The evidence of corruption on the part of Bill and Hillary Clinton is quite simple and direct–after years of “public service” in which neither earned more than $400,000 from their respective government salaries, they have become multi-millionaires:

From first lady to U.S. senator to secretary of state to presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton has lived a life in the public eye that has included many roles and allowed her to build a sizable net worth. Her 2015 public presidential election filing revealed assets with a value ranging between $11 million and $53 million, and a Forbes analysis of the Clinton family’s holdings suggests that their net worth is somewhere in the range of $45 million. Splitting the value of the shared assets in half suggests that Hillary Clinton has a net worth of roughly than $22.5 million.

Hillary Clinton has been a visible public figure for decades. However, the great majority of her wealth was built within the past 15 years.

It is increasingly unlikely that Hillary will be able to sweep these allegations under the carpet. The recent hack of DNC files by Guccifer 2 is providing a new treasure trove of documents. Principal among these is information about the Clinton Foundation as nothing more than money laundering vehicle for the Clintons to receive foreign donations while trying to avoid the bad publicity of providing a quid pro quo to those governments with issues on the U.S. foreign policy plate. The list of donors is alarming and gives grist to Trump’s ability to grind out a narrative of Clinton corruption:

Associated Press: As Of January 2009, “Saudi Arabia, Norway And Other Foreign Governments Gave At Least $46 Million” To The Clinton Foundation “And Donors With Ties To India Delivered Millions More.” [Associated Press, 1/18/09]

Foreign Government Donors To Clinton Foundation Included Saudi Arabia, Norway, Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei, Oman, Italy, Jamaica, And Tenerife. “According to Clinton’s list, Saudi Arabia gave $10 million to $25 million to the foundation. Other government donors include Norway, Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei, Oman, Italy, Jamaica and Tenerife in the Canary Islands. The Dutch national lottery gave $5 million to $10 million.” [Associated Press, 1/18/09]

Wall Street Journal: “The Clinton Foundation Has Dropped Its Self-Imposed Ban On Collecting Funds From Foreign Governments And Is Winning Contributions At An Accelerating Rate.” “The Clinton Foundation has dropped its self-imposed ban on collecting funds from foreign governments and is winning contributions at an accelerating rate, raising ethical questions as Hillary Clinton ramps up her expected bid for the presidency.” [Wall Street Journal, 2/17/15]

Wall Street Journal: “Recent Donors [To The Clinton Foundation] Include The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Australia, Germany And A Canadian Government Agency Promoting The Keystone XL Pipeline.” [Wall Street Journal, 2/17/15]

Wall Street Journal: Canada’s Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Agency “A First-Time Donor, Gave Between $250,000 And $500,000” To The Clinton Foundation In 2014. “One of the 2014 donations comes from a Canadian agency promoting the proposed Keystone pipeline, which is favored by Republicans and under review by the Obama administration. The Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development agency of Canada, a first-time donor, gave between $250,000 and $500,000. The donations, which are disclosed voluntarily by the foundation, are given only in ranges.” [Wall Street Journal, 2/17/15]

Wall Street Journal: “At Least Four Foreign Countries Gave To The Foundation In 2013—Norway, Italy, Australia And The Netherlands—A Fact That Has Garnered Little Attention.” “At least four foreign countries gave to the foundation in 2013—Norway, Italy, Australia and the Netherlands—a fact that has garnered little attention. The number of governments contributing in 2014 appears to have doubled from the previous year. Since its founding, the foundation has raised at least $48 million from overseas governments, according to a Journal tally.” [Wall Street Journal, 2/17/15]

Wall Street Journal: “The Number Of Governments Contributing [To The Clinton Foundation] In 2014 Appears To Have Doubled From The Previous Year.” [Wall Street Journal, 2/17/15]

Wall Street Journal: “Since Its Founding, The [Clinton] Foundation Has Raised At Least $48 Million From Overseas Governments, According To A Journal Tally.” [Wall Street Journal, 2/17/15]

First-Time Donor United Arab Emirates Gave The Clinton Foundation $1-5 Million In 2014. [Wall Street Journal, 2/17/15]

