It’s quite a spectacular big-budget production of ugly, isn’t it? We couldn’t make this stuff up.

Actually, The Beast has been sliming the Windy City for a long time. Organized crime and dirty politics (“vote early and vote often and include your dead family members and pets while you are at it”) dominated Chicago during the early part of the last century. Scandals galore.

So, why can’t this beast be conquered?


Hauslaib’s brief history of Chicago sums the whole mess up quite well.

“The reason Chicago politics is so corrupt is because, in modern American history, it’s never not been, which makes it very difficult to clean up. Especially because every politician who says they’re going to try and straighten Chicago out ends up lying and cheating worse than the pig who came before him. Imagine trying to clean up a greasy stove with a sponge covered in used Crisco and you’ll understand the job of cleaning up Chi-town. Basically, it’s the Frankenstein’s monster of political machines—a thing, composed of scrap materials functioning for a common cause (money), that will only be stopped if it commits to self-immolation.”

So, the day before yesterday during his news conference Obama said that some people see politics as a “business” (translation: make money any way that works, legality be damned) and others “want to serve.” Presumably, we are to infer, Obama means to place himself in the latter category.

But why did he come to Chicago in the first place? He had no ties there that I ever heard of, except for a job offer from now convicted Tony Rezko (who also helped him buy his home). Why would he have anything to do with William Ayers or the long line of those “business-oriented politicians” from whom he accepted large sums of campaign money? Why would he not be interested in how Emil Jones was going to get him elected to an office?

Let me reprise some amazing quotes from an article about Obama’s “toxic mentor” , Emil Jones, who refers to himself as “Obama’s Godfather.”.

Obama has often described Jones as a key political mentor whose patronage was crucial to his early success in a state long dominated by near-feudal party political machines. Jones, 71, describes himself as Obama’s “godfather” and once said: “He feels like a son to me.”
At one point during Obama’s 2003 Senate campaign, Jones set out to woo two African-American politicians miffed by Obama’s presumption and ambition. One of them, Rickey “Hollywood” Hendon, a state senator, had scoffed that Obama was so ambitious he would run for “king of the world” if the position were vacant.

When Jones secured the two men’s support, Obama asked his mentor how he had pulled it off. “I made them an offer,” Jones said in mock-Mafioso style. “And you don’t want to know.” Jones is now at the centre of a long row over his attempt to block proposed laws cracking down on his state’s “pay-to-play” tradition – whereby companies hoping to win government contracts have to contribute to the campaign funds of officials.

It’s difficult to imagine that Obama could emerge from this political cesspool clean. But he wants us to believe in his words. He’s really good with words.

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  • kat in your hat

    Pat, I like your interesting picture.

  • TeakWoodKite

    Love the art work Pat.

    But why did he come to Chicago in the first place? He had no ties there that I ever heard of….

    Yes he did. The person he knew in Chicago was Ayers. Ayers is all ways in proximity from his days in Occidental to NY to Chicago. Obama follows Ayers. I believe they met in Hawaii at Frank’s place.

  • oowawa

    From a column in the Daily News:

    That Toddlin’ Town
    December 11, 2008

    Reading all the delicious news about Chicago politics reminds me of my long-departed Uncle Jack, who was part of the Chicago Machine half a century ago. He was what was called a ward heeler. I believe my spelling is correct — the term refers to the shoe leather of someone who kept constituents happy so they would vote Democratic.

    I once asked Uncle Jack if it was true that he had taken my grandfather to vote several times in any given election.

    The look he gave me was both wounded and full of indignation.

    “No,” he said. “He wasn’t in my district.”
    By Howard Kissel on December 11, 2008 11:11

    Okay everyone, now what the heck is “toddlin'”, as in “Chicago, that toddlin’ town”??? I’m beginning to get suspicions that it has somethng to do with “community organizing.”

    • workingclass artist

      Hmmm…I could be wrong but I thought Toddlin’ refere to Prohibition…And Chi-Towns renowned Speakeasy’s…Hmmmm….

  • JohnnyB

    Great Cartoon Pat:

    An empty Senate Seat.
    Fill it with your friend or one of your friend’s friend that can give you the most, the biggest treasure.

    Flashback: Senate seat up for election. Who to back for the seat? Who gives Blag the most treasure?

    Who is Rezko’s Friend: Obama

    It’s a REPLAY.

