I am only posting this as a protest against the endless, inane and stupid commentary by self-professed experts on the fate of the missing Malaysian Air 777. The agendas being pushed are sickening. Here’s the bottom-line–nobody knows. The speculation is ridiculous and meaningless. If this was a terrorist attack it was a completely inept effort. I doubt we will every know the fate of this plane and its passengers.

The goofiest speculation comes courtesy of retired Air Force General Thomas McInerney on Fox News. He’s pushing the line that the plane landed somewhere in Talibanland and is being fueled up for a terrorist assault on Israel or the United States. No evidence, mind you. Just his twisted, silly fantasy.

Was this a planned act. Maybe, but the motive remains totally opaque.

But the cable news networks are chewing relentlessly and mercilessly on this silly bone. Conjuring up a host of scenarios based totally on speculation.

What is your favorite hypothesis?

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
  • Mister Natural

    S.P.E.C.T.R.E. !!!

  • http://batman-news.com Erin

    How about the conspiracy to either kill off or kidnap 4 of the 5 patent holders of some technology associated with electronic weaponry?

  • buzzlatte3

    Come on! It was the Greys dressed as MIBs from the secret underground base near Roswell or Gilliland’s in WA state. The guys from Ancient Aliens and UFO Files tol’ me so!/sarc *Well, at least that’s more exciting than the endless speculation.

  • S7teen70six


    Special Report is becoming tedious. Steve Hayes hyperventilating that Crimea is a crisis where we may need to commit troops. Mara Liasson using wide, well bagged eyes to emphasize how much more of a deal this is than Georgia. Charles Krauthammer evoking the worst Cold War provocations as only a true neocon could.

    Honestly, this bullshit we are being told about Ukraine is well over the line. No one has provided a shred of evidence that supports the constitutionality of this coup. Instead the subject is changed to how Putin reacted. And the real possibility that he just might be the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler. It really is disconcerting that this is what passes for intelligence and truth these days.

    • KlugerRD

      It ma not be Hitler, but Putin will protect and insulate the interests of Russia as the rhetoric increases by the U.S. in particular.

      Had there been a capable diplomat in the Obama administration from the outset we would not be here.

      We went from bad to worse with John Kerry who is a pontificating jerk who is just ratcheting up the heat.

      Someone needs to get Obama to send someone to meet Putin – someone he would respect – and someone who could defuse the situation and begin a dialogue.

      I would try and get Colin Powell who Putin respects to defuse the situation and begin a dialogue.

      • S7teen70six

        Any real leader of a nation will protect and insulate its interests. What happens if Powell threatens Putin unless he leaves Crimea and Putin tells him in no uncertain terms that he won’t? Do we go to war over something as completely really inconsequential to our national interests?

        A dialogue does not begin by insulting a man and accusing him of murdering people while he is hosting the Olympics. That barn door closed long ago. It is time to listen.

        • KlugerRD

          Powell would never do that.

          A person like Powell knows how to talk to leaders – unlike Obama and Kerry.

          In defusing a situation you find out what the opposing parties interests are and begin a dialogue through diplomacy how to accommodate them as well as your own and do so that both parties look good.

          This situation began when the west fueled an uprising in Ukraine and installed a leader who as not elected. We and Europe are not innocents in this.

          Unlike Obama and Kerry, Putin is a grown up and a rational leader unlike what the Obots and neocons paint him as.

          • S7teen70six

            I fully agree with you that we are not innocents in this.



    the Russian holdings fo US debt has dropped 20% in the last year.

    good or bad??

  • binky354

    Here’s another speculation from an ex-Israeli Air Security Chief – makes as much sense as most of the others:


  • S7teen70six

    As improbable as it seems, the plane flew up Barry’s ass.

  • chrissy

    It landed in my pasture. Remember that golfer and the crew that died and the plane was on auto pilot and it crashed in a pasture.

  • BannedAgain15

    Senior Russian diplomat says Moscow may change its stance in the
    Iranian nuclear talks amid tensions with the West over Ukraine – @AP

    • KlugerRD

      This is exactly what I was talking about a week or 2 ago. War is an extension of politics and happens when one or both sides assume and do not confirm/connect, then war happens.

