Hillary is on the Hill today testifying about Benghazi. First up, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, to be followed later today by an appearance before the House Foreign Affairs. The spin she is doing is worthy of a Ferrari engine revving at full RPM. She is doing a dandy job of misleading and misdirecting. She claims she was fully running things and properly coordinating in State Department when the attack in Benghazi commenced. An artful lie. For example, she did not alert the Bureau of Counter Terrorism. Senior officials in that Bureau were left in the dark for an hour and sidelined when it came time to weigh response options. Why would she do that? The answer lies in understanding what what was really going on in Benghazi.

Though the facility where Ambassador Stevens died was initially described as a “Consulate,” it was not. A Consulate normally is staffed with consular officers and a senior diplomat who carries the title of Consul General. No such animals at that facility. Just Stevens, a communicator and some Diplomatic Security folks.

That facility existed solely to provide diplomatic cover for U.S. intelligence activities. That fact explains why State Department was reluctant, even unwilling, to spend resources fortifying and defending a facility that really did not serve the direct interests of the State Department and the Foreign Service. What was left unsaid in the unclass version of the Accountability Review Board report on Benghazi was the expectation on the part of State that the CIA would shoulder the burden of security for the facilities. It was a hot potato and, as we subsequently saw, no one was in charge.

The Obama Administration’s desperate effort to cover up what was really going on at Benghazi was the focus of the response on September 11th, 2012. Why?

The legitimate CIA mission being carried out under a Presidential finding at the Annex was focused on a variety of things, including rounding up weapons for Qaddafi’s caches and identifying radical groups that posed a threat to the fledgling government in Libya. But there was something else going on at the Annex. An intelligence activity not covered by a finding that was devoted to moving weapons collected in Libya (and some purchased elsewhere) to Syria rebels with the assistance of the Government of Turkey. That was the dirty secret Obama and his team were hiding.

So, what do you think of her answers today?

UPDATE–What difference does it make?

Great question Hillary. If it was a spontaneous attack with no warning then who can be faulted. Who is to blame when a meteor blazes thru the atmosphere and it smashes you car, that is an unfortunate event and there is no one to blame. But when you send diplomats into a dangerous area, and you know from prior written intelligence that the threat is high, you have a personal and professional responsibility to protect them. You, Hillary, failed on that point. There blood is on your hands. I say this as someone who has admired you and respects your intelligence. But you are dishonoring the dead by your dissembling and evasion. It does matter that you helped the Administration lie about the genuine cause of this event and, as Harp points out below, you were party to implicating an innocent American for this act. That is truly shameful.

The real news from the hearing is that Senator Rand Paul scored a direct hit. What a contrast between Paul, who nailed Hillary on the Turkey weapons angle, and the wimpy Marco Rubio. Rubio is just a pretty boy with no depth. Rand showed us something today. If you find the link to the exchange, let me know and we’ll post it up.

Found it:

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
  • Judith Wright

    “But when you send diplomats into a dangerous area, and you know from prior written intelligence that the threat is high, you have a personal and professional responsibility to protect them.”

    Hillary did not send Stevens to Benghazi. Stevens should have known better to go there for apparently no real reason, particularly if he was worried about security. Stevens could have easily stayed in Tripoli behind the walls of a very secure Embassy.

    Rand Paul just looked like an ass. There is and was no cover-up of anything. Everything has pretty much been in the open. Unlike your Republicans who covered their asses on WMD for years.

  • stodghie

    this is dick morris on hillary today. i recommend watching this 5 minute video. i agree with his assessment. it explains why hillary would be a disaster as president.

  • gonzotx

    I am sad to say I was sooo disappointed in Hillary that I left Hillaryis44 today. I can no longer support her.

  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    Hillary is a woman who was publicly humiliated by her husband, then the President of the United States. There is only one thing that will right that wrong, and that is her election as President in 2016. This is “the narrative” for the 2016 election, and that electioneering has already begun.

    • getfitnow

      You may be right. Always wondered what a doormat looked like.

    • Hokma

      And as Helen posted above, she already has her campaign slogan:


      • JohnnyTwoDog

        Perfect! and

    • Hokma

      The anger meltdown will die down but when it comes to 2016 it will come roaring back. Hillary is going to be 68 years old and I am not certain she will ever run again.

      I think the anger we saw was that she was angry with herself for allowing this to happen both the event and the cover up because she was hoping to go out on a high note – not this.

      In the next 2+ years a lot will change and there will be other players for the nomination – most much younger and with a lot more vitality to deal with a long grueling campaign. I just don’t think she has that in her and maybe not even the desire anymore by then.

