CHRIS MATTHEWS to Bill Ayers, December 10, 2008, Hardball, MSNBC: “I was a Capitol policeman at the time, so I was one of the guys that could have been killed obviously at the time you put that, your guys put that bomb in there. So I have a little personal interest. It wasn’t just vandalism. To me it was life-threatening to the guys I worked with. And there were some pretty good guys working there.”

Listen to the video in its entirety because Matthews describes further how VERY near he was to where that bomb went off. And Ayers (of course, this was not discussed today) is a free man solely because his attorneys managed to prove the FBI improperly conducted wiretaps. (I have MUCH MORE TO SAY about this below, and ask you to read along and then share YOUR reactions and add your own knowledge and your own impressions of what occurred, shamefully, on MSNBC.)

I can only imagine what Concerned Mother would have to say about this travesty.

It is unconscionable to me that we and the MSM constantly RAGE about O.J. Simpson, who murdered two people, but not reject Barack Obama, a presidential candidate, now president-elect, who has associated freely and over a long time with a man who could have killed dozens and dozens of people.

On his remarkable radio show a few weeks ago, Nocturnal Warrior made a brilliant point about PEBO’s selection of numerous former Clinton White House and cabinet members. Warrior said that PEBO has to select such people because he has almost no FRIENDS or LONGTIME ASSOCIATES to appoint to any serious jobs in his administration. This is a situation that has NEVER occurred in the history of the presidency of the United States. Heretofore, every U.S. president has had a rich collection of friends, associates, and allies from whom he could select many qualified for high-ranking administration positions. But not Barack Obama. You faithful readers of No Quarter know of many of Obama’s real longtime associates: Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, Father Michael Pfleger, William Ayers, Allison and Cullen Davis, Penny Pritzker, Bernardine Dohrn, and on and on, only a very, very few of them suited for any respectable position at any level in an administration. (I’ve clicked several Categories to provide you with a list.) And now, this week, we learn more about other Obama longtime associates like Rod Bagojevich and his wife.

William Ayers’ Crimes, and Additional Perspective History

The SOLE reason no one died is because Ayers et al. were piss-poor bomb makers. What is the sentence range these days for an attempt to commit murder? And don’t forget all the other bombs that nearly killed many others. Including the judge, his wife, and his children — while they slept — simply because that judge was doing his job: Handling the trial of a Black Panther. I’m not generally in favor of the death penalty, but Ayers’ and the Weather Underground’s attempts, repeatedly, to kill as many people as possible in the Capitol, the Pentagon, police stations, and a judge’s home are the works of people so dangerous that those people should never be freed, and may be eligible to be charged with a capital offense.

Ayers has famously said, “Free as a bird, guilty as hell, ain’t America great.” (From Larry Johnson’s must-read article, “A Statement by a Retired FBI Agent Re William Ayers.”)

Dear readers, please understand this: All that, to Matthews, is just some history. It has some import to Matthews, given that he might have been blown up himself, but apparently not much since the conversation flows easily and reasonably amicably, and Matthews, at the end of the interview, gladly flogs Ayers’ book. THEN, after this interview, Matthews has his panel on. Matthews asks Joan Walsh, Salon‘s editor, why Ayers — who appeared today to be “confessional” in his tone — didn’t do that during the campaign. Ms. Walsh LAUGHS with a SMIRK on her face, and says, “I think he wanted to stay out of it entirely, and not dignify what the McCain campaign and others were doing.”

Thank you, Ms. Walsh. We now know who the real criminals are. Shame on you, John McCain. Shame on you, Sarah Palin.

Ms. Walsh, please share your opinions with John Murtagh. Well, of course. That’s unfair. You don’t know who John Murtagh is.

Uppity Woman can tell you, in her story, “When This Man Was 9 Years Old, Ayers Bombed His Home.”

If I may, I will contrast the actions of William Ayers and the rest of the sociopathic members of the Weather Underground to the actions of a man who — unless you’re my age and you closely followed anti-war activities during the Vietnam War — you’ve probably NEVER heard of, and will not hear of in the MSM.

After all, he didn’t make bombs. He didn’t befriend a future president and excite the easily excitable rightwing. He simply did the hard work of truly changing history and he paid the price that true, albeit boring, heroes do, in anonymity.

His name is David Harris.

He was the resident counselor in the boys’ dormitory across the street from my girls’ dorm. Many of us sat at his feet as he modestly told us his stories about traveling to the South in summers past to try to help black people get the right to vote. He also shared with us the music he’d learned about in the South — the blues. He told us about Muddy Waters and more. We were entranced. With him, with his stories and the very REAL danger he was in during those summers when white racists wanted to kill him and every white college kid who dared to fight for blacks’ right to vote.

He ran for student body president and I worked on his campaign. He ran on the sole condition that, if elected, he would not serve. He won in a landslide. And did not serve.

Then his draft number came up. (My memory is vague these days, but I believe he tried all the normal routes available back then, such as conscientious objector status, and so on. All of those routes failed.)

So he went to prison. Leavenworth. About seven years ago, I did a search on him, curious what his life had been like. I discovered that he had written a book about his time in Leavenworth, along with his then-wife Joan Baez. I bought the book, and read it. It was a heart-wrenching account. I had no idea that being an inmate in Leavenworth was such a horrific, maddening, insane experience.

It is a simple story, really.

He refused to fight for a war he did not believe was right.

The U.S. government tried him and sentenced him to prison.

He served roughly three years, as I recall.

You may disagree with his decision, but he decided to take the punishment like a man.

He had a father who, as I remember it, was an attorney in Fresno, California. His father surely had some means, but not enough to prevent his son from going to prison.

Bill Ayers had a father who was Chairman of Commonwealth Edison and a mover/shaker in Chicago politics, the arts and education. His father had the means to hire a cadre of attorneys who successfully prevented his son from spending a single day in prison.

David Harris did not build bombs.

He tried to help blacks in the South get to vote, at great risk to his own life.

He helped educate and watched over younger students attending the university, which was often a tedious task, listening to those 18-year-olds’ angst and fear and uncertainty and their various problems with and anxieties about their classes.

He helped the students with the difficult reading for the required freshman class, The History of Western Civilization, because he had read all of those works, including all of Plato, Socrates, and more, and he could — and did — explain those works to those anxious students. He spoke with them patiently and kindly and always very softly.

He was a hulk of a man with broad thick shoulders and a large angular head and a blond mustache but he was, as they say, a gentle giant.

