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The Obamacare Disasters Still to Come

Watching the Obama crowd struggling to take a victory lap because their website can handle the traffic that does is frigging hysterical. Obama and his team of mental midgets are busy polishing this turd and pushing the story that Healthcare is a smashing success. This self-indulget delusion was on display on the morning news shows. Maryland Representative Chris Van Hollen and New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez were spinning like dreidels on crack (for you goyim out there, a dreidel is a top Jewish kids spin at Hannukah.)

Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that the website works perfectly. So what? Does that fix “healthcare?” No.

The problems are multiple. A significant minority of Americans are not computer literate or do not have access to a computer or internet. And even if they do, the ability to compare health plans is not like comparing new automobiles. The variables are many and daunting. It is not a simple process. This will remain a stumbling block for all who do not currently have an insurance policy.

Let’s also assume that everyone who is supposed to sign up does so. Does that mean that the healthcare “problem” is solved? That’s the critical issue folks. Obama and media are trying to pretend that fixing healthcare is just a matter of getting people signed up. But it is not a simple problem. For starters, most people who have had good health insurance will find themselves having to pay more. They are not going to be happy.

Then there is the problem of getting to keep their doctor. Most people will be in insurance plans that require them to use certain physicians and hospitals. Their ability to choose is limited. This will stick in the craw of unhappy consumers who will almost certainly take out their frustration on elected officials.

The disruption in the healthcare market is going to be significant, lasting and negative. Many small businesses currently offering coverage will be bailing out. This may be good news for some of the insurance companies, who will pick up new clients that are paying more in premiums. But that means less disposable income and less spending in the economy. That’s not a recipe for job creation or economic growth.

As I noted earlier, you cannot polish shit. Smearing it around does not make it look or smell better. That’s a lesson that the Democrats touting Obamacare don’t seem to understand.

  • Tom

    “The Obamacare Disasters Still to Come”

    Yeah, we know how well Larry Johnson is at making predictions. Your record is completely dismal.
    Let me suggest that after Righties like yourself took advantage of a difficult website rollout that the news from here on regarding Obamacare will largely be positive. The system is working absolutely fine in California and Romneycare works very well in Mass, where it is very popular.

    “Let’s also assume that everyone who is supposed to sign up does so. Does that mean that the healthcare “problem” is solved?”

    No, all healthcare problems are not solved. But, Obamacare is a great start at attempting to improve and transform healthcare in this country. You Republicans have absolutely nothing to contribute in solving the healthcare problems of this country. You just whine like babies.

    “Then there is the problem of getting to keep their doctor. Most people will be in insurance plans that require them to use certain physicians and hospitals”

    You mean like before Obamacare, if you could even get or afford health insurance? No different than for the tens of millions of Americans in HMOs.

    • bbf

      CNBC hacking expert seem to indicate that the ObamaCare website is a”hacker’s dream”:


      The fixes completed this past weekend to get the federal Obamacare website running more
      smoothly for consumers did nothing to address security concerns, a cybersecurity expert who testified before Congress last month told CNBC
      on Thursday.

      “If you look at the report that was released, they
      had fixed 400 bugs. None of those were addressed on security,” said David Kennedy, a so-called “white hat” hacker who tests online security
      by breaching websites.

      “There haven’t been any [security] fixes yet, he said in a “Squawk Box” interview. “You’re trying to rush to keep the website—the front-end
      that we see everyday—up-and-running. Unfortunately when you do that and you don’t do any testing around that, you introduce new exposures.”

      Adam Jeffery | CNBC website on Dec. 2, 2013.

  • Deapster

    Houston, we have a public health problem. Life in America is dangerous to your health. More people are considered “disabled” and get federal benefits, than the entire population of Greece:


    per dem activist=====backtrack’s lies are acceptable because he has our best interest in mind

    all kidding aside—-there is a sickness going on in this country


    per carney—-Americans don’t want an effective website.

    GEE that should tell the backtrack bunch something. Get the hell out of the healthcare business

    • DianaLC

      Interesting questions and answers. Another reason the O crowd needs to fear Tea Party people and doomsday preppers, and simple people who are quiert, don’t speak up much, but who do watch and wait.

    • Deapster

      I smell the waft of impeachment in the air. Way more than just the stench of Obama himself.

      • HELENK2

        from your lips to God’s ears

        • Deapster

          And DSA is not talking.

          They might be positioning themselves to strike if they gain an election advantage in the next Congressional elections.

          What is the requirement – 2/3 of the house and then tried in the Senate?


    just because

    sometimes we need a break and a reminder of the good things

    • DianaLC

      I’m crying and smiling at the same time. Amazing! God gives us gifts.


    debunking the backtrack bunch excuses for obamacare fail

    • Deapster

      I am liking this man all over again. Glad he is speaking up.


    per FOX—No Afghan deal. karzai will not sign and taliban gets a vote.


    backtrack bunch blames consumers for obamacare errors.

    ok so far it has been

    the republicans
    the insurance companies
    now it is the consumers


    buy popcorn

    think there will be a cat fight between tweety tingles and this guy over backtrack?

    ok what are the odds and which one is the long shot?

    • Deapster

      Tums might be the better TV snack for this program.