  • getfitnow
  • getfitnow

    North Korea plans 3rd nuclear test, more long-range rocket launches which will be targeted at its ‘enemy’, the US – KCNA news agency via @Reuters


  • no_longer_a_democrat

    Can’t believe I donated my money and time to this 2 faced liar.

    The same damn MSM is praising her now when they were ripping her apart just 4 years ago.

    This was no doubt a way to exonerate herself so she can run in 2016. Her little tantrum when Ron Johnson asked her tough questions was so obviously planned in advanced to show her crocodile tears.

    I’ve lost all respect for her, I supported her in 2008, not a chance in hell I’m voting for this liar in 2016.

    and oh yea, go Rand Paul!! and Ron Johnson!!,

    • http://noquarterusa.net Larry Johnson

      I’m with you. Hillary dishonored herself.

      • JohnnyTwoDog


  • TexMexSoup

    Hillary Clinton is a NWO schill. May she burn in hell

    • getfitnow

      I’m disappointed someone didn’t use the “Willing Suspension of Disbelief” on her.

  • HARP2

    Did any one notice Hillary was not wearing a wedding ring?

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      She’s getting it repaired, like Obama.

    • Justine00

      Swollen fingers, after the trauma to her brain.

  • HARP2

    I can`t wait for her to run. I will just love all the news clips and democrats from 2008 calling her a racist and not fair to obama.



    • getfitnow

      HARP, unfortunately we have a compliant msm. Those clips will be filtered out. History will be twisted/massaged, and just like they turned Romney, who may very well be the most giving, ethical and well-intentioned human being to run for the office, into a cheat/murderer/racist, they’ll turn Hillary into some unimpeachable angel. Hey, now that the first black POTUS has been reelected, time to shift energy to the first female.

  • getfitnow
  • getfitnow

    This explains where Obama´s confidence comes from. Incompetent people are more confident of themselves, than are people who are capable.


  • MagicBus

    Like many Americans I have waited patiently for Secretary Clinton’s explanation as to what happened on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi. More specifically, why?

    Immediately following the murders, in response to inquiries, Secretary Clinton stated that she had authorized an investigation and we should wait until it’s conclusion to ask questions. Today Senator Johnson played by her rules and asked a question following the conclusion of the investigation only to be reprimanded and talked down to, a most reprehensible occasion of arrogance.

    If it didn’t make a difference then why did she most emphatically try to sell the American people, and the world at large, the notion that a protest over a blasphemous movie was the cause of this and was ultimately responsible for what took place?

    Here is Senator Paul asking her about weapons transfers from Libya to Turkey. To me, this is a direct hit.


    • getfitnow

      It made enough of a difference
      that That One and she thought it important enough to lie about it and to cover up the truth—all the way in Pakistan!


      • NellieS

        That is absolutely disgusting….”please don’t hurt us”?!?! – Pakistan’s GOVERNMENT invented the Taliban who have pretty much had open hunting seasons on us and our allies!!!

    • buckeyeman

      Thanks for this link, MB. So she is on record with the senate committee saying she ‘doesn’t know’ about any weapons transfers out of Libya. They definitely need to pursue this, but will they?

      • JohnnyTwoDog

        AKA, I’ll have my people get back to your people. Or in layman’s terms, The Dodge.

    • JohnnyTwoDog

      Up until these videos, I was totally unimpressed with Rand Paul. I have a new found respect for him.
      You would think we’d have a Free Press asking the same questions. I am dreaming.

  • samb1

    She was a complete disappointment.
    No surprises here, she is very predictable.
    I wish she hadn’t cried, it looked rehearsed and to
    answer your question Ms Clnton “It Does Matter” as SOS you are there to uphold and protect al those in the service to our country, have some respect for yourself an MAN UP.

    Rand this will make for a great political ad in 2016.

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      But what did you think of her geek eyeglasses? They made her look very studious–and vulnerable with all of those men bullying her.

      • samb1

        I think it would be better to nobel then to
        be a liar but she did learned from the best her boss and her husband and now in my opinion she
        owns it.

      • twobits2

        She usually wears contacts – has always worn bottle bottom glasses. My guess is, it may have something to do with the blood clot.

  • twobits2

    Does anyone know where I can mail something to Hillary? I bought one of her tee-shirts back in 2008 – never wore it – kept it as a souvenir – would like to send it back to her – cut up.

    What difference does it make? Just because it’s in the past. What difference does it make? Murder is murder. Do we let criminals go free because it’s in the past. Ask those who want to take guns away from law-abiding citizens.

    Sorry Hillary, I used to admire and respect you, but you are just another one of Obama’s wh*res – I thought that in 2008 and even more so now. People died because of you and that dolt in the WH.

