There is a massive propaganda campaign, financed in part it appears by the Saudis, to portray Syria’s Bashar Al Assad as the Hitler of the 21st Century and to excoriate Russia for daring to fight with Assad against so-called “freedom fighters.” I have repeatedly pointed out the covert role of the CIA in funneling money and weapons to these fighters. As it turns out, we are giving weapons to radical jihadists with links to Al Qaeda. So much for the war on terror. We are funding terror.

Which brings me to the following video. Eva Bartlett is a free-lance Canadian journalist. She is one tough, brave lady. What she has to say about the war in Syria is very important. She mines no words–CNN, BBC, NY Times, Washington Post and MSNBC are lying about the war and deliberately misinforming the public.

This is one of the first flash points that Donald Trump will confront as President. He needs to end immediately the CIA program that is arming radical Sunnis. He needs to open talks with Russia and agree on a coordinated strategy to destroy ISIS and other radical Islamists.

UPDATE–Added video recommended by John Frank. Further brilliance by Eva:


BTW, this clip highlights the kind of substance you can find on RT. Quite a contrast with the propaganda of CNN, MSNBC and FOX.

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