I do not know where to begin in expressing consternation over the crazies swarming over the cable channels to pontificate on stopping Vladimir “Adolf Hitler” Putin. God Save us. Comparing Putin to Hitler, which is what Bill O’Reilly did on his show tonight, is beyond laughable. It is downright dishonest and dangerous.

But O’Reilly is not the only loon. Hell, we’ve got John McCain and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, rattling sabers and demanding that Obama do something. And Marco Rubio? Yikes.
While I fully agree that Obama projects as much strength as a flaccid penis on an 85 year old man with a swollen prostate, Putin is pursuing the Russian interests in the Ukraine and could give a flying fuck what we think.

I am growing weary of Americans and their shallow, insular view of world affairs. We are so deep in self-delusion that we can pontificate about telling Putin what he will and won’t do while having absolutely no power at all to actually persuade him to do something else.

Just as we ignored Russia and China when we invaded Iraq in March 2003, Vladimir Putin has decided to flip us the bird and pursue his own agenda. I harbor no illusions about Mr. Putin. He is not Thomas Jefferson. But he is acting a bit like Abraham Lincoln. He’s not content to sit back and do nothing as one element of the former Soviet Union faces fracture. Nope. He’ll work on preserving his version of the “UNION” and do it at the point of a bayonet. Just like Lincoln.

Leave it to Pat Lang to nail the issue:

Against that background the pathetic bleating of the pundits is simply wrong. The idea that history and human societies have something like organic life and that all of that has direction and motion is incorrect. History is just things that happened. It has no direction of change. It does not really change. People do not change. Their motivations remain what they always were. To speak of Russian action as being characteristic of the 19th or 20th centuries is inane. The Russians are proving that to be the case.

The newspapers and 24/7 news bilge is today full of outrage. It is meaningless outrage. Russia has strategic nuclear forces sufficient to eliminate any threat of significant US military action and the Europeans will not sacrifice their worldly goods for the Galicians and the Crimean Tatars.

It is clear that Putin is unconcerned with hard words directed at him from the West. The blonde BBC newsbabe said on Morning Joe today that she has now learned that a man who does not care what you think of him is difficult to deal with. More people should learn that lesson. pl

What do you think?

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