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Hilarious Oxymoron of the Year–US Intelligence

Want further proof that the combination of politically correct pandering to minorities and the appointment of political hacks as chief’s of the US Intelligence Agencies has created a disaster? Simply consider the huge miss on the Ukraine.

On Thursday night, the best assessment from the U.S. intelligence community—and for that matter most experts observing events in Ukraine—was that Vladimir Putin’s military would not invade Ukraine. Less than 24 hours later, however, there are reports from the ground of Russian troops pushing into the Ukrainian province of Crimea; the newly-installed Crimean prime minister has appealed to Putin to help him secure the country; Putin, in turn, is officially asking for parliament’s permission to send Russian forces into Ukraine. It’s not a full-blown invasion—at least, not yet. But it’s not the picture U.S. analysts were painting just a day before, either…

U.S. officials familiar with the intelligence on the fast moving situation in Ukraine tell The Daily Beast that analytic products from the intelligence community this week did not discount the prospect of Russian provocations and even light incursions in the Russian majority province of Crimea, the home of Russia’s fleet in the Black Sea. Nonetheless, until Friday, no one anticipated a Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory.

This kind of miss is inexcusable but quite understandable. Barack Obama, following on the damage done by Bush, has radically transformed and weakened the analytical arm of the intelligence community. I thought it was so obvious that Putin would put troops into Ukraine to protect Russia’s interests that I did not even think it required an article. Man, was I wrong on that count. I did not realize how massive is the incompetence of the intelligence analysts.

We already have seen in the case of Benghazi that the leadership at CIA has become so politicized and so subservient to the White House that politics takes precedence over truth and accuracy. Deputy CIA Director Mike Morrell, for example, eliminated Al Qaeda and muslims from the portion of the talking points that assigned the responsibility for the attack.

Now, we have a simple case of incompetence. A failure to understand Russia’s deep-seated, longstanding interest in protecting its western flank and maintaining a friendly government in place is simply inexcusable.

The CIA is now a place that is promoting people into leadership positions, in many instances, on the basis of sexual orientation or minority status. Competence and substantive expertise have taken a backseat. And now, with the Russians flexing muscle in Ukraine, we are seeing how dangerous such institutional ignorance is.

  • BannedAgain15

    Not sure where that Daily Beast reporter gets his information, but the CIA is pushing back hard on their Ukrainian intelligence.

    “The Central Intelligence Agency says it was following events closely enough to have outlined scenarios in which upheaval in Ukraine would become so intense that Russia would take military action.

    Two national security sources said the CIA had specifically warned policymakers, shortly before the Russian military moved into the Crimean peninsula, that such a move could be imminent.

    The Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency, however, predicted such a move was unlikely, said the sources, who requested anonymity to discuss intelligence matters.”

    “”Since the beginning of the political unrest in Ukraine, the CIA has regularly updated policymakers to ensure they have an accurate and timely picture of the unfolding crisis. These updates have included warnings of possible scenarios for a Russian military intervention in Ukraine. Any suggestion otherwise is flat wrong,” a CIA spokesman told Reuters yesterday.”

    Not sure how much more you and McCain would want. The CIA warned that such a scenario was possible. It is not the CIA’s job to say on what precise date a particularly event will happen.

    Where was the European intelligence on this? They are much closer and have more direct interest in this. The Ukraine is not a high priority or that strategic for the U.S.

    “The CIA is now a place that is promoting people into leadership positions, in many instances, on the basis of sexual orientation or minority status. Competence and substantive expertise have taken a backseat.”

    There is no proof of that. Sounds like the ramblings of an disgruntled ex-employee. What is the matter they will not let you in the building any more?

  • Vorlath -

    Putin vs. Obama in a fist fight. Who wins? Case closed. This is the view that people have of Obama vs. Putin. One is feeble and one is an ex-KGB thug. Plus, Putin has military and strategic knowledge that Obama will never have.