He did not teach the younger students to build bombs or burn down buildings.

He taught the students about giving black people the right to vote and about the blues and about philosophy and about literature and about political thinking and about peaceful protest and about Martin Luther King and Gandhi.

He marched and sang folk songs with his wife, who bore their son.

What a dull man.

Doubtless, Chris Matthews will never invite David Harris for a feature interview.

If only he’d built bombs and then buddied up with a future president, he’d be a sought-after guest.

At least he has an entry in Wikipedia.


Via Google News results:

Matthews to Ayers: ‘I Agitate My Way, You Agitate Your Way— NewsBusters

Chris Matthews invited on Bill Ayers on Wednesday night’s “Hardball,” and actually confronted him about his bombing of Capitol Hill during his days as a member of the ’60s terrorist group Weather Underground, as the former Capitol Hill police officer emotionally observed: “I was a Capitol policeman at the time, so I was one of the guys that could have been killed obviously at the time you put that, your guys put that bomb in there. So I have a little personal interest. It wasn’t just vandalism. To me it was life-threatening to the guys I worked with. And there were some pretty good guys working there.”

However Matthews, who paradoxically may not even be alive to conduct this interview today if the Weather Underground’s bombs were more devastating, devoted most of the interview tossing softballs Ayers’ way, as the two often agreed with each other on Barack Obama and Iraq policy as the “Hardball” host pointed out they only really differed on how to spread their points of view: “Well, Mr. Ayers, with all due respect, you agitate your way, I agitate my way.

Matthews, who back in October dismissed Sarah Palin’s mention of Ayers, as “the politics of distraction,” began the interview by setting up Ayers to play down any association he had with Obama: …

READ ALL: Matthews to Ayers: ‘I Agitate My Way, You Agitate Your Way‘ — NewsBusters

AND READ MORE of NoQuarter’s treasure trove of materials on the bombings conducted by William Ayers.

  • pagar

    As a two tour Vietnam vet, my impressions of the spitting incidents against returning vets appears to be much different than some that post here. Is there video proof of the incidents? Who knows, my recollection of most of the reporters of that time were that that they were not on the side of the American military. That they would never release anything that was favorable to the Americans who fought and died for this country. It is obvious that Walter Cronkite and his friends weren’t on our side, or there would have been no reports that the Tet offensive was a victory for the North Vietnamese.
    The American anti war protests were a great help to the North Vietnamese and I have no respect for any American that aided them in killing Americans by showing their support for the enemy that was killing us in Vietnam. An enemy that fought on much longer than they would have, had they not been able to count on the Anti America Americans winning their fight for them in the streets of America.

  • Lena (nasuS) Thank you for this trip down memory lane. There are heroes and there are villain. Right now the villains are trying to rewrite history — however those of us who LIVED that history cannot allow the villains to turn themselves into the heroes.

  • Magic Puzzle Box

    Isn’t the new Ayers book on the Black Panthers? Ever seen that there’s a connection between the Black Panthers and Mao? That was new to me since I was born in 1970.

  • ritamary

    I was just wondering exactly how much Bill Ayers is worth. He must have inherited some money when his father died. And I am assuming he is a tenured professor at the University of Illinois. Those positions pay rather nicely along with all the insurance benefits and paid holidays, sabbaticals, etc. And his wife is also employed. So those two definitely are not hurting. Who says crime doesn’t pay, especially when you are the son of a multimillionaire?

  • mewmew

    Ayers is one of those guys who strikes me as absolutely clueless.

    Thankfully, he doens’t head anything significant.

  • candymarl

    It’s 1984. Many of the same so-called liberal folks that are against the New Black Panthers are making excuses for Ayers. But none dare call that racism. That’s “different”.

    When I read of real heroes like Mr Harris (and other unsung heroes and heroines) then see a scumbag like Ayers being feted on the MSM I feel sick. Ayers is the antithesis of everything MLK and all of those who also died protesting peacefully stood for. Not one of these weasels has the guts to point that out.

    • Ayers supported the Black Panthers — and you are correct — Ayers is the antithesis of everything MLK and all of those who also died protesting peacefully stood for.

      Obama did NOT go to the ceremony honoring MLK this summer — Hillary Clinton and John McCain were there.

      Obama’s church of Black Liberation Theology is a descendant of the Black Power/Black Panther ideology — this group was not part of the MLK, civil rights movement.

  • kat in your hat

    Oh, and all the book publicity. Puhleeze! What a sleazebag.

  • kat in your hat

    Ayers comes across as seething to me. Does he not seem angry? Like he is boiling near the surface. I can’t even stand looking at him and listening to him. He disgusts me.

    Meanwhile, man, am I tired of this bullshit that Ayers and Obama just served on a board together–there were two boards, and one Ayers founded and appointed Obama to chair it, (CAC) and the other one was the Woods Fund.

    I’m so tired of non-investigative reporters and people who just take the word of obvious criminals. Ugh! I just cannot stand even watching this video.

  • mewmew

    Just catching a glance at the picture above, Ayers sort of resembles Scooter Libby…

    • rw

      With pierced ears and matching hoops… cool is Ayers…bet he has tattoos….that way he can full frontal relate and be mentor to the young ones so they come out thinking like Jay.

  • Missouri Dove

    Here are lyrics to Joan Baez song about her then-imprisioned husband David Harris: (On One Day At A Time album, 1970)
    (Words and Music by Joan Baez)

    In my heart I will wait
    by the stony gate
    and the little one
    in my arms will sleep.
    Every rising of the moon
    makes the years grow late
    and the love in our hearts will keep.
    There are friends I will make
    and bonds I will break
    as the seasons roll by
    and we build our own sky.
    In my heart I will wait
    by the stony gate
    and the little one
    in my arms will sleep.

    And the stars in your sky
    are the stars in mine
    and both prisoners
    of this life are we.
    Through the same troubled waters
    we carry our time,
    you and the convicts and me.
    There’s a good thing to know
    on the outside or in,
    to answer not where
    but just who I am.
    Because the stars in your sky
    are the stars in mine
    and both prisoners
    of this life are we.

    And the hills that you know
    will remain for you
    and the little willow green
    will stand firm.
    The flowers that we planted
    through the seasons past
    will all bloom
    on the day you return.
    To a baby at play
    all a mother can say,
    he’ll return on the wind
    to our hearts, and till then
    I will sit and I’ll wait
    by the stony gate
    and the little one
    ‘neath the trees will dance.

