucson, where the lefty police could have legally had that nutcase confined because of the community college’s actions to ban him from campus–a near impossibility on most community college campuses to get the order and to enforce it without locking the person up. As I understand it, AZ law made it possible for them to do that and no one took the action. His neighbors, classmates, and I believe even his parents would have liked to have him locked up and they didn’t do it. I understand the Giffords being upset and wanting something to be done about guns getting into the hands of nutcases, but why aren’t they also angry with the officials who could have and who did nothing about that nutcase?