I have some advice for Donald Trump and his team–when you start a bar fight make sure that your family owns the bar. The media and morning shows are buzzing over Sean Spicer’s attack last night on the press for lying and misrepresenting facts. If you have not seen it, here it is:

Whoa!! That was intense.

Let’s take this apart piece by piece. Trump and is team are wrong about how many people showed up at the mall for the inauguration. Arguing that point makes them look delusional. Here is what Spicer should have said:

Much of the media seems obsessed with trying denigrate anything Donald Trump does. Yesterday’s focus on the numbers compared to Barack Obama’s 2009 numbers is not relevant. Instead of celebrating the peaceful transfer of power, print and electronic media were blatant in claiming that smaller numbers meant less support. What you chose to ignore is the fact that millions of Donald Trump supporters are at work on a Friday. They do not work for the Federal Government and get the day off. They are in mines, factories, hospitals and cabs. There also are millions who do not have a job and cannot afford the expense of traveling to Washington, staying in an expensive hotel and buying their meals at restaurants. While we are pleased that the TV ratings surpass those received during President Obama’s 2013 inauguration, we regret that much of the media appears to see its mission as attacking Donald Trump.

I think Sean Spicer and Kelly Anne Conway made a tactical error in making the focus on crowd size.

The bigger issue was the lie by a Time Magazine reporter, who went in the Oval Office and then tweeted out that Trump had removed the bust of Martin Luther King. That is just a damn lie. The purpose? Feed the meme that Trump is a racist and hates black people. Spicer was entirely justified in taking the press on over this disgrace.

But is this what was really going on? I cannot help but wonder if Sean’s outburst last night was a calculated bit of staged theater. Purpose? Create a new focus that would allow the Trump team to talk about the issue of press fairness on all of the Sunday talk shows rather than be asked about the hordes of protesting women that were all over the cable channels yesterday. If that was their real purpose, mission accomplished.

There is no doubt that Donald Trump and his Administration will not received fair treatment from much of the media. Well, welcome to the major leagues. No use sitting around whining and bitching about agendas and fake news. Accept it as fact and conduct yourselves accordingly. What does that mean? Be holier than the Pope. Don’t give your opponents an opening. Don’t lead with your chin. Just like a good boxer, keep your guard up, keep moving and keep punching.

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