    © 1969, 1970 Chandos Music (ASCAP)

  • Steve1

    I have no respect for bisexual Bill Ayers and his associations with Barry Soetoro-Obama. Barry hung with Ayers, Wright, Meeks, Bisexual pervert Frank Marshall Davis, corrupt gangters from Chicago cess-pool. Now Mr. Soetoro says he was a lamp among the wofts, yeah, right! Bill Ayers, has not repented his actions. Regardless of the merits of Vietnam, is no excuse to equate US with a Nazi Germany. To take American lifes. The fucking terrorist. According to Bill Ayers the means justifies the end…he supports terrorist tactics, must be a fan of Osama Bin Laden.

    • mewmew

      Ayers is kind of confused, isn’t he?

      (Like Jay, I suppose).

      But then, everybody has their role, I suppose.

      Ayers just doesn’t seem happy, I know he’s not in prison, but I just can’t imagine his is a happy life.

      And he is, at least tangentially, connected to the Chicago criminality, and certainly we haven’t seen the end of it, there.

    • Steve1


    • Steve1


  • It’s like a trip back in time looking at this creep’s face again.

  • rw

    What does the future hold? An interview on MSNBC with bin Laden…he can claim he’s a different guy.

    Why is Ayers free and Mason still in jail? Is it classism? After all, Mason rightfully claims he killed not a single person.

    • oowawa

      Well, Charles Manson looks a little reprehensible nowadays (it’s probably that swastika he’s got tattooed in the middle of his forehead). On the other hand, Professor Billy looks just great–like the successful professional guy next door–like the affable terrorist Tim Robbins played in Arlington Road, as a matter of fact. Just a guy in the neighborhood.

      • mewmew

        Ayers struck me as a sad fugire, desperate for attention.

        Isn’t that’s why he’s making the rounds, just another kook on Obama’s coattails, looking for affirmation?

        I mean, can you imagine being as intellectually simplistic as “Jay” in terms of defining America, much less American law enforcement, or American intelligence?

        Which is, in essence, indicative of Ayers attempts, and failure, to “terrorize America.”

        • mewmew

          figure, sorry.

        • oowawa


          yers struck me as a sad figure, desperate for attention.

          Isn’t that’s why he’s making the rounds, just another kook on Obama’s coattails, looking for affirmation?

          Well Mewmew, there is the little matter of that book that Tweety was holding up at the end of the interview. When writers put out a new book, they try to make the rounds of the talk shows in order to increase sales. Yep, it’s that old nasty MONEY again. $o I can’t feel too $orry for $ad Billy Ayer$.

    • mewmew

      MSNBC, speaking of, I had a weird dream last night where someone over took CNN, capturing it for a group of performance artists of some sort.

      The commandered production, and aired some breaking news relating to something about Washington/New York Ivy League metrosexual types in crisis…

    • Baba Rum Raisin

      >>> Why is Ayers free and Manson still in jail?

      Why does Goofy talk but Pluto doesn’t?

      • oowawa

        Maybe if they gave Pluto a nice suit of clothes and a job at the University and a comfortable upper-class neighborhood to live in, he’d learn to talk too. And he would probably learn to be very articulate, and not say “GAWRSH!” all the time!

  • Jay

    This ranting and raving on a site led by a guy who worked for an organization responsible for untold deaths is very funny for me but sad for you all.

    • WildChild

      I was on HuffyPoo last night and it seems that you BOBOweenies feel Ayers just exploded a few bombs here and there (no biggie)and he’s past that…. so all is forgiven LOL

      • Strawberrybitch

        I wonder how Jay would feel if one of those bombs killed one of his children…I’m sure it would be OK. All for the cause. Collateral damage, right Jay?

        • Jay

          It should be fine with everyone on this site. That’s for sure.

          • Strawberrybitch

            Um, yeah. Sure whatever…like I said…you don’t get out much.

    • Strawberrybitch

      Yeah and when those planes slammed into the Twin Towers, wimps like you went running to men like Larry to save them.

      • Jay

        Please. Big city folks are the targets and they’re the ones who are against shit like the CIA pulls however your justification for violent organizations can easily be turned on you in support of the actions of Ayers. Too bad you didn’t realize that.

        • Strawberrybitch

          So you’re a punk from a small town speaking for EVERYBODY in big cities…alrighty then. You don’tget out much, do you?

          • Jay

            Actually I’m from a big city which was on AQ’s list to attack and my building was evacuated on 9/11 and I still didn’t run home crying or asking CIA murderers to save me.

            • Strawberrybitch

              Uh huh sure. On Al Qaida’s wish list? Which one was that? Care to provide a link? Where was this hit list in the 911 report? I’ll check my copy.

            • lark

              So you admit your building was evacuated. I guess by a robotic calling system that acted out of a computerized code.

              No one cared, right?

        • WildChild

          The CIA is an extension of government of the people staffed and funded with the consent of the people. Bill Ayers is spoiled little rich boy throwing temper tantrums and conspiring to wage war on America. LOL you have no argument to turn on us,

          • Jay

            State funded murder=OK. Good to know. Glad you’re willing to admit it.

            • Strawberrybitch

              Ya know, you can just leave. It’s not like anyone here in the US would miss you.

            • WildChild

              war is OK if the mechanisms laid down by the people are executed the way the people intended, You should read up about how we do it in the US constitution sometime. LOL but then, you progressives have a problem with that part of the people’s will and that’s why you’re progressive and not liberal.

          • Strawberrybitch

            But Ayers ran back crying to his rich daddy and all daddy’s establishment lawyers to get him off. Yeah, he’s a real MAN of conviction.

      • WildChild

        running? (LOL) more like texting from under that pile of shoes in the back of the closet so as not to make noise… or the monster might hear them.

    • lark

      Where does that comes from? What kind of argument are you looking for? What’s your purpose for that kind of question?

      Make your point clear.

      Oh I get it. You are one of those ‘death to America’ crowd. Americans are evil people. Is that it?

      Death. Everyone and everything dies. Everything that has life will experience death.

      Make your point. What are your preferences?

      • Jay

        The point was clear. Larry is an evil person but you support him.

        • WildChild

          Larry was hired by the people and spent his career on the front lines of America’s intelligence gathering mission. Bill Ayers took it upon himself to wage war against the people.

        • lark

          The point is not clear. You have not stated how you prefer to die. Peacefully and being cared for by loved ones or out of the hand of a criminal by some device of their crooked minds.

