Nothing better highlights the corruption that is Barack Obama then the special favors extended to his muslim, polygamist half-brother, Obongo Obama:

Want to bet his operation has not been audited?

This is one more piece of the puzzle that will be the undoing of Barack Obama. His wanton use of the IRS as a political tool.

The unraveling of the IRS abuses will in turn completely defang the Obama Administration. This sucker has legs for any American who pays taxes and has to put up with the bullshit spun by the IRS. If you do not make an IRS deadline, you face significant penalties. Can’t wait to see IRS officials facing the same pressure in the wake of their refusal to comply with Congressional requests for documents.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
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  • jieqian

  • wushi


    this scares the hell out of me. I do not care who is in power the monitoring of everyone’s life is not a good thing

  • foxyladi14

    Pass the Popcorn


    Judge Jeanine.

    I love this lady, she takes no prisoners


    this story makes me sick. It does go along with the movie referenced down thread


    this is something that is not being talked about, but it is a dangerous thing. government directing speech


    really good article on the press


    IRS agents tell congressional investigators ” we were directly ordered from DC to target conservative groups

    • 0getfitnow1

      Popcorn anyone?

    • Deapster

      Jarrett is right about one thing: this pack is “doing their best”. The country now trapped in the “soft tyranny of low expectations”.

      • buzzlatte3

        Val Jar is just using the Liberal meme of “Don’t worry your pretty little head – we’ll take care of it.”, lunacy. Kind of like Cancer telling your body and immune system to look the other way.

        • Deapster

          In the current Obama organization chart, who could finger Jarrett, if indeed she was the master enforcer and scandalous conduct overseer in many/all of these recent administration meltdowns?

          Who does she not have100% control over as well as blinded loyalties, who could go rogue and deep throat this thing if indeed this were the scenario?

          I see John Kerry had even more White House visits than Hillary Clinton so even Clinton was not there enough to be an obvious insider who could break this wide open.

          Who is Obama’s Mark Felt – who has felt Jarrett’s sharp elbows enough to kiss and tell? Double agent Rahm Emannuel was an obvious choice, but he left before a lot of the recent dirty tricks got pulled.

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      Thank God President Jarrett is upbeat. I wonder how Global Overlord Soros is feeling?

  • Deapster

    Finally learning about the gun Obama had pointed at Hilary’s head:

    This may also explain this sudden, recent virtually universal media rush to coronate Hillary 2016, before the first primary was even penciled in to county record books.

    Won’t the great irony be when Clinton herself becomes the Deep Throat in this whole Obama mess.

    Bill Clinton sensing like the old pol that he is, there is more to gain distancing from Obama now than trying to ride his increasingly tattered coat-tails.

    Bill Clinton smells blood, that is for sure.

    • S7teen70six

      Do you really believe that Obama will keep his word to Bill Clinton? That would be the same Bill Clinton that Obama called a racist so that he could beat his wife in the primary.

      And just for snark’s sake: I think that Monica proved that Hillary isn’t Deep Throat.

      • Deapster

        Maybe she is now, which is why Billy is squealing like a stuck pig.

  • jrterrier

    And look at this. If Cutter was meeting with the IRS chief about implementing Obama care, why isn’t this a violation of the Hatch Act??? Why was a political operative meeting in the WH with a Govt manager? Oops, someone had already posted about this below. sorry for the duplicate.

    “JACKPOT BROTHER!… Obama Deputy Campaign Manager: I Attended White House Meetings With IRS Chief – “I Was In Them” (Video)”


    the left and the right and in between protest backtrack.
    is the kool aid getting weaker?

    • S7teen70six

      What that veteran said about Obama fundraising for the Democratic party instead of fundraising for the 50 grade schools that just shut down was profound. And absolutely true. Somebody gets it.

  • KenoshaMarge

    Not even this information will matter to most Obama supporters. They have their heads so far up their owns asses they can’t, and won’t, allow facts to get to their ears.

    Independents are starting to listen and to peal away from the Windbag In The White House. Some of them actually believe that the man in the White House and the Attorney General should actually have some integrity. Better late than never.