    • Pat Racimora

      Yikes–you are right Johnny B–a total REPLAY! But this time the seller is getting into trouble. Do you realize that Emil Jones could be picked as a senator? Boggles the rational (and ethical) mind.

      • tek

        I would like to suggest that if Emil Jones is picked as senator, he will not be elected to that position by the people of Illinois.

  • pm317

    More than 60% of his vote lead in the Dem primary came from Cook County,IL, just ONE county. He needed to be squashed during the primary. If the media had done its job of holding him accountable and holding him up to the same standards (talking about his Chicago slime), he would be not be trying to muscle his way into DC and Blair House on Jan 5th.

  • Linda Mac

    Excellent cartoon. I had read over a year ago that Blago had orginally been the Chicago political machine’s first choice for President but when he came under investigation several years ago they began grooming Obama. I am absolutely certain that Blago knew he was being wiretapped and that statement about all Obama was willing to give him for the Senate seat choice was appreciation was done because he was given “an offer that he could not refuse.” There is absooutely no was that Blago did not know that he was being wire tapped. It will be interesting to see if anybody besides Obots believe this exhonerates the “One.”

  • Clara Barton

    Watching a few old clips of Obama recently, when he declared unwavering support of Blago in 2002, I got the impression that his Uh factor has increased quite a bit recently. He seemed to be able to speak without the continual hesitation and stuttering, whereas now, he has trouble getting through a long sentence! Is this due to increased pressure and concern of disclosure?

    Many of us felt that Bush was a better speaker during his years as Governor but as the problems mounted, he became a blabbering fool. Is this happening to Zero already?

    Great cartoon and article, Pat! My vote says no way is Obama clean. You don’t swim in a sewer and come out smelling like a rose. Lets just hope the investigation finds him out before he’s sworn in.

    • Pat Racimora

      “Uh Factor!” I love it Clark B. Maybe a toon in there for me.

    • oowawa

      But-but-but–as someone pointed out on a previous thread, we can’t forget the wonderful power of manure as a fertilizer. Doesn’t a rose rising from a pile of poopoo smell super sweet?!?! Are we forgetting the Miracle-Gro power of cesspool politics?

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  • beaming

    If Hillary had not supported Obama we’d be talking about Sarah Palin’s four wheeler that she hunts from or some such thing that the MSM deems important. Hillary is a politician first. She was padding her resume.

    Conservatives [ the ones that voted ] voted for the most conservative candidate offered to them. I don’t think that would be Obama. Do a little research next time Dems. Right now, we have 4 years to deal with.

    • tek

      Are you saying Dubya and his gang did a great job in this country? You wanted someone more conservative than McCain? That would be 4 more years of hell, no? It’s the CONSERVATIVES who got the country in this mess. Obama may not be a Democrat’s Democrat, but anyone would be better than George W. Bush, the worst president in history!

  • HARP


    Yesterday on my way to lunch I passed a homeless guy with a sign that read “Vote Obama, I need the money.” I laughed.

    Once in the restaurant my server had on a “Obama 08” tie, again I laughed as he had given away his political preference — just imagine the coincidence.

    When the bill came I decided not to tip the server and explained to him that I was exploring the Obama redistribution of wealth concept. He stood there in disbelief while I told him that I was going to redistribute his tip to someone who I deemed
    more in need–the homeless guy outside. The server angrily stormed from my sight.

    I went outside, gave the homeless guy $10 and told him to thank the server inside as I’ve decided he could use the money more. The homeless guy was grateful.

    At the end of my rather unscientific redistribution experiment I realized the homeless guy was grateful for the money he did not earn, but the waiter was pretty angry that I gave away the money he did earn even though the actual recipient deserved money more.

    I guess redistribution of wealth is an easier thing to swallow in concept than in practical application.

  • touchet

    I just went on Yahoo answers to try to post this link– a screen shot of the news article about Obama’s meeting with the govenor.

    Four times i try to post, and none of them went through. Can we say censorship?

    Add to your favorites. Watch how fast the link dissapears.

  • It was reported today that the COC-Elect is feeling a sudden sense of urgency and is now actually trying to muscle his way into the Blair House prior to his anticipated arrival in Washington……as if trying to claim squatter’s rights before the whole house of cards tumbles down upon him.