    • mewmew

      Somehow, Jay, you dont strike me as a bright guy.

      Meaning you’re not reallly capable of intelligent analysis, your conclusions irrelevant, and wrong.

      Your attempts at propaganda, even worse.

  • Jay

    Since when did CIA folks (Larry) care about killing people?

    • Eidnoreid

      Since terrorists like Ayers can just walk over the legal system and get away with murder, it’s not the only one, just listen to dohrn’s song about paralyzing a guy.

    • mewmew

      Think about it.

      1. Are all organizations homogenous?

      2. All corrupt entities fail, right?

      Treasonous, corrupt governments will not survive, the people who built our government, from the start, were not, are not stupid, our success as a nation wasn’t accidential, it was built on viable political theory.

      What to do, what to do about guys like cheney, guys like Mr Obama…


  • AF catfish

    His bombs DID kill people – like his ex-girlfriend.

    Also, of the San Francisco bomb that killed a cop, Ayers’ non-denial denial on Terry Gross was worded “Weather Underground never took credit for that bomb.

    What that tells me is, one of his underlings planted the bomb, but it killed a guy, so the WU “leadership” didn’t take credit for it.

  • Blubber

    What happened 35 year does not really matter any more. The world had moved on. Get over it!

    • Ani

      Since when does the world “Move ON” from murder?

      • oowawa

        Ah yes–“Get over it,” the troll mantra. This would be opposed to another mantra: “Never Forget,” which a prudent and responsible citizen might espouse. Let’s see: the Holocaust happened more than 35 years ago, but “Get Over It” is probably not a very popular slogan in Israel. Slavery? “Get Over It!” Historical misogyny and the abuse of women? “Get Over It!” Terrorism? “Get Over It!” We have to learn the lessons of history so that we do not repeat them. Moreover, what was immoral then is still immoral now. Never Forget!

        • WildChild

          weren’t the BOBOweenies incapable of getting over the scandal plagued nineties?

          • Good point, WC. Tell you what: If President Obama ever receives sexual favors from a White House intern, I’ll lead the charge demanding his resignation, and I’ll speak louder than anyone about his having disgraced the Presidency.

            Fair? Good. Carry on then.

            • WildChild

              why would you want BOBO to resign over legal activity? LOL that’s a suggestion we’d expect from the fringe.

              • Ahh. So you’ve got no problem with powerful male bosses receiving BJs from their young female interns? Cool.

                But that jerk who groped a CARDBOARD CUTOUT of Hillary needs to be fired, you say?

                Consistent ever?

                • WildChild

                  Did the cardboard cutout consent?

                  • Touche.

                    • WildChild

                      it must be tough for you being a white man trapped in white mans world.

                    • ^ If I’m not even allowed to fondle cardboard… damn right it’s tough.

                    • WildChild

                      fondle all the cardboard you want to if that’s what gets your rocks off. But expect you employment opportunities to be limited once the word gets out.

                    • ^ Okay, WildChild. You’ve convinced me. I’ll stick with oral sex in the workplace from willing young interns.

                    • Five Thirty

                      You should be humping a pulpit when you say that….

                    • Five Thirty


                    • Tess

                      Dingdingding – troll moving comments into nasty.

            • Will you do the same if Obama is found complicit in any type of corruption?

              • Hey, where’s my answer, Undercover?????

                Will you lead the charge to have Obama impeached/fired is he is found complicit in corruption????

                • If Obama is proven to be corrupt, why on earth would I continue to support him?

                  • Because of your t-shirt

                    Bros before Hos

                    You sexist pig.

        • Exactly oowawa! Words of truth. Though I kinda doubt Blubber will understand the concept. They never do.


  • Sonic Ninja Kitty

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Ayers’ ‘book tour’. Remember Nancy Pelosi’s last summer? It totally bombed. Book readers tend to like to chew on ideas and no amount of delicious dressing is going to make this turkey less poisonous.

    As for his being allowed to speak about ANYTHING in public, I am ashamed of my fellow human beings for such a travesty. Every other thing he says is biased, illogical, or contradictory and demonstrates his lack of regard for anyone’s opinion but his own.

    We should be focusing our efforts on the likes of Matthews. They are the conduits of this type of idiocy and relativism. There will always be horrible people like Ayers–we need to shut down the enablers if we want to limit the damage.

    • ritamary

      Not that long ago Chris Matthews was selling “The War on Terror”, invasion of Iraq and Chimpy McFlightsuit. Now he is selling hopey-changey, Obama and Ayers. Just proves our media is nothing more than a propaganda factory for sale to the highest bidder.

  • ame

    When the hell is Chris Matthews going to leave msnbc in order to run for PA senate seat? That way the American people can reject him.

    • oowawa

      Hmmmm–Maybe Big Moneybags Elect will dish Tweety some of those campaign bucks–he sure owes him!

  • Andrew P

    Glad you brought up David Harris. We have the same literary agent. His book “The Crisis,” about the embassy seizure in Iran, is well worth reading. Carefully researched, without a particular axe to grind. He writes as he has lived, with integrity. There are probably many NQ readers with a different view about the Vietnam war, but I hope they would respect David Harris for the the way he acted on his own beliefs. How even diehard bleeding hearts can respect Billy Ayers is beyond me.

    • mewmew

      What have you published, give yourself a plug —

    • OH GOD! I saw him on BookTV about 3-4 years ago talking about that book. He is so self-effacing and slightly overly proper that he cannot bring himself to be a salesman for his book.

      I would LOVE to read that book.

      And wasn’t there another book on the same crisis that came out shortly thereafter, but it was by a more famous writer and he was SO good at selling his book that it got all the attention — oh god, it was that guy who wrote Blackhawk Down, i think – and there’s something about that guy that really turns me off. He’s always so MACHO and always bragging about hanging around with the troops on the bases all the time. He is a very good writer, I grant you. I can’t think of his name and i refuse to look it up at the moment.

      TELL YOU WHAT: I am going to post an ad for David Harris’s books! We can all support a man who took his punishment and stood up for his beliefs, regardless of whether we agree with him or not. (I say that gently, realizing that there may be among us some who feel that Vietnam was a worthy war badly managed, and that I wish to let those people know that their perspective is honorable too, even if I disagree.)

      And i CANNOT BEGIN TO DESCRIBE TO YOU what an effect that man had on me as a college freshman and sophomore. I idolized a man who refused, in any way ever, to be an idol. His quiet, unassuming modesty pervaded all of his interactions with everyone. Even on the rare occasions when he made a public speech at a rally.