    • MG6
    • getfitnow

      Ambassador Steven`s family along
      with the other three who died with him must be so proud of our government
      today. They finally got to the bottom of it all…../s

    • JohnnyTwoDog

      I’d like to mail her and Bill a bucket of pee with instructions to “Please dump this on your head, since I cannot be there in person to do it.”

      • twobits2

        I was actually planning to put some of my cat’s pee on the shirt instead of cutting it up – but the smell would have been too strong! lol

    • NellieS

      You can mail the tee shirt to Bill Clinton’s Foundation in NYC.

      • twobits2

        Good idea. That had occurred to me. I was such a big supporter of both of them. Even after all the stuff with Obama, I still felt an affinity for her and wished her well. That one statement really killed it for me.

  • http://twitter.com/JangoBear Sonya A. Willis

    Funny how Hillary’s campaign debt after all these years has finally been paid off right before her Benghazi dog & pony show.


    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      Yes, it was magical, wasn’t it?

    • JohnnyTwoDog

      Not funny. At all.

  • MG6


    Anti-Semitism runs deep with the Palestinians, why back to Hilter even before Israel was recreated.


    • Hokma

      And Abbas was the “moderate” Muslim. My guess with Hamas’ rising influence in the West Bank Abbas was shooting for some Muslim street cred.

      There is zero chance of any negotiations for a 2 state solution in any foreseeable future given the “Arab Spring.”

  • Linda

    I don’t consider Rand Paul’s speech, having to repeat his talking points 2 to 3 times, not asking questions, a direct hit. I guess in the arena of “in your face” and all attitude (as Barry does) without accomplishing much, and Paul already floating he will be the next Establishment TP candidate running for pres, he went with Theater, not substance. IMHO

    • MG6

      Regardless, I loved it!

      • getfitnow

        Indeed, I don’t care if he repeated it a thousand times—as many times as necessary for the rest of the GOP to observe what it means to have a spine.

    • http://noquarterusa.net Larry Johnson

      You obviously were not paying attention. He did not repeat his talking point “2 to 3 times.” Wake up.

      • Linda

        Sorry Larry, I DID pay attn. I guess you missed it, and ignoring my comment that he asked nothing, and learned nothing, got nothing accomplished but theater with ZINGING, just gave a speech.

        He said “failure of leadership” 3 times
        “you accepted responsibility” 3 times
        “Inexcusable” twice.

        Thank you for your replies.

        • DianaLC

          And you still did not get the point, did you?
          I think it was brilliantly cutting, especially with the comparison to 9/11. Hillary believed that she was doing a good thing to “own” the situation by taking respoinsibility. She needs to realize what she is now responsible for.
          Rand Paul doesn’t have to ask questions, as most people who have been following this story know to some extent what is being covered up and how this cover up cannot alleviate the truth about what the significance of the Benghazi attack was. It was most definitely not a spontaneous demonstration and it was most definitley not some people strolling by suddenly deciding to kill people. Does she think we’re stupid? Her two “possibilities” were absolutely aburd. Only a third grader might fall for that response.

          • Linda

            No Diane, I don’t think you got my point that I was able to back up. You don’t like what I have to say fine, but don’t try to sound superior when you are the one ignoring and having to make excuses for the very points I brought up.

            • DianaLC

              And do you think she would have really given any answers to those questions? When she answers something like “what difference does it make” she is not going to answer questions.

    • JohnnyTwoDog

      Rand was refreshingly direct. No heming and hawing around the weeds like… well you know.

  • PortiaElizabeth

    “Thank you for your daughter”?!!!
    Congressman Meeks,about you just ask her for her favorite color?
    And why is there a time limit on her answers? Is this Jeopardy?
    Alex, I’ll take Hillary’s dodges on Benghazi for $200.

  • Popsmoke

    Well both Senate and House hearings were nothing but total bullshit. Yeah Hillary screwed up no doubt. The ME is an administration nightmare indeed. But none of these so-called elected officials have the US interest at stake. Just there own political agendas.

    • Linda

      We did learn neither Hillary or Obama read their briefs (except the ones worn by Reggie)

  • buckeyeman

    Larry, you state, “But there was something else going on at the Annex. An intelligence activity not covered by a finding that was devoted to moving weapons collected in Libya (and some purchased elsewhere) to Syria rebels with the assistance of the Government of Turkey. That was the dirty secret Obama and his team were hiding.”

    This seems to be an ‘open secret’, at least in some quarters, NQ among them. This would be illegal, would it not? (Of course, that doesn’t seem to mean much anymore- I keep forgetting). I can’t tune in to the hearings today. Has anyone broached the subject? If, not, why? Could it not be asked in closed door hearings to protect classified info?