      I believed then and believe now that Putin is not seeing to conquer land and recreate the Soviet bloc.

      But given the sheer incompetence of Obama who in the midst of what is now a crisis is filling out NCAA Brackets – not attending National Security meetings, and has without question THE most incompetent foreign policy group ever. John Kerry is a joke and is only fanning the flames that will lead to war.

      Someone needs to shake up Obama and force him to send a real diplomat to Russia and now – not this buffoon Kerry.

      Henry Kissinger is too old although he has the right idea.

      You need someone with gravitas and who Putin would respect. Someone like Colin Powell who has the military gravitas that Putin would respect – look Putin in the eye and not flinch. Powell is also a former military leader who does not want war and can begin dialogue with Putin to defuse the situation.

      • S7teen70six

        Putin was caught off guard with what happened in Kiev and took Crimea before anyone else could. All this talk of the Ukrainians possibly cutting off electricity and water to Crimea is unhelpful in attempting to resolve anything peacefully.

        I think that Putin has decided to call Obama’s bluff. He is correct that many Americans believe that we have the right to do as we please and demand others live by our rules while not assuming the need to abide by such things ourselves.

  • beyond partisan

    My theory, at this point, is that the pilot hijacked the plane and was going to hold the passengers hostage to get concessions from the Malaysian government over the jailed leader he followed. Something must have happened and the plane has crashed, otherwise I think we would have heard something by now. There is a slight possibility that he managed to land the plane on some small island and has lost the ability to contact anyone, but it would be a miracle if they were found alive and healthy.

  • akaPatience

    I didn’t pay much attention to this story until a couple of days ago when certain provocative info came out. It’s obvious *somebody* had a plan (most likely the pilot who built a flight simulator) but whether or not it was successfully executed remains unknown. While I’m weary of the endless, re-hashed chat and speculation, I have to admit I’m nevertheless intrigued and hope we get the full story eventually. It may remain a mystery forever though, especially if it crashed into the Indian Ocean. If it turns out the pilot had a huge life insurance policy and too much personal debt, that’ll just about settle it for me.

  • DianaLC

    Boy, do I agree! I want this stupid coverage of what they don’t know to stop. I can’t turn on the television because of it. So many people droning on and on about what they really don’t know.
    I am just feeling very sorry for all the families of the people who are missing. How awful not to know and then how awful to be subjected to this total ineptitude.
    I gave my theory once before–it’s not meant as a joke. It’s the only theory that I could come up with that would mean those people would come back.
    They are experiencing a close encounter of the third kind, and we will welcome them back here.

    • DianaLC

      It’s all the speculation: catastrophic event, hijacking, terrorist plot, information about the airplane itself. I hate that.
      What I want to see are the faces of the people in this mess. Concentrate on them. Let us see the 239 souls involved. Then I would watch. If it’s an accident, that’s sad. If it’s a terrorist plot, then make the bastards see the humanity they’ve hurt.

  • Dave L.

    I just watched retired General Thomas McInerney on Fox, here is a prime example of the peter principle. The General has risen to his higest level of incompetence ! I think he needs to be in rehab.

    • http://noquarterusa.net Larry Johnson

      Amen! Off the deep end.

  • Savannahlawyer

    We’re going to get a shirtless photo of Putin in a jungle rescuing passengers.

  • Guest
    • stodghie

      considering the iraqis told biden not to come back i don’t look for a good outcome in poland .

  • HARP2

    After all the speculation, not ONE person has mentioned that Prince William and Kate were vacationing in the Maldives at the same time the plane went missing,

    Possible target ???

  • HARP2

    I’ve listened to so many experts, from ground crew,pilots,radar technicians. Hell one idiot even brought on a flight attendant.

    Now the upside to all of this that I feel I’m a fully qualified pilot now and will be applying at numerous airlines…..the skies the limit…OFF WE GO INTO THE WILD BLUE YONDER….

  • elizabethrc

    At least we can take comfort in the fact that the 24/7 coverage this time isn’t about Justin Bieber! TV today is so self-absorbed with ‘reality’ shows, sensationalism and hyping anything for increased viewership that intelligent programming is a thing of the past. Who cares about quality?
    Frankly, while this is a tragedy for those on board and their families (who, I read, are staging a hunger strike. Yep! That’ll do it!), I’m bored with the coverage and have largely stopped watching.
    There’s stuff going on in the world that we need to pay attention to. This fiasco of a search isn’t one of them. Just tell us when you have found the plane. Until then, please, please shut up with the conjecturing.

