That is what Obama has been building. Like this (can be watched with the sound off. I have never heard this song before):

Oh, he’s had watermelons (Rezko, Ayers) and apple boxes (Wright, Auchi, Kilpatrick) thrown at his house of cards, too, but the MSM has been fast to rebuild it. Just like they are now in scrubbing news sites of stories following the election about his meeting with Blagojevich regarding his Senate seat. No, I am not kidding you. News sites that just yesterday had the story now have a recant that they didn’t mean it. I am not making this crap up. Just look HERE (h/t to AmericanGirlinItaly for this link). Which country is this again, when we have news sources scrubbing their own sites of news that might cast aspersions on Obama by TELLING THE TRUTH when he is lying – from public view?? Wow. I think it is safe to say when that happens, we no longer have a Fourth Estate, but a government-run propaganda arm. I didn’t think that was supposed to happen in a democracy.

Oh, right – we no longer have a democracy after this year, which is how Obama even got to be the Democratic nominee. If we did, he never would have BEEN the Democratic nominee because his lying (which we are seeing daily on the whole Blagojevich thing), cheating, stealing, and nefarious associates would have brought him down LONG ago. As well they should have. And it WOULD have, had this indeed been a democracy in which the people’s voices, and VOTES, mattered. But, hey – why quibble now – that’s what the Obots say! After all, Obama is the President-Elect now, so we should all band together and sing his praises! Um, no, not me. Because democracy actually matters to me. And how someone got where they are matters to me.

Anyhoo, I don’t know that the PEBO can actually scrub the FBI files, and that may be the watermelon and apple box to his House of Cards. One can only hope. He has gotten by with too many lies, too many deceptions, too much duplicity by the colluding MSM as it is. If it takes a federal agency to expose Obama for who he is, more power to them. Their record of the two-hour conference call with Blagojevich and his buddies discussing the whole Obama replacement – with “the various Washington advisers” should make for some interesting reading, I would think…

And he can’t scrub the governor’s site, either, which has a little press release about discussing the whole Senate seat thing. Oopsie daisy!! Ahem. Do you think that Gov. Blagojevich is going to keep any secrets now that Obama, who WORKED FOR HIS ELECTION AND RE-ELECTION, is now calling for Blagojevich’s resignation? Uh, yeah, no. Should be an interesting few days.

This is an Open Thread. What’s on your mind?

  • insoloven


    Do you have an openion on where Economy is ending?

  • Diana L. C.

    I don’t care if he does have the eight years. I just want his fraudulent ways to become apparent, as did Bush’s. Maybe after 16 years of crooked Presidents, the American people will get off their tushes during and election and do some serious reading about the candidates before they vote.

    Of course, that assumes we still have a vialble country.

  • Phishmelt

    No one is going to turn on obama in the little time that is left. and unless he totally flops, no real democrat with any power is going to run against him. It will be just like bush’s re-election. He was horrible but the repubs squeezed everyone else out of the picture along with all the media.

    Thats my prediction.

  • n0_quarter

    Are you people crazy or just slightly insane…???

    What don’t you get….??? We have a semi-retarded person for President… even if Obama is guilty of everything you accuse him of – he’s way better and competent than Bush Jr…. wayyyyyyyyyyy…..

    You do know that’s what people think… right.. McFly..??!!??

    The goal is to let Bush go back to playing with a ball of yarn – what ever he does…

    Obama is merely competent replacement.


  • KintheNorthwest

    The more Obama lies the more people want to know why.

  • Sara

    “After all, Obama is the President-Elect now, so we should all ban together and sing his praises! Um, no, not me. Because democracy actually matters to me. And how someone got where they are matters to me”

    EXACTLY RIGHT!!!!! Thanks RRRAmy

    • Thank you, Sara! Of course, wish I had caught the typo earlier, but whatever..Ahem.

      It does matter to me. So even when people are screaming that we MUST get on board because he is SO much better than Bush, I have to disagree. I don’t think he is. I think he is worse. Besides all of the stuff we have known (or NOT known) abt him for months, his ability to get articles critical of him scrubbed, or not even critical – reporting FACTS – is scary as HELL. Isn’t that EXACTLY what Blago is being accused of with the Trib?? Obama has been doing this for a while – it is just glaringly obvious now that articles available two days ago are now gone. Holy toledo…

  • Galt

    This is an Open Thread. What’s on your mind?

    Not much, which is a welcome break. 😯 I’ve been rather introspective lately.

    • Cindy

      Rev. Amy, Thanks for the great visual. Very appropriate for that card-carrying charlatan, Obama!
      And to you Galt, everytime your name pops up after one of your hiatuses (hiati?), I feel like we should all sing the “Welcome Back, Kotter” theme….
      Anyway, welcome back, and I’ll have a medium pepperoni/mushroom with original crust.

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  • lark

    I would buy a new car from a bankrupted company if they would sell it to me without any warranties and guarantees of any kind. After all most of my cars lately have been Oldsmobiles.

    Warranties from dealers are like Obama’s promises. To me, meaningless.

    Actually like appliances, I would prefer to buy a new car that has a few dings and scratches to begin with.

    All I want is a low price but dealers don’t know what a low price anymore. I mean low low low. I know how to fix the car when it breaks and I give my cars my own dings and scratches because is my car and I can do it to it.