    I have believed all along that there probably wouldn’t be one “smoking gun” to bring the Obama Administration down but a series of little “firecrackers” going off one by one.
    Or drip, drip, drip.

  • KataKimbe

    Unfortunately I do not think this will matter at all. It seems the left is fine with the scrutiny of the ‘racist’ Tea Party people.

  • binky354

    I’ve just finished watching an hour and a half movie, Agenda: Grinding Down America (full length on Vimeo). Many of you have probably already watched it. The information will not be new to NoQuarter readers, because the good researchers here have made us aware of the facts since 2007 (since I’ve been coming here). Seeing the facts pulled together and showing how the agenda is being followed and put in place was worth my time. It’s shocking and scary and makes me kick myself for having been blind and one of their useful idiots for so long:

    • HELENK2

      just watched it and reposted it at the crawdad hole.

      at one time I would have called this right wing BS. Now I am watching it happen in this country.

      I had a high school teacher in the 1950s that said I am going to teach you about communisim because you can not fight what you do not know.
      What I learned was that it stifled all free thought and questioning and kept people down.
      to this day I think of that teacher and am grateful to him for teaching that lesson

      • buzzlatte3

        Interesting, that’s what my 7th grade english teacher implied when we learned about the major world religions. We concluded that Islam was not a religion of peace but a system of hatred and crime. The lessons always stuck with me, even a million years later. But that was back when teachers had the freedom to really teach the truth without the “Bill Ayers” taint of darkness that has infiltrated the education system.

    • S7teen70six

      Thank you for the link. That was quite an interesting movie. I agree with much (but certainly not all) of what was stated but was turned off by the heavy Christian bias of it. It’s not that I have anything against Christians, I’m just not one and don’t believe that I need to be a member of that religion to have moral values. And I consider those that claim otherwise no different than Muslims labeling me an infidel. Otherwise I’m all in.

      • binky354

        I agree that a little less push on CHristianity would have made the information more palpatible for some. Our morality is built on Christian -Judeao principles and we have a road map to go by in being the best moral, honest, people we can be. We don’t have to attend a Christian church to be a person of’integrity, but again, The Bible does give us a road plan to follow. I’m buying a few DVDs to pass around and I also bought a couple of charts. I hope I’m not wasting my money.

    • LuthersRose

      Binky, thank you for that link to AGENDA. Naturally I watched the whole
      thing and am very anxious to watch it a second time tonight with my
      husband. I looked it up on YouTube and saw a mere 26,600 views. It’s
      been around since 2010 and I am a high info voter but never heard of it
      until now. The thing is, those of us who bother to watch this movie will
      mainly have our own observations and conclusions confirmed for us. I am
      52 and I have known ALL of the primary themes put forth [brilliantly!]
      in this movie for my entire adult life. Some details were new, and a few
      of the names. Even without a college degree (which may in retrospect
      have been life saving), I have noted with increasing alarm all of the
      decline and hard Left debauchery that has taken place since I began
      paying attention to the world around me.

      The tragic secret may turn out to be: the Obamunists know with certainty
      that they’ve engineered a peaceful takeover. Whatever number of votes
      they still lack, they can steal – as was proven last November. And very
      soon, enough pods of voting age will hatch to create a true majority.
      That is why Obama & Co. can stand in broad daylight, looking
      directly into the cameras, and lie with complete impunity and
      confidence, over and over and over…

      All of that said, AGENDA is exceptionally well done, brilliantly written and organized and makes an overwhelming, clear case. I will send it to everyone I know, with a prayer that God will use it to open as many eyes as possible.

    • foxyladi14

      thank you

    • Deapster

      Thank you for the link. Agree, this is a very effective video and join those who wish there was also a version that was not as strong on God and Christianity, because the civic points it made can exist as a parallel force as well and reach a wider audience.

      And quite frankly, it was the conservative Christians who stayed away in 2008 and again in 2012 who let Obama happen. So I have no interest to join their parochial bandwagon.

      Regardless, a good 90% of this video made perfect sense and context without resorting to the Christian reference.

      Values can be absolute and not always “relative” by virtue of not being formally Christian. They sure nailed the education and environmental smoke screens.

