(Larry Johnson) appeared February 7th on John Batchelor’s program regarding Larry’s article, “John Brennan, Confirmation Open Thread.”

I spoke again with a colleague, Reza Kahlili (nom de guerre) of the Fordow event [the Iranians’ nuclear site] of January 21, 2013 that we are reporting as a sabotage explosion 300 feet underground in a secretly build part of the Fordow complex outside Qom, Iran.

Reza Kahlili continues to provide fresh details from his sources about the number of dead, wounded and missing up to 200 in the chamber at the time of the event. Some of the dead include members of the 14- or 16-man delegation from North Korea visiting Fordow at the time in order to deliver new equipment to the processing cascade.

The details remain unclear behind the fog of war. Certainly the absurd video (above) released by North Korea in which the propaganda geniuses of Pyongyang dream of a nuclear strike on the U.S. is an indication that North Korea is delusional about its condition — and yet demonstrates that North Korea is in a profound way linked to Iran as the R&D of the Tehran regime’s ambition to threaten Israel and Europe with ballistic missiles armed with nuclear weapons.

What we see in North Korea hate speech is a reflection of the extreme war-mongering policy of Tehran, the paymaster for the recent missile test and the pending nuclear weapon test in North Korea.

The twist on the Fordow story is that President Ahmadinejad on Sunday last broke melodramatically with the Speaker of the (Majlis) Parliament Larijani, accusing the Larijani family of public corruption. Ahmadinejad even played a recording that was heard on Iranian national radio of a deal supposedly between a Larijani brother and a corrupt company.

Reza Kahlili points to this episode as suggestive that Ahmadinejad himself, through cut-outs, may now start providing information on the Fordow catastrophe in order to discomfit the regime that aims to toss him aside come June.

What is New.

I was told that the Obama administration is eager and resolute to conclude a Grand Bargain with the Supreme Leader that will declare the fiction that Iran’s nuclear weapons program is non-military. I was also told that the VPOTUS Biden or his close advisers communicated with Supreme Leader speakers during the recent security conference in Germany, and am told that new Secretary of State State, John Kerry, aims to meet with Supreme Leader cut-outs in Kazakhstan at the end of February.

In all, the Obama administration has put in place the apparatus [for] the deal and has set up a visit by POTUS to Tehran in the direct imitation of Richard Nixon’s visit to Beijing.

The sidebar issues for the Grand Bargain include lifting the sanctions and recognizing Iran as the regional hegemon of the Gulf. Also, I am told that the US will acknowledge that Iran’s nuclear scientists have been attacked by a “Third Country” — aka Israel.

The timeline for this global reordering of battle lines includes waiting until after the June 2013 presidential election in Iran, when, I am told, the Supreme Leader will endorse and celebrate the election of former Foreign Minister Velayati as the new president. All this maneuvering proceeds from the meeting last Fall between Velayati and White House special agent Valerie Jarrett in Doha to discuss the diplomatic spectacular this year.

What is Old.

The model of appeasement did not have a successful outcome in the 20th Century. Tehran’s Twelvers lead a predator state that must attack and subdue its neighbors in order to maintain its tyranny over the Iranian people.

I listen routinely to the audio version of David Faber’s “Munich: 1938.” The dictator played the prime minister with luck and bluster in September, 1938, and the game exhausted London, Paris and Prague until the grab of Czechoslovakia was understood as not a retreat and surrender but as a miracle of peace-making.

I am told to expect many sharp turns in the months ahead as Tehran maneuvers to make the Grand Bargain look like “peace in our time.”

Will the United States Senate go along with a treaty with the Devils? David Faber’s book teaches that in September 1938 all of Parliament was enthralled with the drama as the PM took to the stage to speechify just as a note arrived inviting he and Mussolini to Munich the next day to make the Grand Bargain of 1938. The result: mass murder.

What Fordow Means.

The revelations of the Fordow sabotage event are a threat to both Tehran and Washington in the march toward the June election and the sealing of the Grand Bargain. This explains why the Tehran speakers as well as the White House speaker Jay Carney have both dismissed Reza Kahlili’s report as agitprop. The sabotage was likely a covert operation that was designed and delivered by Jerusalem.

I am told that there will be more evidence of the event that will make it increasingly difficult for the Grand Bargainers to ignore the fact.

However, in time, the facts of January 21, 2013 will be masked by the multiple crises of the summer.