      I feel so lucky to have had such a hero present in my life at a critical time. A hero who LIVED the words of Martin Luther King and Ghandi.

      Such character is unknown to Chris Matthews.

      Such character is foreign to a sociopath like Bill Ayers.

      Such character is impossible for a self-centered man like Obama to live, let alone speak about.

      • Tess

        What is the name of David Harris’ book – is there more than one? And isn’t there some way I can buy w/amazon and make a donation to NQ?

    • ANDREW — please e-mail me at susanunpc at gmail dot com

      You’re supposed to provide an e-mail address, btw…. we don’t have a reg system set up but it is a requirement. We won’t ban you, of course. But we do need — all of us — to try to make ourselves available. Your e-mail address is SAFE with us.

  • mewmew

    He refused to fight for a war he did not believe was right.

    As a young kid, I too met a man who chose prison rather than fight a war he felt was illegal.

    Courage, you know?

    Made a permanent impression on me as to how I should live my life, the courage to do the right thing, even in the face of the stupid though powerful who sometimes comprise our government.

    Anyway, he spent the rest of his life working in some of the worst, the most violent ghettos in Chicago, helping the poverty striken and infirm.

    A sense of purpose, I suppose, most people, even the wealthy, don’t get it, really don’t get it.

  • wodiej

    I just don’t know what to say…..what kind of country do we live in where terroists of their own country no less are set free and then later applauded for their wacky, liberal educational views they foist on impressionable minds?? People like Matthews are just as guilty for not calling these people out. They will be dealt with just as harshly because they have a position where they could have stopped the fraud being perpetrated on the American public and not only did nothing but helped move it forward. PAYBACKS ARE A BITCH….

    • Dawnelle

      I agree but look how long it took karma to turn around on OJ

      I hope I live long enough for this (maybe) lol

  • fif

    My post got eaten again…

    • Dawnelle


      sorry probably me


      • oowawa

        LOL–So YOU’RE the spam filter!

      • If you don’t stop belching, Dawnelle, I’m going to have to put you on moderation.

        Now i need to go back in the archives and check that flatulation post I wrote, and see what you were doing in that post. God only knows, Dawnelle, what I’ll find there that you did. I’ll let my nose lead the way.

  • stodgie

    i used to consider myself something of a protestor etc. now i consider myself an independent who despises democrats and republicans both. and those who fawn over ayers might get a rude shock if and when some wanna be terrorist makes their lives miserable.

  • lark

    To me the thing is not what we do, but what we do after. That’s the difference.

    And that’s what we as a society seem to have lost now that altar calling is completely gone from daily life. Everywhere.

    • Dawnelle

      How about a little Christmas music to REALLY tick-off the loonie-lefties!! heehee snicker!

      I (we) wish you (all) a Merry Christmas


      • wodiej

        can’t listen at work but back at ya!

      • lark


  • Leibniz 08

    Mr. Whiffleball Matthews and Ayers are on the same team. If Whiffleball had moral courage, and was not a sold out traitor, he would have been all over Obambi during the primaries over Ayers, but no.

    • Dawnelle

      lol@ whiffleball

      but you are correct! NO one at msnbo has managed to do that for Bambi or W. They should just close up shop. They are a front for some far left org. or something cuz they surely are not a news organization.

      and CNN barely is legit as well imo.

  • If you want to talk about bombs, assassinations and the like….
    New one from Grail Guardian….oh, the connections she offers……This is one great post!!!!!

    How Long Has This Been Going On? (”What They Want is the World”…The Roots of Our Current Coup d’Etat)

    PS–And Matthews gets “tingles up his leg” after experiencing the work of Ayers et al????

  • Baba Rum Raisin

    Ayers is just another whackjob, “freed on a technicality,” like:

    G. Gordon Liddy
    Oliver North
    John Poindexter
    Caspar Weinberger

    • Dawnelle

      don’t forget skooter & rove


      It’s amazing how quickly people forget past political crimes! From BOTH sides. Thank goodness that Jefferson thief from Louisiana is now gonna do time right?

      what a friggen bold faced thief~!~!

      like his idol I suspect (that would be BHO of course)

      from the frying pan with W into the FIRE with Bambi

      grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat 😕

  • bert

    Ayer’s account of his anti-war activities is revisionist history. He and his compatriots in the Weather Underground engaged in a “state of war” against the United States of America. (“Declaration of a State of War” issued in 1970) What may have started out as protest against Vietnam soon morphed into advocating for the violent overthrow of our government.

    That is an act of treason.

    Treason is the only crime specifically defined in the United States Constitution: Article III Section 3 delineates treason as follows:

    Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

    This Mr. Ayres conveniently forgets as he tries to reinvent himself. And Mr. Tweety, the birdbrain of interviewers, proves once again that journalism is a lost art in the MSM.

  • SFIndie

    This is beyond despicable. For MSNBC to allow a domestic terrorist on the air to spout his revisionist history of who he was and what he did; to lie about his relationship with PEBO; to assume with assistance from the interviewer the role of victim; and to shamelessly promote the reissue of his book, all without challenge, is the grossest distortion of what the media should represent that I’ve seen yet in the past 8 years.

    That Chris Matthews could, in one moment, talk about how personal the bombings were to him and then, in the next moment, fawn all over the man who was responsible for those bombings is beyond comprehension. It only proves to me that Chris Matthews is a very sick man, certainly as sick a human being as William Ayers.

    Matthews has the gall to ask Ayers if he’s scared that PEBO is bringing into his cabinet those who supported the War Authorization, specifically mentioning Hillary Clinton. William Ayers, domestic terrorist – not to be feared. PEBO, untested, unqualified, corrupt Chicago politician – not to be feared. Hillary Clinton, respected Senator and lifelong advocate for women and children – to be feared.

    I do remember David Harris, and thank you for bringing me that wonderful memory. I marched against the war, in the hopes that none of my 3 brothers would get drafted; all were draft age, but lucky enough their numbers weren’t pulled. I had friends who weren’t so lucky. I worked in McCarthy’s campaign, because he spoke out against the war before Bobby Kennedy did. And I know this – David Harris, and others like him, were heroes. William Ayers, and his gang of terrorists, were (and still are) scum. They didn’t give a damn about the war, about people getting killed, about young men like my brothers facing a crucial test of conscience. They only cared about making a name for themselves, no less than any serial killer who taunts the police with clues, or a gunman who stands on top of a tower and shoots innocent people.

