How many of you are watching the Oscar’s tonight? I think Barack Obama deserved to be nominated for best actor. His hysteria and weeping over the last week while pretending “he don’t know nuthin about birthin” that sequester, is truly award winning chutzpah. Now, as I have written previously, Barack did not do this alone. He pulled off this charade with a supporting cast of equally talented flim flam men and women–Harry Reid, John Boehner, Mitch “Mumbles” McConnel and Nancy Pelosi.

These crazy asses want America to believe that simply slowing the rate of growth in the Federal budget–mind you, not a real cut in actual spending, but slowing the rate of growth–will unleash the hounds of economic hell on America. That kind of bullshit is inexcusable but, it is the kind of pretend that one normally associates with actors.

How can Hollywood compete on this stage?

So, back to the fantasy land on the West Coast. Who in your mind deserves best in the various categories? Chat away.

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