What a ridiculous display of impotent rage by the United States on the eve of Russia’s official annexation of Crimea. I do not know who is more pathetic–Barack Obama, John Kerry or USUN Ambassador Samantha Power. Power should be renamed, “Powerless.” That’s what she is. A windbag hurling invective and empty threats and the Russians from her perch as the US rep at the UN.

U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power accused Russia of violating the U.N. Charter’s key principles that prohibit the use of force to acquire territory and respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations – principles she said Moscow agrees with “and defends all around the world, except, it seems, in circumstances that involve Russia.”

“Russia has rejected a resolution that had peace at its heart and law flowing through its veins,” she said.

“Under the U.N. Charter, the Russian Federation has the power to veto a Security Council resolution, but it does not have the power to veto the truth,” Power said. “Russia – isolated, alone and wrong – blocked the resolution’s passage, just as it has blocked Ukrainian ships and international observers” from entering Crimea.

In your dreams baby. In your dreams. Power, Obama and Kerry are delusional. The actually seem to believe that we can levy sanctions on Russia that will hurt them, compel them to back down and leave us unscathed.

Drudge had a little item that points to some of the dynamics that Obama and his crew are ignoring:


The US economy already is limping along. The withdrawal of these funds have the potential to inflict further damage to a weak job market and stall the stock market.

We need to take a good long look in the mirror. The Russians are simply doing what we have been doing for at least 150 years–i.e., when we perceive that a national interest is at stake we intervene militarily without any regard to international law.

Looking at Russia, they will take over the Crimea and parts of eastern Ukraine. Some in the Ukraine will resist and there is the potential that the fighting could escalate quickly and dramatically. But Ukraine’s military is no match for the Russians and will be quickly squashed.

Some politicians and many pundits seem eager to portray this conflict as an act akin to Hitler’s take over of Austrian and Czechoslovakia in the late 1930s–a prelude to world domination. Ignore that hyperventilating. Putin is no Hitler. He is a clear-eyed nationalist and understands Russians strategic interests and is will to fight to protect those interests. We better catch up and understand why he is doing what he does. Otherwise, we risk a gross miscalculation that could escalate things into a real shooting war with Russia. That’s not just madness. That would be suicidal.

I suspect this will be sung with enthusiasm in Crimea comes Monday:

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