    I understand the aim of advertising is to get attention for whatever product they are promoting. Maybe that is why the obamacare ads aim for the bottom of the barrel to get attention


    house judiciary holding hearings today on backtrack’s failure to uphold the law.

    think anything will come of this or will it be another look good for the camera but do nothing waste of time?

  • 0getfitnow1
    • DianaLC

      Good read–thanks!
      I will repeat again how sickened I was by the many, many people I saw during the primary before he was first elected who carried that fake memoir around as if it were their Bible. I hope many of those books are now rotting in landfills.
      I hope many are now becoming brave enough to leave the Dem “insane asylum,” detox from their Kool Aid addictions and read the many articles now appearing that tell the truth they should have looked for five years ago.

      • Deapster

        Had exactly the same experience. Since they wanted to elect the author of that book, they should have elected Bill Ayers because they had absolutely nothing else to go on from Obama himself.

        It had become a religious cult, no question allowed and friends became permanently lost. Of course, none of them want to talk about this now. He created a rift with his calculated lies that simply cannot heal.

        Something very strange was gripping the nation then; and Obama’s later controls on the levers of power via the unions ensured his second election when there was more general disaffection growing finally among the previous blinded zealots.

    • Deapster

      It is nice to see Cashill be far more assertive and conclusionary now than his earlier tentative speculations. Cashill diligently unmasked this fraud very early on, yet we had a Nation that refused to believe. That is another story that still needs to be told.

  • 0getfitnow1

    Magazine cover. lol!

    • S7teen70six

      It would be funny if he wasn’t trying to drown the rest of us too.

      • Deapster

        Well, it is all your fault so why shouldn’t he take you down with him.

        Thomas Sowell has a good column about the “ideology of victimization” that has griped out nation in the past few decades and how it is what is dragging everyone down.

        • KenoshaMarge

          I read his column and like most of what he writes it was very good.

      • boonies

        look closely…he’s standing on our shoulders…

  • KenoshaMarge

    Obama logic, aka known as blame-gaming 101

    In a recent interview, President Obama said that Obamacare had a “rockier rollout” because no Republicans voted for the bill. Yes, blame the avalanche on the rocks that DIDN’T fall.

  • HARP2

    So the democrats think they made it OK.

    • Deapster

      And here I thought they were ….. going to Disneyland! E-ticket rides for free in FantasyLand.

  • jrterrier

    But it doesn’t work. Not just because a number of error message are still popping up. (

    And for those instances where there is no error message, the website is still not able to handle the “volume” so it sends people to queues & asks for emails so that it can get back to you.


    Most seriously, even if you get to the end of the process & are able to sign up, the back end of the website, the one that can receive payments, has not yet been built. (” The administration hasn’t released information on the error rate in the eligibility determinations or the transmissions to insurers, so it’s impossible to judge whether the site’s critical back-end functions are reliable. And there are important pieces of the site, like the payment mechanisms, that have yet to be built.” )

    The stink is already out. Any rational person would just say, it’s broke, we are going to take it down, and rebuild it until it really works.

    The current lie — that it’s working & much improved — is even worse than the first when it was rolled out on Oct 1. Now, there is no excuse for not knowing. No plausible deniability available to hide behind.

    This goes beyond honesty and competence. This is just NUTS.

    • S7teen70six

      Here is a link to the CNN video that goes directly there. I’ve been unable to track down your Greta link.

    • KenoshaMarge
      • 0getfitnow1

        “It will work for the majority of people”.

        Is that like:

        “Your car is 80% repaired”.

        “Your wife is 80% faithful”.

        “Your cancer is 80% in remission.”

        “Your paycheck is 80% guaranteed.”

        • KenoshaMarge

          Do these fools think that people who use sites like Amazon and Ebay are going to be content with their clunker?

          Seriously? This was supposed to be the tech savvy administration. Evidently that was as much bullshit as the rest of their claims.

      • Dave L.

        This will fix it ! Obama renames his wildly popular healthcare mandate to HillaryCare – See more at:

        • KenoshaMarge
          • Deapster

            Which is a good reminder Teresa Heinz new husband may be gunning for another shot in 2016, ya think?

            • KenoshaMarge

              Seriously? Will these old farts, and I should recognize an old fart being one myself, never just go away?

    • 0getfitnow1

      Yep, and this from congressional hearing:
      “When you develop a website, you develop it with security in mind.
      And it doesn’t appear to have happened this time,” said David Kennedy, a
      so-called “white hat” hacker who tests online security by breaching
      websites. He testified on Capitol Hill about the flaws of
      last week.

      “It’s really hard to go back and fix the security around it because
      security wasn’t built into it,” said Kennedy, chief executive of
      TrustedSec. “We’re talking multiple months to over a year to at least
      address some of the critical-to-high exposures on the website itself.”

      And here’s headline from DRUDGE:

  • 0getfitnow1

    Trouble filling Jimmy Carter’s shoes.

    • Deapster

      It just keeps coming- the scummiest administration in a long, long time. Incompetence building on top of incompetence.

      How many investigations can Congress undertake at one time, because another one blasts through the ones already pending until there is no resolution of any of them.

      It sounds like IRS is still hassling their political enemies too, and we never got the the end of the Tea Party IRS harassment.

      Or the Benghazi stone-walling and not the very suspect contracting with this far too familiar company that hired Michelle Obama’s college chum.


    off topic

    please remember the other countries fighting with us in Afghanistan also have losses.