    • Hokma

      I was listening on the radio during the Senate hearings and one Senator did bring up shipping arms. Have to check the transcript. I think her response was that she would have to get back to them on it.

    • http://noquarterusa.net Larry Johnson

      Rand Paul was the only one to go at that issue.

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      No more illegal than Iran-Contra.

      • Popsmoke

        Any Ollie Jr’s running around? The sad thing is while Rand hit the target so to speak, though rather sheepishly. The rest of his peers are nothing more than goat-roping selfserving political cowards. Whats with the republicans? They have Obama on the weps issue but are letting him off the hook. Saudis that powerful?

        • Hokma

          I was listening on the radio and it not only sounded like Paul hit the mark, but he did it directly and without emotion. From what I have seen of him he never has to modulate his voice much and still tear you apart with his rhetoric. His has a good gift of communication and better than his dad.

          The baby boom generation of GOP leaders is over they have rolled over. It’s up to Gen X and Gen Y younger leaders and NOT the top leadership in the House or Senate and then also the Govs.

        • Retired_from_SPOnaj

          Only if Obama wants to keep driving in the 100 car motorcade.


    I just listened to Hillary Clinton say no requests for additional security never came to her attention. WHY NOT???

    I have had to gather information from different depts for the morning
    meetings with the general manager of railroads. GOD HELP the one who did
    not have proper info to tell the GM what was going on.

  • KenoshaMarge

    Hillary Clinton could have shown us that she has some integrity had she told the truth about Benghazi from the gitgo. Mistakes were made and although her taking the blame is in some ways admirable what the hell did it really mean?

    I had lost most of my respect for Hillary Clinton when she joined the Obama Administration.

    But when she parroted the administration line in front of the bodies of the fallen and their families at Andrews Air Force Base I wished I was still limber enough to kick myself in my own ass. How could I have ever believed that she was different than the average politician?

    She’s has proven, to my complete satisfaction that she has no integrity.

    I wish she would go away and take that POS she’s married to with her. I voted for him twice and that’s two more kicks to my posterior I wish I could deliver.

    And no, volunteers to perform the aforementioned kicks will not be accepted.

    • getfitnow

      Saying you take the blame is not the same as accepting responsibility. And the right consequence should have been what Sen Paul said.

      • KenoshaMarge

        Saying that you take the responsibility means nothing if there are no consequences.
        As she is SoS the fact that no one was fired is her responsibility. People were simply moved to another areas and that’s one her. All this shows is that she’s not taking responsibility, nor is anyone else in her department, they are just trying to cover their asses.

        We have reached a point where some pol saying “I take full responsibility” means nothing if they don’t immediately resign thereafter.

        • getfitnow

          I agree.

          You know, identity politics is a dangerous thing. Look no further than POTUS. I have to confess, when Nancy Pelosi became Speaker, I was proud. Knew she was liberal, but didn’t know how conniving and underhanded, not to mention, down-right ignorant, she is.

          Nope, never again.

      • elizabethrc

        How many times has obama says that he takes the blame for some aggregious act? They are nothing but words, never followed up with anything resembling accountability.
        Nothing will happen. That’s why those words fall so effortlessly from their mouths.
        Resignation, jail time? That would be real taking of responsibility with accountability.


    no real answers on Benghazi, just give us more money

    • PortiaElizabeth

      But they expressed their disapproval in the strongest terms and will continue to monitor the situation. Which pretty much sums up their entire foreign policy.

      • MG6

        You forgot…

        We have to wait for the investigation and then we will study them.

        • DianaLC

          And by then all of us who give a damn will be dead and gone.


    so far

    second verse, same as the first

    bedazzle them with bullshit reduex

  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    Like Jane Fonda being nominated as a “Woman of the Century,” all of this will be forgotten when Hillary is nominated in 2016. She is, after all, Hillary–untouchable and unaccountable to anyone but, well, Hillary.

  • getfitnow

    From CBS’ Sharyl Attkinsson:

    The Obama Admin has indicated it will not be answering Benghazi questions we’ve been asking since Oct. I will list some of them:


    Quite a list.

    • Hokma

      That pretty much covers everything. No wonder Obama refused to answer these questions. I particularly like the implication made concerning the Patraeus affair.



    why were security requests from benghazi denied? the cost would have been on the DOD not the state dept



    stolen from a commenter at the crawdad hole

    • Hokma


    • getfitnow

      None, imo

    • KenoshaMarge

      Gimmee an



    Hearing Summary: Thank you so much for coming; Wow, this is a big problem. Good day.

