My wonderful neighbor Pat sent this to me. He finds the best goodies on the Internets.

The Mom Song from Northland Video on Vimeo.

This comes from a church Web site. Northland Church. That page has links to much more music, it looks like. I haven’t listened to any yet. But it should be fun.

  • vivi

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  • JustMe

    LOL that sounds like our house at 7am and 8pm LOL

    So funny

  • that is so funny.

  • Galt Pizza Parlor

    I’m too tired to click on the church web site link but I recall that is a parody fundie church. I could be mistaken.

    Well anyway that was a cool video! The only thing missing was the when mom served liver and onions “Eat all your food there are starving people in Africa!” I’m out of here. Signing off for now.

  • Seattle Moss

    Behind every successful man is a strong woman. As much as I roll my eyes sometimes my wife always has my best interests at hand.

    • And sometimes a man is behind very successful women too.

      • Seattle Moss

        A very good point Uppity…My wife is becoming extremely successful with my help and support.