As you, Larry Johnson, and I have long felt, Mitt Romney would have made an excellent president:

From Human Event‘s article, “The Vindication of Mitt Romney”:

Defeated presidential candidate Mitt Romney was right about an awful lot of things, including some things he was roundly criticized for saying during the presidential campaign. (Below, you will find an image of Mitt Romney and the remarks on his Web site.)

The most grimly humorous example was his comment about Jeep production moving to China – hilariously rated “Lie of the Year” by Politifact, which ignored a blizzard of absolute BULL from Barack Obama to bestow the honor. … (Human Events quoted a large portion of an article from Huffington Post)

News reports have declared that Mitt Romney was “absolutely correct.”

In addition, Human Events also stated that the Detroit News:

At any rate, we learned from the Detroit News on Monday that Romney was absolutely correct about Jeep moving production to China, although not all of it. Not yet, anyway.

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said the automaker plans to build some Jeeps in China for the local market – and later, in Russia.

[The] global expansion of the Jeep brand … because of the price position in the market — [can’t be made] in the U.S. … Marchionne told reporters [at the] North American International Auto Show. “We’re going to be announcing the first step in the globalization of Jeep (in China). There’s another one that’s going to come in Russia. These things are part of a natural process of expansion.”

Marchionne said he will keep “the pillar cars of the [U.S.] Jeep (brand) … Wrangler is one. [as is] the Grand Cherokee. [These] need to be protected because they represent the best and the essence of Jeep. If you tell me I cannot make a Patriot somewhere else, I might as well go out of the market.”

I just visited the site for Mitt Romney. Unfortunately, all of his site has been removed except for these remarks:

  • myshiba

    Mittens would have made a horrible President (he was a horrible candidate and I didn’t admire or trust him either)..Huntsman would have been a much better GOP choice….oh well!

  • MG6
  • jrterrier

    But there are no consequences for politifact or any other entity that no longer report the news just slant it. In a just world, politifact heads would be rolling or at least going bankrupt. not so. truth doesn’t matter.

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  • no_longer_a_democrat

    I voted for Mr. Romney, I have no regrets, he is a good man and would have been a hell of lot better than the turdball that’s there now.

    For any Obots who complain to me, I tell them, you voted for the jerk, now live with it, I don’t give a chit about your problems.

    • Nishi Hundan

      You’re a fucking loser

  • beyond partisan

    Mitt Romney should be our president. They will never look into the voter fraud that put Obama over the top, however.

    • MG6

      I wonder if Colin Powell had any idea that Obama had been training and arming our enemy. If you read further down the article, Mitt was way ahead on the ME debacle with Mali.

      • Hokma

        A 7th grader is way ahead of Obama.

      • Popsmoke

        A writing after the fact. Where was any of this shot back at Obama?

    • getfitnow

      General, if you want divisiveness, look at Rev. Wright, pastor and mentor for 20 years of the current POTUS–you know, the one you endorsed..

  • MG6

    Finally, Joe S at MSNBC speaks the truth about Obama’s lack of leadership!

    • getfitnow

      But what will he say tomorrow. I don’t trust any of ’em.

      • Hokma

        Today it’s back to “MY Republicans Party” and same crap as usual.

        HIS Republicans Party consists of Bloomberg, Crist, Colin Powell, and other sell outs.

  • Popsmoke

    The election is over.. Romney was a poor choice in the first place. The rest is all bullshit….

    • getfitnow

      I disagree with you.

      • Popsmoke

        It does not matter wheather you agree or not. He is not the president and he got whooped.

        • buzzlatte3

          Don’t honestly know that Romney really got “whooped” do we? 3 million vote difference really isn’t a beat down. And that’s giving a pass to voter fraud. There’s many pragmatic things that just don’t add up about the election. What we do know is that Soros’ agenda was once again put in place.

        • getfitnow

          My “freedom” to disagree with you does matter to me.

          Don’t be silly. We all know the election is over.

          Some in the country may take great joy in the re-election of That One. I do not.

  • buzzlatte3

    It would be so much cheaper to impeach (and make it stick) Obama and Biden and to fire Holder than 4 more years of this brand of BS. It would be cheaper to launch an investigation into exactly how Obama “won” a second election. It would be so much cheaper to freeze any Soros assets in the USA and investigate his influence in election fraud. It would be so much cheaper to clean up the mess and get the best people for the job. It will be interesting in what the SCOTUS will do on the eligibility question up for review on Feb. 15th. We could have already been on our way to recovery had Romney prevailed. *SIGH*