Hysterical. What a hoot. Obama and team, in the “fool” spirit of 1 April, got their gag game on and went out before cameras insisting that a gazillion people had signed up for the ironically named, Affordable Care Act. Got to show some love to Barack Obama and company for their shrewd since of humor. For the past six months nobody on the White House staff or at Health and Human Services knew anything about the number of folks who had actually signed up. But now, on April first, they suddenly have perfect info? They still can’t tell you who has paid and how many of those signing up are actually replacing plans they were forced to drop because of Obamacare, but who cares? All that matters is that they tell the joke with a straight face.

PUHLEAZE!! This is a heaping, steaming pile of bullshit. Sort of like marching at the rear of the American Royal parade. You have no alternative but to stride thru a collection of horse manure and cow shit.

If I bake you a pie made of human feces, it does not matter how much sugar I sprinkle on top or how insistently I tell you it is the best goddamn pie you’ve ever eaten. One immutable fact remains–a shit pie is a shit pie.

What most Americans will discover is that the so-called Affordable Care Act makes their health care more expensive, their doctors less accessible and their options for hospitals and clinics fewer. Embrace the suck Democrats, embrace the suck. Because no matter how much paint you try to put on this turd of a law, underneath the veneer it is still a festering pile of excrement.

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