Man, is this a case of Pot Calling Kettle Black? Barack Obama hangs himself with his own words.

Here he is pontificating back in 2008:

The debt was only 9 trillion dollars back then and Barry was having a conniption fit about the profligacy of George W. Bush.

Then Obama got his hands on the U.S. Treasury and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. He made drunken sailors on a spending spree look downright frugal. It took Bush eight years to run up the debt five trillion dollars. Obama? He did six trillion in less than four years.

This incident proves that Barack Obama is Jewish and not Muslim. Why? To show this level of chutzpah you got to be Jewish. Right? Okay, you don’t have to be Jewish to exhibit this level of shameless hypocrisy. You only have to be Barack Obama.

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