    • Dave L.

      Too bad that Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus wern’t on that plane !! I know I wouldn’t miss them !

  • KenoshaMarge

    Okay, I can’t resist playing too. I think the Borg assimilated the plane and all aboard.

    Although the mindless media are the ones acting as if they have been assimilated.

    • S7teen70six

      Yours is a likeliest scenario. Especially the last sentence.

      • KenoshaMarge

        That may be true but it was probably the easiest assimilation the Borg ever confronted.

        The dismally incompetent, horribly corrupt and basically souless thing masquerading as media or “news” people allowed all decency, morallity and integrity to be assimilated by their own ideology long ago.

        Thus what is left is an empty shell gushing over a mediocre politician while smearing any who have the audacity to disagree with them/him.

        I may not “like” politicians but I loathe the media, with very few exceptions, with all my heart and soul.

        • elizabethrc

          The media seem intent on lowering expectations for human behavior. Look at the “Ozarks” inspired, uneducated, ill mannered people that have shows dedicated to their way of life (apologies to the Ozarks), which include killing things, fighting each other and in general being as ‘bad ass’ and in your face as they can.
          Those shows are right up there with the Weather Channel in interest for me.
          This is happening on many levels in America. It’s spotlighting the worst we are but what happened to showing us at our best? Not PC, I guess.

  • S7teen70six

    The Tea Party used their legendary mystical powers to make the plane vanish into thin air.

    • 0getfitnow1

      I recall the Twilight Zone episode about the plane that flew through a time warp and could never land.

  • S7teen70six

    Wile E Coyote mistook the plane for the Roadrunner and finally got it.

  • S7teen70six

    I think Godzilla ate the plane and all it’s passengers.

  • KenoshaMarge

    I haven’t a clue what happened. And as you pointed out – neither do any of the mindless fools talking endlessly about it. Speculation masquerding as news. The minute some talking head starts about the missing plane I either mute them or change the channel.

    If they must mention the missing plane spend about 10 seconds an hour telling us they still don’t know.

  • piattq

    This is nuts. Here we have major history unfolding between Europe and Russia, the US folding and clueless and along comes this missing plane tragic farce sucking up all the oxygen and brainless in the WH escapes the spotlight. My theory. This is a plot by Axelrod and Pfloffe to try to save Obama from total oblivion. Seems to be working.

    • lateblum

      I completely agree. In fact, I think I saw Axelrod walking down Michigan Avenue with a Malaysian Air flight plan in his grip about 18 days ago. 😉


    there is more than one “Bermuda Triangle” field around the world

  • Savannahlawyer

    It is all speculation at this point. If I were betting on what happened, I would use Occam’s razor and go with this (daggumit. Can’t post link, but Google Malaysian Air and Wired. Article written by a pilot and has the fewest moving parts).
    Just a thought….Assuming the plane crashed, I wonder how many governments know where it happened, but are keeping mum as not to disclose capabilities?

  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    Well, one thing is for sure. Of the talking heads currently filling time on this story, Megyn Kelly is the hottest.

  • Popsmoke

    So here we go… I say space aliens got them….

    • Anthony_1

      I think they were seized by the IRS myself…

      • KenoshaMarge

        Must have had the word “Tea Party” or some other conservative appellation somewhere on the plane.

        • Anthony_1

          Is this Lois Lerner’s new job?

        • lateblum

          If not on the plane, then “Tea Party” was tattooed on the right breast of the lead flight attendant.

  • Popsmoke

    LJ, Tom must be listening to Dick Pearl again… You want to bet that Paul jumps in on this too?


    most likely Hijacking since no debris has been found. Is the plane landed somewhere and being saved for future use? Have no clue.
    Did it crash on an uninhabited island, with all the technology of today, think some clue would be found


    Is all the never ending speculation about what happened to the plane,keeping the American public’s attention off what is happening in Crimea? After all backtrack can not look weak on the first while he really does on the second?