Oh my God. Beating heart be still. Equality of opportunity is sweeping through the military and it is time to get moist in the shorts. Praise God! The injustice is being ended.

Okay, excuse me while I puke. The self-congratulatory bullshit being touted on the cable news channels as they celebrate word from the Pentagon that women will be allowed into frontline combat units reminds me of awarding participation ribbons to participants in the Special Olympics. Yes, it is a heartwarming event and mentally and physically challenged kids and adults get to feel special. But don’t kid yourself. Special Olympics is not Olympics. Neither is war.

Now, don’t misinterpret my outrage. Women should be allowed to serve in combat roles where physical strength and close quarters are not important. Female pilots in fighter aircraft and attack helicopters? I don’t see a problem there.

How about on board a destroyer or aircraft carrier? Hell, that’s already going on. What officers don’t want to admit is there is a lot of fucking going on and many women come off a cruise pregnant. But, I suppose that’s the “price” of progress. The Navy already refers to these cruises as the “LOVE BOAT.” No amount of politically correct pontificating will overcome nature and sexual differences (as well as sexual attraction).

What about infantry and special operations units? That is also a case-by-case event. Some of the SAP intelligence units (SAP means Special Access Program) that conduct Advance Force Operations aka AFO do have women. But their opportunities for promotion are limited. Why? Because the parts of the world were a lot of the AFO is going on does not welcome a woman walking around on her own. It is one thing to deploy female military personnel into countries in Europe that share the view of pretending sexual differences do not exist, but it is an entirely different cat if you ask a woman to stroll the streets of Riyadh.

Same thing applies to units like the Rangers and Special Forces. The physical demands of operating in those units exceed the ability of 99% of women. It is not about intelligence, it is about bulk and brawn. Testosterone does different things to the body then estrogen.

Okay. That should get you fired up. What do you think?

UPDATE–I suspect most of you reading here have no understanding nor appreciation of what it means to carry a 80 pound backpack and operate on the frontlines in an infantry capacity. I am not talking about driving around in a vehicle. You are walking. You do not get to pull off at a rest stop and run to the toilette. Sometimes, if you happen to be lying in ambush, you may have to piss yourself while in concealment. Privacy goes out the window.

My point? If women will surrender their right to privacy and modesty and not file sexual discrimination suits when their male colleagues are copping a combat jack or making inordinately rude, sexual comments, then fine. Come to think of it, if we start putting women outfront in combat units then a combat fuck (while I’m sure it has happened) will become more common. Can you deal with that? It may be dandy for the lucky soldier/marine’s morale but could be destructive to the unit. If you want a sense of the environment, HBO’s Generation Kill captured the atmosphere pretty accurately.

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