So, let me see. Chuck Hagel had the audacity to suggest that Jewish lobbyists intimidate members of Congress and what happens? Hagel is pursued by the Republican rabble like Nazis chasing down the Jewish Combat Organization in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising in April 1943. Jesus Christ! This is beyond absurd. Of the course the Jewish and the Israeli lobbies are strong in Washington, DC. If admitting that fact makes one an anti-Semite or Jew hater, than I am guilty.

Only one little problem. I do not hate Jews nor Israel. Pilloring Hagel for the temerity of speaking truth is what makes the Republican display today so pathetic. Did any other country important to U.S. security get the mention and attention that Israel did today? Nope. Is there any other country that gets more U.S. foreign aid and contributions from private citizens than Israel that was mentioned more frequently? Nope.

So cut the faux outrage. Admit it. US politicians–both Republicans and Democrats–must tread cautiously when it comes to Israel or their very qualification to serve in a high office will be called into question.

Then there is the nonsense about Iraq. Hey McCain, Go Fuck Yourself. Just because you get shotdown does not make you a hero.

McCain climbed all over Hagel for his proper claim that the surge would be a disaster. In the McCain fantasy universe the surge worked perfectly. Really? Tell me how we’re doing in Iraq? Suicide bombings disappeared? Nope. Just last week there was this:

A suicide bomber killed at least 35 people and wounded scores more Wednesday at a funeral near a Shiite mosque in northern Iraq, police said.
The attack occurred in the ethnically mixed town of Tuz Khurmatu, roughly 56 miles (90 kilometers) south of Kirkuk, and also wounded at least two senior Iraqi government officials.

And January 2012?

Attackers killed at least 60 people in Iraq on Thursday in strikes that targeted Shiites and renewed fears of sectarian violence, authorities said.

The deadliest attack was a suicide bombing targeting Shiite pilgrims just west of the southern city of Nasiriya. It killed at least 36 and wounded 72 others, police and Interior Ministry officials said. A series of blasts in Baghdad left 24 dead and dozens wounded, an Interior Ministry official said.

So spare me the self-righteous, ridiculous bullshit of McCain and Lindsey Graham. The surge accomplished nothing other than an opening to cover the ass of George W. Bush and Barack Obama and allow us to pull out of Iraq without having to be totally humiliated by admitting that we left a broken country. The sectarian violence continues and Iraq is effectively split into three ethinc sub-regions. And McCain and these other pricks are proud that we wasted the blood of American soldiers for a worthless outcome? Fuck them.

I am livid about this. How can Republicans hope to repair the dishonesty of the Obama Administration when they cannot even admit to the reality of what really happened in Iraq. In this regard, Republicans and Democrats are the same. Despicable, dishonest politicians who would deny that the Sun rises in the East if they were staked out on Miami Beach. Hell, they would claim there is no such thing as a Sun. In fact, anyone who would insist the Sun exists must be a hater of Jews and Israel. Dishonest all.

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