Sy Hersh is out today with an explosive, damning piece of investigative journalism that completely dismantles the fable on Syria and Benghazi that President Obama and his national security team, including Hillary Clinton, tried to foist on America.

The article, The Red Line and the Rat Line, is in the London Review of Books. Mr. Hersh once again reminds the world why he is the preeminent investigative journalist. The key revelations are that:

The United States had a covert program, which was disguised as a liaison effort with the Brits, to move weapons from Libya to Syria via Turkey. This program was never briefed to the Congress.

Two months after the September 2012 attack on the CIA installation in Benghazi, the United States suspended the weapons supply program, which in turn angered the Turks and the Saudis.

The US intelligence community, the DIA specifically, knew as early as June 2013 that Syrian Islamic extremists fighting against President Assad had an active program to produce and use sarin and were receiving support from the Turks.

By the summer of 2013, the Turks were worried that the tide had turned against the Syrian rebels and decided to create an incident that would compel the United States to take military action.

Within days of the 21 August attack, British intelligence informed the United States, specifically the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, that the sarin used had come from the rebels, not the Syrian Government.

The US military drew their own red line and refused to proceed with an attack in Syria, which is why Obama reversed course so suddenly and turned to Congress.

Once you read Sy’s piece you will have a better understanding of how badly Obama has botched US foreign policy in the Middle East. It is not just incompetence. It is dangerous hubris that the intrepid Mr. Hersh has exposed.

UPDATE–Here is Sy from Amy Goodman’s show this morning.

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