    MSNBC, and Chris Matthews, and all the rest of the PEBO-owned and PEBO-run non-media, should burn in hell.

    • lark

      Matthews has the gall to ask Ayers if he’s scared that PEBO is bringing into his cabinet those who supported the War Authorization, specifically mentioning Hillary Clinton. William Ayers, domestic terrorist – not to be feared. PEBO, untested, unqualified, corrupt Chicago politician – not to be feared. Hillary Clinton, respected Senator and lifelong advocate for women and children – to be feared.

      Why is it that the networks don’t have a way to reprimand their ‘anchors’ when they do this kind of things that are an attempt against the peaceful construction of our social esteem as Americans? Why is it that attempting to destroy our most important values is ignored by the network?

      • AF catfish

        $#%! Infuriating.

    • lark

      This is very simple SFIndie. Decency has been devalued in this form of way to the point that when you compare side by side an honorable person like Hillary and a person of dubious character like Obama, Obama wins. Why? Because we have made decency of low value and esteem and have made roughing out your opponents (in all aspects of life) the thing to value. In other words…

      The WWF and basketball court demeanor, football demeanor and all of these sports where roughing out your opponent is the way to win is what gives the person ‘character’ and not the gentleness of a fair and enlightening response.

      For that reason Hillary as a gentlewoman could not prevail over the roughness of a thuggish attitude by Obama.

      Even when I did not approve of Hillary’s giving away space to Obama, I still have to give her my most sincere admiration for the way she behaves as a gentle and decent human being dignified and made to be followed.

      • SFIndie

        I think you’ve nailed it, lark. Decency and respect are not exciting or romantic or fun or profitable. “Bad boy” behavior is, not just in sports but in business and politics and personal relationships as well.

        I prefer decency and respect over bad boys any time!

        • saving face

          SFindie — I grew up on those movies of the 40’s when you knew that by the end of the picture the culprits would pay for their crimes. Those were the good old days when you rooted for the guy on the white horse. Today the white horse would be racist. Go figure.

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  • HARP

    Pay raise for judges tucked into bailout plan.

    • lark

      Yeah I noticed. It meshes well with this thread. The idea is the more criminal behavior everywhere the more judges deserve pay raises.

    • wodiej

      good grief!! they can’t just pass a friggin’ bill…they just have to stick some pork in it!!

    • bert

      This is shamefull. While millions of folks in the work force face cutbacks or layoffs and unemploymet rises, more federal employees get raises. With the economy this bad, everyone should pitch in and do their part. That Congress has stuck this in,trying to hide it in the auto bailout bill, just shows how little they care about you and me. I could easily live on $200,000 a year. In fact, I would think I had died and gone to heaven! Why can’t judges forego raises for a while?

  • Tess

    Not quite OT: What a joy to see David Harris’ name again. There’s such a beautiful B&W photo of Baez and Harris on the back of her 33 (and now CD), “David’s Album”. She always said he talked her into Country music, and the recording of “Green Green Grass of Home” is one to be treasured.
    Beyond that, this again is such an overwhelming post. Ayres in his smugness and concdescending certainty gives me the shivers.
    And who’s the writer who said that so many of those righteous anti-war protesters of the 60’s CHOSE to riot and disrupt because America’s cops were easier to take on and defeat than the Viet Cong? I always thought it was an interesting “take” on the Vietnam War here in the US, especially given how returning Vets were treated with such contempt.

    • bert

      Tess, not all 60’s anti-war protestors were violent. Ayres group did a lot to margenalize the majority of the protestors and actually caused the real protestors to turn away in disgust.

      • Tess

        Yes, of course, you’re correct.
        But it has struck me that for a good many (especially) young men, rioting was fun. I don’t know about today…

    • Vietnam vets were all NOT treated with disrespect. In fact the “spitting in their face” was a myth.

      In reality the damned Weather Underground made college students the enemy — in California at lot of cars had bumper stickers “Love it or leave it” or “Love the US or Leave it”. I went to college with a lot of Vietnam Vets and I never once saw a Vet disrespected. My father retired from the military while I was in college — so I was living in two worlds — military and the civilian campus.

      It so happens that many of the Vietnam Vets returned from the war completely against the Vietnam war — they would tell us how war was really being played by the officers (sort of like the Colin Powells of the time).

      This was also when college students were murdered by the National Guard at Kent State. A lot of men had hard decisions to make when their number (draft lottery) came up — they could accept duty, (some joined the National Guard), they could go to Canada, try for a deferment, or they could go to jail. I know men who fall into all the categories above. To the ones who chose to serve their country in uniform — that was their choice and the mature guys knew that the Vets helped to take the heat off of the ones who took deferments or went to Canada.

      For the returning Vets — these were our family members, our classmates — and remember that the Peaceful PROTESTS against the war
      were happening BECAUSE of the Vets.

      A book has been written (involving a lot of research) about how the spitting at the returning Vets — DID NOT HAPPEN. It was a myth that was spun and it keeps growing.

      I did see protests at the huge draftee induction center in Oakland (I was a military brat so I would be on bases when some protests happened). The protest was peaceful — and when there was violence it was usually the cops beating protesters with their clubs. Also the cops had undercover operations into the peace movement — it wasn’t long before the peace movement realized that when members were advocating violence — it was usually the undercover cops.

      This era was a time of massive change — the Nation had been lied into the Vietnam was — the “Pentagon papers” had been published exposing some of the lie.

      Also the late 60s is when the Black Panthers and Black Liberation Movement started — which was a break away group from MLK’s civil rights movement. So there was violence.

      It is easy for people who did NOT live through this era to get the various groups mixed up.

      But the true peace movement was non violent — and many returning Vietnam Vets were involved in the anti war movement.

      Also many Vets returned home as conservatives and WERE for “winning” the war. I did see some very physical confrontations between pro war factions and returning Vietnam Vets who had joined the war protest movement. Any of these confrontations were highly personal — between Vets.

      This was a very long period of time (nearly 10 years) — so it is easy to get the many protest factions confused. The violent ones were the Black Panthers and Weather Underground and a couple of others. The bigger Peace movement — was just that — the leaders and members used peaceful protest to rally the Nation against the war.

      Then the women’s movement (monitored by the FBI) grew out of the peace movement — ’cause the chauvinist males didn’t have a clue.