    How do we know he’s just as corrupt as those around him? Look at his real estate deals. Rezko, while under indictment, tours the soon-to-be Obama mansion with Barack and subsequently Rezko’s wife purchases the lot adjacent, even though she had little money in her name, no visible means of income and would never qualify for such a purchase. And then, the Obama’s turn around and pay a handsome sum for a 10 ft. swath of Mrs. Rezko’s newly acquired property. You can’t pull a deal off like that without crooked players. Just sayin’.


    • Linda Mac

      I agree with you completely. Someone said upstream in this discussion that Obama had no connections in Chicago other than Rezko when he chose Chicago as his home. His relationships all flowed from his original Rezko connection. Anyone who thinks that he didn’t know about all of the corruption in Chicago politics and believed that he skated above the corruption is as deluded as those who voted for Bush because he was a “Christian.”

  • Don X

    A very clever illustration of the all-encircling slime that has gripped Chicago politics for years. Seems few politicians have escaped being tainted or sucked in by the monster. It will be amazing if Obama escapes unscathed.

    It remains to be seen from ongoing investigations whether some of his staff were approached to make a deal for Obama’s senate seat. It’s hard to walk through a pig pen or play around with pigs and come out with clean smelling feet. Or walk through a den of vipers without getting bitten. You have to be a really artful dodger. Time will tell, but it must be getting pretty hot underfoot in the Obama camp given what the governor has been up to for several years.

    • Pat Racimora

      I think that is the question, Don X. The only scenario that works for the rest of us is that Obama somehow saw Chicago could put him on the fast track, but he had to be very careful not to get stained because he really is a totally honorable man who hates corruption. So he learned about it but was not touched by it.

      Sigh–I am laughing to myself because that makes no sense. He would have never done the “boneheaded” Rezko house deal if his mindset was only to “research” the dark side up close.

      I think he was very ambitious (nothing wrong with that in and of itself) but got caught up in the muck as he moved along.

      Power corrupts. I worry that he got an early start.

      Now, is there such a thing as redemption?

  • David3946

    Globe Magazine is running the story of multiple
    lawsuits filed against Obama because he’s NOT
    qualified to be President.

    Check out the cover story.

    Also, Larry Sinclair’s book is about to come out,

    The best Washington Insider following these stories
    is Webster Tarpley at,

    For a bigger picture of the New World Order, check
    out the books of Jim Marrs, in particular Rule by

  • Peggy Sue

    I agree, Touchet. I never voted for Bush. In fact, I never voted for anything but a Dem before this election. I honestly feel that the election results were more a vote against Bush [deserved] than a vote for Obama.

    But as a lifelong Dem, I was given no choice. I voted for McCain this year, not because of the Republican party [which I have serious problems with] but because I thought and still think John McCain was the only reasonable choice.

    I was an avid Hillary supporter and voted with absolute enthusiasm for Bill Clinton. Was Bill Clinton perfect? No! He should of kept his zipper up [of course, what we now know about JFK, Bill was an absolute choir boy].

    But I never saw the Clintons as people trying to scam the system, pad their pockets or fraud their way through the political process. They had real and as far as I could discern, a genuine social and public service consciousness. And they had a record of true service.

    I’m not looking for a saint to run the country because there aren’t any. But I reject the idea that we should settle for hype and hyperbole, that the national media shoulod tell us “what’s best.” My grandmother had a rather down home saying for this:

    Wish in one hand and shit in the other and you end up with the same thing.

    That’s what we’re contending with right now. It does not make me happy!

  • Rich

    As to Obama, maybe he was fertilized by this kind of bull, and yet maybe he found a way to grow in it without being overly contaminated. We can only pray that this is true, for we need to have a president we can have confidence in.


  • touchet

    And conservatives helped him do it too. I believed they worked behind the scenes to stop the clintons from winning. In their eyes, anything was better than the clintons.

    I remember at the start of the campaign, they were so sure Obama wouldn’t win, they proceeded to trash Hillary right along with the Obama camp. In the end they were holding the short in of the stick. Rush made it seem like she was a joke and told Republicans to go vote for her in the primary, which made her seem even more hawkish. The conservatives efforts and the Obama’s team combined cause hillary to loose our primary.

    I bet Hillary isn’t looking too bad right about now.

