From an article titled, “Approving Keystone XL Pipeline Would Be a Big Win for Obama,” from U.S. News & World Report:

Gov. Dave Heineman’s approval this week of the Keystone XL pipeline reroute through Nebraska rocketed one of America’s most important energy decisions back into headlines. After the president rejected the pipeline in 2012, the issue lay largely dormant. However, the governor’s seal and subsequent letter to the president has set the stage for an all-or-nothing situation that will not only color American energy policy for years to come, but will create or destroy thousands of American jobs.

CAPTION: Will Obama approve the Keystone pipeline?
‘Special Report’ All-Star panel weighs in

The Keystone XL Pipeline is a “major boon to our economy.” and to creating new jobs.

Economic analysts predict that there will be at least $1.8 billion in Nebraska as well as thousands of new jobs across the United States. However, it will take some time, probably until the year 2020.

Keystone presents the perfect opportunity to do so. Not only will the pipeline help the president by bringing unemployment down, it will show that he is capable of moving towards the center and of making decisions based on the needs of his country over the wants of his party’s fringe environmentalists. It will show that America for the next four years can rely on a more moderate and reasonable president who truly believes in an “all the above energy.” (U.S. News & World Report)

The following letter came from U.S. Senators Mike Enzi and John Barrasso (R-WY). They joined Senator John Hoeven, a Republican as well as 50 other Republican and Democrat senators.

I learned that the Governor of Nebraska, Dave Heineman, has approved a new pipeline route. He has also cleared the way for President Obama “to issue a supplemental environmental impact statement and a Presidential Permit for this project.” (Political News.)

“We ask you not to move the goalposts as opponents of this project have pressed you to do. We urge you to choose jobs, economic development and American energy security. It is vital for the country that you promptly finalize the SEIS and the National Interest Determination and approve the pipeline. The State Department has said that it would issue the final SEIS before the end of the first quarter of 2013. After four and a half years of study, we urge you to stick to your deadlines,” the senators wrote.

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  • Judith Wright

    “Economic analysts predict that there will be at least $1.8 billion in Nebraska as well as thousands of new jobs across the United States.”

    The most comprehensive study done to estimate the number of jobs to be created by the Keystone pipeline was done by Cornell University.

    “The project will create no more than 2,500-4,650 temporary direct construction jobs for two years, according to TransCanada’s own data supplied to the State Department.”

    Not all that much. Permanent jobs at most 100-200, as it does not take much to run and service a pipeline.

    Funny how righties like Bronwyn are now bragging about Nebraska’s Governor finally approving the pipeline. Why were you shitting on Obama for not automatically approving the pipeline when the Repubulican Nebraskan Governor also did not automatically approve the pipeline? Were you equally mad at the Republican Nebraskan Governor for also not automatically approving this pipeline?

    • MG6

      About Cornell…

      The Cornell Global Labor Institute was established in 2005 to work with trade unions in the US and internationally in developing solutions to some of the major social, economic and environmental challenges of our time.

      One of the main goals of the Institute is to help union officers, staff and activists gain a deeper understanding of the policies and institutions that shape today’s world, and assist in bringing unionists based in different countries into contact with each other for meaningful discussions on strategy and policy. The Institute also facilitates dialogue between unions and other civil society organizations and movements in order to build and strengthen lasting alliances around shared concerns.

      The Institute also seeks to make a contribution to the development of policies and perspectives that can transcend the limitations imposed by national and cultural barriers. It aims to help forge international social solidarity based on workers’ rights, environmental protection, needs-based sustainable development, and the extension of economic democracy and popular participation in shaping communities and societies.

      Lefty org…..will present evidence according to their socialist views. This org is associated with unions so one has to see what motivation is there in this study.

      • Judith Wright

        “established in 2005 to work with trade unions in the US ”

        The Unions have actually come out in favor of the Keystone pipeline.

        “Hite was one of four union presidents, representing 2.6 million workers, who sent a letter in October to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urging approval for the project.”

        So according to your logic then the Cornell Global Labor Institute should also be coming out in favor of building the pipeline and be building up all the hype of all the jobs that would be created.

        Some “left” org??!!

        • MG6


          • Judith Wright

            So I guess your point is garbage then? Try again! How about trying to challenge the actual argument and analysis then a completely BS attack on the authors of the report that makes absolutely no sense.

  • foxyladi14

    Seems we have A President who thinks that the death of four Americans is a joke.I am not laughing.

  • getfitnow
  • getfitnow
    • nickoury

      What I do not understand is the resounding media support of that performance which, to me, was a complete breakdown, imparting a lack of composure, statesmanship and understanding with the only purpose being to obfuscate and deflect.
      How anyone considers Clinton the best, or even an adequate, SOS is a joke.
      American Liberals/Leftists are delusion.
      Nixon, for all his flaws, is nowhere near the degradation this administration brings upon the US.

  • getfitnow
    • nickoury

      Sadly, there’s really no scale by which that can be measured.

  • getfitnow

    Once again, I have to read from a British paper
    about inspirational Americans doing what real Americans do best – follow
    their inspirations and dreams. This is a wonderful story.