      • Tess

        Yes – you’ve added texture to a kaleidoscopic time. How interesting that we’re still at it.
        The thread about Harris just makes me so sad.
        And to think we now have Ayres? Obama?
        We used to have real heroes.

      • Ferd Berfle

        Thank you for the comment. You are spot on.

  • Diana L. C.


    Thank you so much for this post. I have given up watching MSNBC, but my husband had it on when I saw the face of that (expletive deleted) appear. I was surprised to hear Matthews’ history in regard to this man, but I was appalled that he didn’t go after him with more research in regard to his association with the ONE. And I couldn’t believe he wasn’t more confrontational with Ayers’ justification of his behavior–especially at least reminding him that the undercover agent (forgot his name) heard Ayers’ say that innocents might have to go down in their bombings.

    I just don’t get how this man (Ayers) can be treated with any respect by the MSM. Why give him a chance to excuse himself or gain anything from it (book sales)?

    There should be a movement to protest by boycotting his books.

    And thank you so much for the information about David Harris. There WAS a more honorable way to protest.

    • saving face

      diana — yes its a strange time when we laud criminals like Ayers and trash decent people like Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.

      But Matthews has pronounced Ayers to be a changed man so of course, Mr. Tingley Leg should know.

  • kgirl1028

    Chris Matthews needs to go and look up Antisocial Personality disorder. It’s the new name given to what use to be called Psychopaths or Sociopaths. And he will learn a few things. Like number one, they don’t change, number two they are con men and lots of them are charming. He’s just talked to two and one of them put a tingle up his leg.

    • lark

      The issue is also that repentance is nonexistent anymore. Prisons are not places to repent. Actually the thing is that being consistent by maintaining your criminal status seems rising in popularity.

      Lets take more pols. Criminals are more popular than those who never waive from doing right. Why? Because criminals can provide many more character witnesses than people who love responsible behavior.

  • tek

    Why is Bill Ayers getting all this air time? Disgraceful. I guess he’s getting his name out there before his movie comes out. Obama has bad taste in friends.

    • lark

      Obama is the disgrace here. He befriended this guy otherwise Ayers would not be mentioned at all. Why did so many Americans elected Obama after knowing this sort of travesty is difficult to understand.

      I guess the idea is that we all need to make many many mistakes in order to have the right to tell dreadful stories to future generations.

      We continue to believe that wrongness and evil shown in TV and massaged as melodrama has little effect on those watching. Or that we can manage the effect by building more prisons and expanding the criminal justice system to include educational opportunities and professional placement.

      Look where Blagojevich is today. No effect? This is slowly becoming a country where half the population is in line to commit a crime and the other half to pay for their professional rehabilitation. Lets make it where everyone is a criminal and everyone has a story of rehabilitation to tell. A give the good jobs to those who commit the most egregious offenses.

    • saving face

      tek — Ayers is getting a Media Makeover. Pretty soon Ayers acts of terror will be reinvented as heroic events to stop an immoral war. Wake me when people who save lives are heroic again.

  • HARP

    Just another liberal loon,who envisions his importance in life way beyond relevance.

  • oowawa

    Thanks Lena for the reminder of why I no longer watch MSNBC or Chris Matthews. He is absolutely disgusting. And Ayers, of course, is beneath contempt. I have yet to see anyone confront Ayers directly with the relatively recent picture of him standing on the American flag with a haughty expression on his face. And people DID DIE as a direct result of Weather Underground activities. Shameful. Whitewashing a turd: great job, Tweety.

  • benny

    The MSM keeps joking around with Ayers as if hes a regular guy, but the fact is that he is a terrorist. The MSM make it out as if what Ayers did was a schoolboy prank. What a disgrace!

    Lena, David Harris is a real hero.

    • tek

      Yup, not a word about Blago in the headline news today. Really, I feel like I’m living in the Soviet Union. The media in this country are just PRAVDA. It is discouraging how corrupt our public officials appear to be.

      Jesse Jackson Jr. looks absolutely scary!

      • lark

        And infantile too. I guess that endears him for the position of Senator. What better qualification for Senator infantile remorse.

      • lark

        looks absolutely scary

        It is scary when people in position of authority like House Representatives vying for Senator display such childish attitude and behavior as he did in that press appearance.

      • lark

        Yup, not a word about Blago in the headline news today.

        I will say that the glorification of criminal behavior may be the main reason why Obama was elected to the presidency. It may answer the question we have been posing at NQ lately, ‘Why?’

    • mewmew

      “male stream media?”

      That’s funny…

  • britpuma

    I should correct that I think it was earlier in the week. He is still an ass, or an arse or a marxist unrepantant terrorist loon but the mainstream leftist propaganda machine won’t want you to think that.

    He’s a nice guy from the neighbourhood who just happens to think that a paradox can ever work you can end war by blowing random things up. Twisted logic of the coming thugocracy.

    • saving face

      Mr. Ayers thinks it would have been a horrendous thing if one of his bombs had killed someone. Duh–what does he think bombs are used for? If anyone believes this man to be their hero then the dumbing down of America is truly complete.

      Its interesting to hear Matthews talk against words like Preventive War and War On Terror because he was one of those who sold those words and those wars to the rest of us. The media has no shame.

  • britpuma

    I should correct that I think it was earlier in the week.

  • britpuma

    This ass is doing the rounds. He was on British radio Wednesday night. Must be a propaganda campaign.

    • Dawnelle

      Mom said he was promoting a BOOK!!!

      jezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzlouise this creeeeeep should still be doing TIME!!!!

      I couldn’t watch it. Matthews disgusts me so much I just can’t stand watching him drool and slurp. And to have Ayers on – they need to do equal time now and interview Larry Sinclair. lol

      msnBO PEWWWW PEUUU spit!

      • Alicia

        I am exactly Obama’s age.

        And those of us that age grew up during the time that Ayers and the Weathermen were bombing us institutions.

        And we were victims of his terrorism because, at that time, there were frequent bomb threats in schools all over.

        Obama was in Indonesia.

        But in the USA, where I was learning about the founding fathers and the constitution and American History, my school and the schools all over my town and state would regularly receive bomb threats. I don’t recall any actual bombs in my school, but when there are bombs going off in police stations and the US Capitol, it is a very scary thing. As an 8-year old I wasn’t all that scared, but my teachers and my parents and all my friends’ parents were certainly scared because they saw real bombs going off on the TV news.

        So Ayers terrorized all families who were affected by these copycat bomb threats that inevitably follow these terrorist acts.

