Barack Obama Larry JohnsonI am not surprised that the attendance at the inauguration for President Obama is receiving far less attendance than his first inauguration, as reported article at Fox News’s article, “Obama’s second inauguration a small affair, though city expects businesses to profit.”

Inaugural festivities begin with a National Day of Service on January 19. Americans from all across the country — including President Obama and his family — will join together to participate in service projects in their communities. Click here for more information.

I doubt that many of you will be joining in “service projects” in your communities (however, everyone hopefully helps every community in their own way). I also noticed that the “Click here” provided no link. Apparently, the Web staff for the White House doesn’t bother to put up links so that people can join the projects.

The AFL-CIO banner above is one of the few banners. By the way, the AFL-CIO’s banner is one of the few signs seen in Washington, D.C., even though Barack Obama’s inauguration is merely a few days from now.

I read at that the inauguration is January 21, 2013. By the way, I found it amusing that the post at the White House site is titled, “So, You Have Some Questions About the Inauguration.”

Here’s a funny version of Barack Obama’s inaugural “dance”:

The above post notes that:

President Obama will join Presidents Reagan, Eisenhower, Wilson, Hayes, Taylor, and Monroe in marking a second, ceremonial swearing-in event on a Monday. That event will occur at the U.S. Capitol, and it’s when President Obama will give his Inaugural Address.

Fox News adds:

The enthusiasm of four years ago when Americans swore in their first black president has waned.

Officials project attendance will be less than half of the 1.8 million who packed onto the National Mall for the President Obama’s first inauguration, and hotels still have vacancies.

While many, many Americans are struggling to get by and to find employment, I noticed at Fox News that there will be TWO more official balls.

The economy is affecting the number of people who will be attending. Fox News adds:

Hotel occupancy on inauguration eve 2009 was 98 percent with guests paying more than $600 that night, according to STR, a company that tracks hotel data. However, the slower demand amid a still-struggling economy is expected to force hotels to lower minimum stays and reduced rates as inauguration day approaches. (To read more, go to Fox News.)

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