  • SFIndie

    As a term of critique, a banana republic describes a country whose government is primarily concerned with economics benefiting a colonial or corporate power, rather than values of democracy and social welfare.

    Conditions ideal for exploiting workers are propagated by sham democracies in banana republics. A pseudo-democracy means that elections are rigged, so that a pre-selected candidate is guaranteed victory. This puppet leader has ensured the colonial or corporate power that he will follow their directives to make the most profit.

    Corruption at all levels usually arises in these unstable governments, breeding a system rife with bribes and black markets. Increasing privatization of basic social services leaves the population with reduced wages and worsening living conditions. Critics of the United States frequently relate its policies to the phenomenon of banana republics both in South America and the Middle East.


    Welcome, folks, to The Obama Banana Republic! Democracy? That’s so boring. Truth, justice, and the American way? Ahhhh, go read Superman comics. Out with the Age of Aquarius, in with the Age of Corruption, led by His Royal Puppetmaster Obanana. If you liked Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, you’ll LOVE the Puppetmaster’s Perilous Passage Through Purgatory. Hang on tight, he’s taking all of us along for the ride!

    • Holy cow, SFIndie – that is mighty telling…

    • mewmew

      Feels like 2005, and Bush.

      Everyday is groundhog day for some, isn’t it?

  • mewmew

    Who is doing the scrubbing, btw, is it associated with Google?

    And is the information considered part of the public domain, meaning, if no copyright infringement is involved, isn’t it vandalism of some sort?

    I mean, Google isn’t the NSA, despite their delusions.

    Isn’t there a lawsuit, here, somewhere?

  • Jackarooty

    Has anyone listened to Joe and Mika’s radio show on WABC-AM? It’s on from 10 a.m. until 11:45 a.m. and they are much edgier than they are on MJ.

    Joe was having a fit on air. He is enraged that the media is doing squat as far as investigating Barry’s involvement in Chicago politics.

    • Joe was making some excellent points this morning on Morning Joe. Pat Bucannon was excellent as well.

      • Anon

        And Mika looked as if she were sipping vinegar, as usual.

    • Wow, really?? That’s mighty interesting. So, why doesn’t he speak up more on MSNBC? Hahahahaha!! Just kidding…


      Good question, too, abt the scrubbing. In the case of one of the news sources, they did it themselves. Now, who PRESSURED them to do it is a whole other story…

      Yes, thank heavens we still have the internet, but a number of articles cited recently on this topic have disappeared, not just the one I referenced above. So, yes, good we have it, but we must continue to be vigilant…

  • oowawa

    Which country is this again, when we have news sources scrubbing their own sites of news that might cast aspersions on Obama by TELLING THE TRUTH when he is lying – from public view?? Wow. I think it is safe to say when that happens, we no longer have a Fourth Estate, but a government-run propaganda arm. I didn’t think that was supposed to happen in a democracy.

    At least we still have free sites like NQ and many others. But I can imagine several scenarios by which the internet is shut down completely. We are vulnerable to both political and technological attack. This is of course tinfoil hat territory, and most of us have excellent imaginations, so I won’t elaborate. There is NOTHING so alarming nowadays as the collapse of courageous integrity in journalism.

  • lark

    The MSM may be propping BO the best way they can since in this case they have to go by the evidence perse. But Democrats in Congress cannot be too happy with anything. After all, if you come to think about it, regardless, Blago is or was valuable and Illinois politics regardless, is a source of power. They must hate more or are beginning to hate him for good for how he has been – like the house of cards thing – endangering their lovely kingship. As time goes by, his house of cards – meaning here the support of his own party – will collapse. I predict that and so far is ahead of schedule by leaps. Lets put it this way.

    Everything around BO is fragile and perishable. And Democrats know that Republicans are going to be waiting the moment to make it their moment.

    Here is my prediction. For 2012 Obama will have to run as an Independent candidate 🙂 and maybe Joe Lieberman as his running mate. 😉

    • why lie

      Joe Lieberman is too smart to associate with the Obama gang. Give the man more credit than Hillary since he’s not looking for favors from Obama.

  • Steve_in_KC

    We have a little over a month before the Justice Department comes under Obama’s control. Let us pray that some hard squeezing of some of these miscreants results in some evidence that can’t be … ahem…

    Dis-carded. 😉

  • NCgirl

    I found these pictures of BO and Blogojevich taken after the election. Like the article says…depends on how you define contact.

    • Anon

      Right up there with “is.”

  • sowsear
  • why lie

    from what I am seeing there have been close to a or more than a dozen news stories that are now being white washed or making statements that they mispoke during the last year.
    Hey guys this is getting really ridculous.
    Its pretty much so what if Obama was friends or talk to this guy. But now that he is denying it all it is making him look guilty of something.

  • csuzeq

    I hope Blagojevich turns on Obama big time. You know he’s got the goods on him and MEchelle. I am still shocked that this is the President elect we have. I never thought anyone in good conscience could let it go this far. I am astonished. Please let something take him down. We can not afford a month of Obamanation going on. What in the hell were people thinking??????

    • Two words: Webster. Hubbell.

      • Karma


      • Diana L. C.

        Getting desperate, are you?

  • Colleen in Indiana

    I guess Obama’s Chickens have come home to roost!

    • The question is — Will the race and misogyny cards be enough to keep Obama’s House of Cards intact?