        And Obama doesn’t care.

        • Blubber

          The world has moved on. What happened 35 years ago does not matter anymore. Get over it!

          • Ani

            You are joking, yes? So if someone, God forbid, murdered someone you cared about as a child, because they caught him 35 years later — you would be ok if someone said —

            “the world has moved on, get over it?”

            Ayers and Dohrn are responsible for kiling people. You get that part, right?

            • Blubber

              this was all dealt with in the past. what are you suggesting, to arrest this guy now?

              this is old news….

              Ayers is boring and a waste of time.

              i know you guys have tried to tie him to Obama with your guilt by assocation thing, but it did not work.

              get over it! Move on!

              • Put Obama in JAIL for all his current crimes — and then we can get over “it” and move on.

                Until then Tr0ll — why don’t you move on.

                Ayers is a crook and a criminal and should be in jail — but he had a rich daddy.

          • Strawberrybitch

            Ayers also said that he wishes he would have done more. AND that he was guilty as sin and free as a bird…yeah, we should get over it.

            • LisaB

              Matthews gets Ayers to say that his bombings would have been horrific if someone had been killed, but then Ayers quickly says that you have to understand the context of the times.

              Then he says others were committing crimes, etc etc, rationalizing everything.

              “Yeah, but HE was doing something worse!!!!” is a stupid excuse.

              And “you have to understand the context” for bombs? It’s a bomb. You set it. You suck.

          • tillthen

            Blubber, have another Big Mac.

        • Tony Duncan

          This article again paints a guilt by association picture. ALL the people named as Obama’s friends are NOT Obama’s friends. they are people that he had dealings with. None are close advisers (except Wright), and the hysteria of saying we have NEVER had a president who has not had loyal group of supporters to staff the cabinet is rather meaningless. i have heard and read interviews with people that have worked with Obama ove rht elast 15 years, and the thing they have in common is that he listened, was very thoughtful and intelligent and learned how to ge tthings done.
          At the time of Ayers bombing activities, the United States was involvbed in a brutal bombing campaign that killed MILLIONS of mostly innicent people. I have no love for the North Vietnamese or Vietcong leadership. They were pretty horrible dotrinaire marxists, but what the US did was despicable and people like Ayers were rightly outraged at the hypocrisy of The United States lies about democracy and freedom, similar to the lies and hypocrisy about the Iraq war ( where we have only killed a few hundred thousand innocent people with the unreported mass bombings of 2003-2007.

          Does that make Ayers a good guy? No. What he did was wrong, and he should have gone to jail, but what the Johnson/Nixon did then, and what Bush/ Cheney did in Iraq is orders of maginitude worse. There is NO reason to believe that Obama and Ayers had any thing more than a casual relationship. In SPITE f months of people like Dick Morris taking disparate facts and trying to make it sound like they were best friends.

          Is David Harris a much more honorable person than Ayers? Of course he is and it is great to read that story – the only mitigating element of another underhanded attempt to undermine the president elect (whom I have no great love for either).

          • Yeah right you have no great love of Ayers or Obama yet you spend your time coming here to argue and DEFEND the asshole.Hmmm. Sounds like Obama love to me.

            You won’t find many here in support of your arguments other than the trolls because we hear them every day from people such as you who claim to “have no great love” of someone they never the less spend a lot of time defending.

            Was the war wrong? Of course. But protesting an unjust war is a noble and worthwhile thing, setting bombs is NOT.

            Regardless of the fact that the war was wrong you don’t make it right by committing another one. How about if we tell you the standard “So what. it’s history and you need to get over it.” Likely it wouldn’t fly in your book like it doesn’t fly in ours.

            As to “guilt by association” well there are many, many old, time honored and more importantly TRUE sayings that would make the opposite point here. Try birds of a feather flock together just for starters.

            Show me who your friends and associates are and I can tell a lot about you because people don’t associate with people they disagree completely with. If you hang out with criminals, liars and corrupt people then you are by definition those things yourself. Otherwise you would not associate with those despicable types of people at all. Simple as that.


          • skinny malinky

            Well said, Tony. If only people on this board were willing to listen to reason. But now you’re just a “Obot” in their eyes. Nice try, anyway.

          • Ferd Berfle

            The fallacy of common practice, which runs through your silly comment, is no argument at all but a diversion. Nice try, bot.

            • Galt

              Hey ferd, do you consider “common practice” the same is “moral equivalency” or “moral relativism?” All these practices are not only weak arguments but are also morally bankrupt, in my opinion.

              • Ferd Berfle

                Galt: Goof evening.

                The two you mention are related, in a way. The common practice fallacy, is essentially an argument which states that a particular thing is OK since others do it. The commenter to which I responded, brought up the actions of Nixon and Johnson as some sort of justification for Ayer’s acts. What Johnson and Nixon did are entirely irrelevant to Ayers. It is the same tired reasoning used by bots of all ilks to justify That One’s campaign.

                Moral equivalency/relativism define the commenter’s value system, which leads to his fallacious argument.

                I hope that makes sense.

              • Ferd Berfle

                Galt: Good evening.

                The two you mention are related, in a way. The common practice fallacy, is essentially an argument which states that a particular thing is OK since others do it. The commenter to which I responded, brought up the actions of Nixon and Johnson as some sort of justification for Ayer’s acts. What Johnson and Nixon did are entirely irrelevant to Ayers. It is the same tired reasoning used by bots of all ilks to justify That One’s campaign.

                Moral equivalency/relativism define the commenter’s value system, which leads to his fallacious argument.

                I hope that makes sense.

                • Galt

                  Yes ferd, makes sense. Thanks pal!

          • xax

            You’re right they weren’t best friends. But why hang around the guy? Why?

            For me, the whole Ayers things wasn’t the main issue. And I honestly don;t think it was the main issue for the McCain camp either. But what Ayers, Wright, coupled with Obama’s own policies and consquent reversals did was paint a picture of a man you’re not going to get through reading his books.

            He’s a guy who may have grandiose and socialist ideas, but nothing to back it up. He’s a political opportunist who is willing to use whomever and relate to whomever to get ahead.

      • saving face

        dawnelle — amen to that. All I heard in that video is that Matthews now believes that Ayers is a changed man. Is Ayers now going to be a Pundit on MSNBC? How much worse can that station get?

    • stodgie

      ayers is promoting his book. disgusting isn’t he?

    • AF catfish

      “It’s finally time to tell my story” Ayers says with glee.