  • Hokma

    I was in my car listening to the hearing so I could not see expressions and only heard their voices.

    I absolutely agree about Rubio. Very articulate but he missed his moment to star.

    McCain was the most vocal and aggressive but it did not sound like it phased her.

    Ron Johnson’s query did not seem excessive and certainly did not warrant her losing it in anger. And it was a moment she will deeply regret if she decides to run for President. “What difference does it make?”

    But it was Rand Paul that sounded the most impressive. He was measured, factual, unemotional and scored a direct hit as you noted.

    As far as substance, there were now more questions than answers and it begins to remind people of the decision not to provide security and the blatant cover up after the fact. Why?



    were the questions agreed upon earlier? did she have notes with the answers in front of her?

    • PortiaElizabeth

      Much of what she said – and repeated – sounded very much like a memorized speech.
      And I can’t believe she had the gall to sit there and lecture Congress about what needs to be done. Why doesn’t she just answer the questions and then shut up?!


    Hilary looked in to the eyes of the families of the Benghazi dead and lied to them. That should never be forgotten

    That action made me realize that I could never vote for her again. The
    taking of the job as SOS for backtrack disappointed me, but I could
    understand how she would want to keep her name viable for 2016.

    the lying is unforgivable

    • getfitnow

      “Viable” and party to the ME going up in flames.

      No thanks, I’ve had enough of both Clintons.

      • wylrae

        My feelings exactly. IMHO the Clintons have shown that they are no better than Obama; it is always the me first, party second, and country lastly with these people. I was very close to maxing out on donations to Hillary’s campaign but lost all faith in her when she said she would take the fight for the nomination to the floor of the convention but caved and now instead of standing up and doing what is right she is squirming out of laying responsibility for anything related to Benghazi where it belongs. Really disappointing to think I thought she had leadership qualities. Any respect I had for Pres. Clinton went out the window with his campaigning for Obama’s reelection by spouting the nonsense about Obama’s financial policies being exactly what is needed. IMHO both should be kicked aside onto the dung pile of political has beens where they belong.

  • driguana

    These are all politicians indulging in sleazy politics….where are the leaders of this country???? Where??? Someone needs to stand up…somewhere!!!

  • HARP2

    Hey Hillary….remember…..?


  • buzzlatte3

    Tip of the iceberg? I thought she kind of skewered Obama’s foreign policy.

  • http://twitter.com/beyondpartisan beyond partisan

    I am so disappointed in Hillary. I regret donating money to her 2008 campaign. She is completely without integrity.

  • sjc

    I’ve been disappointed in Hillary since her “surrender” in 2008, but I can not understand WHY she is continuing to fall on her sword for the incompetent, (etc #@%@@$) idiocy of the current administration… The buck stops at oblah-blah…. WHY is HE not being asked all these questions underfire???????


    With a few exceptions McCain. Johnson, and Rand Paul, it was the bedazzle them with bulls–t show.

    it is all the fault of congress that the state dept failed to provide security or send the help needed.
    people in the state dept lost their jobs, PSSSST they really did not.

    I hope the meeting this afternoon has better questions and answers and is not just the same as this morning’s sickening display

  • Popsmoke

    The sad part is that the republicans also know this but rather play politics as well. McCain should be retired he is a jackass. I categorically reject John McCain. As far as Rand Paul is concerned. He has a snowballs chance in the hotest and deepest parts of hell of getting elected as president in 2016.
    Hilary did fine she would have my vote if she decided to run in 2016.

    • http://noquarterusa.net Larry Johnson

      You may live to eat those words.

      • Popsmoke

        Maybe! But the line up for 2016 so far looks more like sour oatmeal. No matter who runs in 2016 it ain’t going to be steak. But my bet? She ain’t going to run…

  • HARP2

    What difference does it make ?

    Hillary…that just cost you the White House.

    It makes one Hell of a difference to the families of those dead heroes.

    You seemed sure enough when you made a commercial, blaming the video.

    You seemed sure enough when you told family members that you were going to arrest the video maker, which by the way is beyond your job.

    Go home Hillary and start a garden.

    • getfitnow

      “What difference does it make….” she asked. Well, the “difference” is that we´d know who´s at fault. That matters in the real world. In D.C., not so much, obviously.

      But… again, again, again, the bigger question gets no attention, and it makes me crazy.

      That question is: who is responsible for putting our people into obviously-hostile countries/situations, and intentionally denying them well-armed
      security. Who gave the “stand down.” order.

    • jrterrier

      That was a bizarre thing to say. What was the question that prompted her to say that?