Why does Barack Obama not understand the concept of STFU? Seriously, his latest performance today trying to portray strength and warn Russia to stay out of the Ukraine was a pathetic, empty, meaningless gesture. If he had one or two adults around him he might have been counseled to say nothing. Why draw a meaningless line in the sand and then do nothing?

All that President Mouse Fart portrayed today was weakness. Compounding matters are the media, Senator McCain and some Cold War crazed pundits hectoring Obama to “stand up” to the Russians. If Obama had a backbone he should have come out in public and said something like the following:

It is the policy of the United States to not interfere in the internal affairs of the Russian Republic. While we regret the violence and loss of life in the Ukraine, the United States is committed to supporting the restoration of the rule of law. To that end we call on the Ukrainian people to come together and work together on a negotiated settlement to their disputes.

It is outright laughable that we–a country hanging on to bases in Cuba and one who invaded, without provocation, Iraq, Grenada and Lebanon–should dare lecture Russia on interfering in the affairs of a neighboring country. We too, should Shut the Fuck Up.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.