    • Winston

      Yes, blame the other guys, not your own freaking party. Obama is a DEMOCRAT. DNC operatives rigged it for Obama and not Hillary. The Lefty DNC MSM rigged it for Obama and trashed Hillary. The DNC Primary was voter disenfranchisement on a grand scale. What a shame.

      Next time try placing the blame where it is deserved instead of blaming conservatives. We despise Obama and would not even allow this marxist fraud to become a senator in the first place.

      I know you are all mad about Hillary but come on, look in the mirror and clean your own mess instead of targeting the Party that tried to defeat Obama.

      And don’t forget, I know it pains you, Hillary is a member of Obama’s cabinet. She could have stopped Obama herself. She campaigned for him and set a new world record in doing so. But no it is not her fault, it is the conservatives fault.

      Don’t get mad at me. I would rather have Hill anyday than Obama.

      • workingclass artist

        Hmmmm….Winston…during the Texas Primary Hornswaggle…it was clear Rove’s day campers caucused in droves for Barky…alongside Obots bussed in from other states…

      • tek

        Y’know what Winston? The media is all owned by CONSERVATIVE corporations. They ALL cheerleaded Obama every step of the way. If you can’t see the collusion there then you’re in as bad shape as people who voted for Dubya twice.

  • touchet

    I think what but Obama over the edge were former Bush supporters. Now, I don’t mean to hurt anyones feeling here, but if you voted for Bush twice, your judgement is seriously flawed.

    In any case there were those who thought they learned their lesson and voted for Obama. Obama played them like a fiddle. He became the Anti-Clinton. The media termed McCain as another “liberal conservative” and Voila, Obama wins.

    It was really quite simple. He knew that former Bush supporters (especially those who voted for him a second time and were not die hard conservatives) would believe everything they were spoon fed like infants.

    Listen to the conservative radio shows. At least one caller per show, claims to be a republican but voted for Obama.

    The only really smart democrats were those who voted for Clinton and McCain. These people truly learned from Bush what NOT to look for in a candidate.

    • Winston

      Let me see if I understand this. You claim that even though the DNC spawned Obama, and that Chicago is Democrat strong hold and the very model of corruption, and that the DNC power elite endorsed Obama and Soros funded him, and the lefty hollywood worshipped him, it is the Bush voters who got Obama elected?

      WOW that is an impressive attempt at denying the obvious. Obama is a dream product straight out of the left-wing playbook.

    • tek

      touchet: great analysis. I know Bush people in my family did exactly what you describe. Obama played into by glorifying the Republicans and dissing Clinton. Stupid Dem youth bought it hook, line and sinker.

  • Peggy Sue

    And here we thought “The Blob” was just a B-grade movie. Liked the graphic, Pat–the multi-eyed, tenacled monster overtaking the city [country]. How comforting that Jones refused to tell Obama how he gained support from former detractors.

    Guess if you turn your eyes from the crime, you can plead innocence.

    This is beyond depressing–the whole spiel, the multi-layer, multi-player form of corruption and fraud. I guess Elliot Ness wasn’t as successful as he thought.

    He simply eliminated one gang, which was quickly substituted with another.

    God help us all!

    • Tricia Spiegel

      Agreed that Ness didn’t clear up that much–“The Untouchables” stayed that way, but in new suits playing new games.

      • snookums

        Agreed that Ness didn’t clear up that much–”The Untouchables” stayed that way, but in new suits playing new games.

        The nickname “the untouchables” refers to the prohibition agents on Ness’ team…not the criminals they pursued.

      • Excellent ‘toon, Pat. The slime engulfs the entire metropolitan area. The eyes are looking for their next victim…..I didn’t waste any time readying his books, so I, too, wonder why he settled in Chi? Inquiring minds want to know…..!

    • andrew191

      Nice graphic Pat, but to be more accurate, the beast should not be attacking the city, but emerging FROM the city to slime ALL of us. I don’t know about you, but with Obama as pres. elect, I sure feel slimed.

      • Pat Racimora

        Yep Andrew–I think you are correct about that.

  • sowsear

    As I said downstairs:
    Apparently the MSM is all running the same talking points concerning Blago’s mental health, and they are all commenting that BO came up smelling like roses even though the Chicago manure nurtured him. Ain’t fertilizer wonderful?

    • Some rain and snow with the manure makes a lot of things grow rapidly.