Are we all Greeks?

Let’s change the subject for a moment to the immigration bill.

Last year some idiots in the Greek government offered a proposal that would solve their nations debt to the world. Take 10% of every Greek depositor’s bank account and give it to the bankers in Europe that wanted Greece to pay off their national debt quickly.

Some of the people – shall we say all of the people – did not like that idea and took to the streets.

What will be discussed here will be broadly considered by the right as weak and by the left as a hellatious attack on a good bill. But good bills go bad with bad riders.

In the new immigration bill, passed by the Senate, there is a clause:

If you come forward as an immigrant that did not follow the rules of how you got here then all of your social security benefits you earned are lost and forfeited.

Have you thought about this? No. You have not thought about it because you have not heard about it.

It is a provision to help pay for the bill. Part of the fence will be paid for by the Social Security contributions made by immigrants into the Social Security account. Sort of like the mandates in the health care bill will pay for the bill. This will make the Congressional Accountability Office happy by offering a way to pay for this legislation.

This provision is not fair and will not stand.

Social Security deductions from anyone’s’ paycheck are taken from the worker and put into an account that is called their “personal” savings account. The SS account is a national bank and is supposed to protect the depositors. Do go ahead and look up the original bill that created Social Security. The money belongs to the worker. It says nothing about the status of the worker, just that all registered workers will be subject to the mandatory savings withdrawal from their pay.

Do not think about this. A person that came here from another country after WWII or the Korean war with a soldier will lose 30 to 50 years of savings. Do not think about this. If the government can take one’s personal savings account then they can take anything from you.

In post-war America all children brought to this country by service members were granted a SS card, so that the government could collect money from their work, but not given immediate citizen status. There are millions of people in this class. Some became citizens. Many live amuog us not knowing they are “illegal.” Many own large corporations and they, collectively, employ millions of people in the US.

Do not think about this.

If the government can do this then they can take all your tax returns and retirement money if you do not give up your gun, when they declare guns illegal. They can take your house if someday they think it is too big for your use. They can take your land if they think you are growing food that you should buy from the commercial industries that keep government funded. They can do anything. Or.. can they?

Who is they? Who is the government? Most of them are not corrupted, just blind. But you should think and believe that you should always ask questions.

This immigration bill, like the health care bill, is not one that we should wait until it is passed until we read what is in it.