Senator John McCain’s daughter, Meghan, is a blithering fool. She is now co-hosting on Fox an estrogen laden chat fest (I think it is called, “One Lucky Guy”). When the subject of Syria came up Meghan chimed in with this astonishing observation–“Syria is the Holocaust of my generation.” Thankfully I was not slurping coffee or driving on a winding mountain road.

Where does one begin in trying to untangle such a stupid, ignorant claim. I suppose if Bashar Al Assad was rounding up eveyone who was a Sunni, locking them in ghettos, prohibiting them from working, confiscating their property and then exterminating them in death camps like Sobibor or Birkenau, then yes, Syria might be our Holocaust. But it is none of those things. I look at Sudan and Rwanda as being far larger deals as far as killing people, especially civilians goes.

Let’s face it. Meghan is the poster queen for blond jokes. And she brings the same shallow, informed analysis to the question of Russia. She sounds like her father and insists that Vladimir Putin and company are on their way to world domination.

Rather than read my rantings on this, let me encourage you to watch two clips featuring the renowned Stephen Cohen. I respect, admire and agree with his position regarding Russia:


Professor Cohen is spot on. The overwrought, hysterical rhetoric in the United States and the wild claims about Russia and Putin are pushing our two countries to the brink of war. At least Donald Trump wisely wants to treat Putin and the Russians as a country worthy of respect.

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