Saudi Arabia Has Given The Clinton Foundation $10-25 Million Since 1999, Part Of Which Was Contributed In 2014. [Wall Street Journal, 2/17/15]

Wall Street Journal: “Qatar’s Government Committee Preparing For The 2022 Soccer World Cup Gave Between $250,000 And $500,000 In 2014…Qatar’s Government Had Previously Donated Between $1 Million And $5 Million.” [Wall Street Journal, 2/17/15]

Wall Street Journal: Secretary Clinton “Has Become A Prodigious Fundraiser As The Foundation Launched A $250 Million Endowment Campaign.” “Since leaving the State Department in early 2013, Mrs. Clinton officially joined the foundation, which changed its name to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, and has become a prodigious fundraiser as the foundation launched a $250 million endowment campaign, officials said.” [Wall Street Journal, 2/17/15]

Wall Street Journal: The Clinton Foundation Has Set A Goal Of Creating A $250 Million Endowment…[And] The Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates And Oman Donations Went To The Endowment Drive.” “The Clinton Foundation has set a goal of creating a $250 million endowment, an official said. One purpose was secure the future of the foundation’s programs without having to rely so much on the former president’s personal fundraising efforts, the official said. The Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Oman donations went to the endowment drive.” [Wall Street Journal, 2/17/15]

Despite a pledge to not accept foreign money while she was Secretary of State, it appears that the Clintons came up with a clever but dishonest way to circumvent their self-imposed ban. A charitable partnership in Canada, the CLINTON GIUSTRA ENTERPRISE PARTNERSHIP (CANADA), appears to have been a key vehicle for moving foreign money into the Clinton coffers. Even the Washington Post reported on this:

Last week, the Clinton Foundation acknowledged that an affiliated Canadian charity founded in 2007 by Giustra kept its donors secret, despite a 2008 ethics agreement with the Obama administration promising to reveal the New York-based foundation’s donors.

The conventional wisdom that Hillary made her money through legitimate activities is suspect. “She wrote a popular best seller.” Nope.

Publishing executives are reportedly ‘on notice’ for allegedly paying Hillary Clinton $14 million for her highly-anticipated memoir which sold just 161,000 copies in its first three weeks.

Sources told the New York Post ‘there’s lots of finger-pointing going on at (publisher) Simon & Schuster’ over the expensive deal.

Although the publisher sent one million copies of ‘Hard Choices’ to stores, a low 85,000 were sold in the first week before sales plummeted in the subsequent two weeks. The book hit stores on June 10.

And you can be assured that many of those purchases were made by third parties acting on behalf of Hillary or the Clinton Foundation. What do I mean? Do you remember Stephen Cannell? He produced the A-Team and the Rockford Files. I was hired by him 20 years ago to go to bookstores and buy up batches of his latest book in order to boost his numbers and get him on the best seller list at the NY Times. I guarantee you that Hillary did the same thing.

Then there is the little matter of her speaking fees, especially on Wall Street. She was not pulling down the big bucks in those speeches because she was an enlightened economic genius. Nope. She was simply peddling access and found a bunch of wealthy guys willing to pay for it.

According to public records, Clinton gave 92 speeches between 2013 and 2015. Her standard fee is $225,000, and she collected $21.6 million dollars in just under two years. Clinton made 8 speeches to big banks, netting $1.8 million, according to a CNN analysis. . . .

The standard fee and her demands are outlined in a memo from the Harry Walker Agency in New York.

According to the memo, Clinton requires travel by private jet, and even specifies that she prefers a Gulfstream 450 or larger. Her staff requires first class and business class tickets. And two members of her staff require up to three days on site to prepare, with all local transportation and meals included.

The memo states Clinton should be booked into a presidential suite with up to three separate rooms attached.

And she wants to portray Trump as an elitist out of touch with the average American? That’s downright funny.

Any financial stumbles by Donald Trump will pale in comparison to the hundreds of millions of foreign dollars that have flooded the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton’s found a new way to sell their access to circles of power for cash. It is corrupt. Whether an actual criminal case can be built is up in the air. But the Duck principle applies–if it walks, quacks and acts like a Duck it is probably a Duck.

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