I bet that you think it’s hilarious that Jay Carney has claimed that there is broad support in the business community for immigration reform.

It is reflective of the growing consensus across the country on the need to move forward with immigration reform.

It’s a matter of fairness to the middle class." Like HELL it is!

Republicans point out that jobs aren’t a priority for President Obama, according to an article titled “Going Out of Business: White House Jobs Council,” by BET.

The title of the video is “Pink slips for Obama’s jobs council,” from The Five at Fox News:

You won’t believe this. The 26 members of the council have met only four times in two years.

Jay Carney is such a dope. He jabbered last Thursday that the council “was always intended” to expire after two years, and said “the work that the jobs council did was very helpful.”

Brendan Buck, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner, said that “[to] understand the abysmal nature of our economic recovery, look no further than the president’s disinterest in learning lessons from actual job creators.”

Everything that Jay Carney says is absurd, comical, harebrained, outrageous, and preposterous. I bet you do too!

"Whether ignoring the group or rejecting its recommendations, the president treated his jobs council as more of a nuisance than a vehicle to spur job creation."

White House spokesman Jay Carney called the criticism "ridiculous." (According to BET.)

"I found it rather ironic that Jay Carney says that he hears from people who embrace the policies that have helped to create the worst economic crises of our lifetimes. Many people have resisted policies that have helped lead Americans out of the unemployment crisis.

Carney also told reporters on Thursday that Obama’s administration has led the nation into a period of growth and job creation that he believes is critical.

According to Carney, the president didn’t agree with all of the council’s recommendations but acted on a number of them, including an initiative to retrofit government and commercial buildings to make them more energy efficient. He said that while the council, which has not met in more than a year, will cease to exist, the White House will continue to engage business leaders on job creation on a "variety of fronts."

One of those fronts is immigration, the week’s hot topic, and the focus of a discussion between the White House and CEOs on Wednesday. (From an article at BET.)

The latest weekly jobs numbers emerged last Thursday and shows that there is a jump in unemployment claims. A report that was released on Wednesday showed that the economy has been shrinking in late 2012.

Obama has certainly fucked this up. President Obama is laying off his jobs council even though the council has only met four times.

The layoff — which comes in the form of the administration not renewing the council, which sunsets Thursday — takes off the table a first-term panel set up to field ideas from the business community for spurring growth. But the administration was accused all along of never taking full advantage of the group at a time when the economy desperately needed those ideas. (From Fox News)

I love The Five. I hope you do too.