      And this connecting of the dots in the decades post 1960’s simplified this national misdirection as well. There are plenty of holes in the overall argument as well as necessary omission of flaws that did need to be repaired in these past 50 years as well.

      Speaking out with confidence and authority there is a better path than the muddle the country is currently in, is a duty for all who knew it differently. Soon we will be gone, and who will be left to tell that story. That reminder is the best gift this video had to offer.

      It is a shame this country is now run by a non-nativeAmerican Obama taking counsel from two non-native Americans: Soros and Jarrett. By birth and circumstances they simply don’t have the roots; yet now they have the agenda. Guard your hearts, folks.

  • HARP2

    Yesterday, Stephanie Cutter, Deputy campaign manager for President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, appeared on Jake Tapper’s show The Lead on CNN.

    During the segment Stephanie Cutter admitted she had attended meetings with then IRS Chief Douglas Shulman at the White House:

    Of course, if Obama’s top campaign manager was sitting
    in meetings with the controversial head of the IRS, this is a very serious development.

    This woman is not too bright.

    • LuthersRose

      Cutter is following the established pattern…. the same way Lerner planted a question at the ABA press conference. Cutter knows it will soon be reported that she was in these meetings. (Hell, I am sure the reporter who is going to report it gave her the heads up!) So she mentions it in passing on tee-vee, in order to send a dog whistle for her fellow travelers and give them the cues for handling this revelation. Her words were practiced and carefully chosen and will form the basis of the chorus line of defense. Now, shall we all wonder in unison – taking this talking dog turd at her word for just a moment – what is the justification for a DEP. CAMPAIGN MANAGER to be in meetings such as she described?

      Oh Stephanie dearest. You must perceive some deep kimchee straight ahead. Because the best lie you can craft is career killing and transparently ludicrous… which means the turds you are attempting to cover must be steaming hot and life threateningly toxic.

    • Deapster

      Uhhh …nothing nefarious going on? The fact she was even there at the meetings is prima facie evidence for just the opposite conclusion.

      Why am I getting the impression Obama is looking like Khadafi, surrounded by his Amazon lady guards

    • LuthersRose

      Oh look. Miz Cutter is featured in another article:

      Former Obama Aides Begin to Reel in Major Cash

      Obviously, my naive, downright silly prediction of Cutter’s “career killing” interview on CNN was way off base. I keep forgetting that on Planet Leftoid, the scummier you are and the more brazenly you lie, the higher you climb the ladder of success.


    backtrack’s collusion with al qaida.

    it is plausible when you look at his actions. he has undermined most of the departments of our government and made them untrustworthy

  • Deapster

    Slimes in crime. When SEIU gets mentioned in the same breath, the noose keeps tightening:


    a list of enemies. how valerie jarrett might have uncovered the IRS scandal before it was a scandal
    a dangerous woman

    • Deapster

      Valerie Jarrett euphemistically is in charge of White House “inter-governmental relations”.

      Now what exactly is the job description for that title: Chief Connector of Dots?

  • DianaLC

    Slightly OT, but I was standing in line at the grocery store two hours ago getting a graduation card for a graduation party we were attending. There I couldn’t help but notice the “screaming” headline of the Globe (next to the Enquirer, of course). It was something like this: “Obama Worse than Nixon.”

    I thought to myself, “Finally people are getting it.

    • 0getfitnow1

      Since you mentioned grocery line : I was in line last week in front of a woman with an EBT card. I looked down on the counter at her 3 purchases — Semifreddi bread (in the bay area, this is one of the “designer breads — not cheap), 2 Odwalla drinks and some avacados. A few days earlier I read an article about a food stamp recipient’s card with a cash value of $7,000. Life is good in the Obamaworld!

  • Fred82


    How much money would America save if it disbanded the parasitic organization known as the IRS?

  • S7teen70six

    Doesn’t Obongo pal around with an indicted terrorist by the name of Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir? It seems hanging with terrorists runs in the family.

    Why are we giving tax breaks to non-citizens?

  • HARP2

    I can`t think of a better time for conservatives to push for a flat tax.

    • Deapster

      Afraid you would have at least 47% voting against this.

      • buzzlatte3

        That’s implying that people are going to remain uninformed.