After much posturing, pouting, and empty threats, Obama and Kerry have signed on to a Russian proposal that makes Syria a signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention and preserves Syria’s ability to wage war against Islamic jihadists. But make no mistake–Obama and Kerry will be taking full credit for this deal and will insist it was part of their strategy all along. A pathetic joke on their part but, when you are dealing with mentally ill people, you must humor them and allow them to live their delusion.

Some of the news blasts this morning insist that Syria must comply within a week. But that’s not true. Syria has lots of wiggle room and time:

Another major feature of the agreement is that the U.S. and Russia plan to give Syria one week, until Sept. 21, to submit “a comprehensive listing, including names, types and quantities of its chemical weapons agents, types of munitions, and local and form of storage, production, and research and development facilities.”

In addition, the U.S. and Russia have agreed that international inspectors should be on the ground in Syria by November and complete their initial work by the end of the month. They must be given “immediate and unfettered” access to inspect all sites.

The failed Obama effort to isolate Assad and strengthen the Islamic rebels is now official.

Going forward, Assad will be able to assert that he is doing what Israel refuses to do and will end up doing a nifty bit of political jujitsu. Expect in the next several weeks to see the rebels fortunes grow even more bleak as Assad, with the help of Russia and Iran, consolidates his power.

Big winner in this is Putin. He will likely get the next Nobel Peace Prize. Obama? He has reminded the world that he is irrelevant and weak. Heck of a job.

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