Many people have questioned whether there is an issue over whether or not Obama and/or his team *talked* with Blagojevich about the Senate Seat. People on all sides have stated that Obama talking to Blago is not illegal, and should be expected. “It is OBVIOUS that he would talk to Blago about who should fill his senate seat.” “What’s all the fuss, of course they would talk,” people have said.

My opinion? It’s like, *d’uh*. (I am such a wordsmith)

So, this begs the question, why is Obama denying the obvious?

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From all that I have read and seen today, the current issues immediately surrounding Obama, Rahm and Blagojevich are:

~Obama initially denied ANY contact – which is proving to be not true.

~Obama denied any dealings between his peeps and Blagojevich – which are now proving to not be true.

~A two hour conference call is a big topic of discussion, a call that Blago discussed the pay for play, and reportedly, someone from Obama’s camp, (Rahm?) was in on that call. And, as of yet, we do not know of anyone from Obama’s camp reporting the bribery attempts to any law enforcement agency.~Obama’s initial response to the arrest of Blago was *sadness and sobriety*. But today, everyone is SHOCKED that Obama acted surprised, like he didn’t know Blago was corrupt, or even that he had been under investigation. Obama knew Blago was being subpoenaed back in 2006, and still endorsed him. (Like when Obama knew Rezko was under investigation, but still had personal dealings with him.)

Now there is an article out that Obama has intentionally been distancing himself from Rod…. So did he know, or not, that Blago was corrupt? Is the media totally trying to spin this for Obama?

~Also, it is NOT looking good at all for JJJ. Reports are surfacing that someone tried to hold a $1M fundraiser for the Governor a week ago on JJJ”s behalf. And if JJJ does get implicated we will get to hear how yet another of Obama’s friends/associations will have saddened him, and aren’t who he thought they were.

As many of you said, it is COMPLETELY expected that Obama WOULD talk to Rod. It is Obama who denied ANY contact at all! Which made many of us say, “huh?”

The Obama camp is scrubbing his new transitions web site of all questions about Rod, the media is scrubbing stories linking Obama and Blago. Obama is contradicting himself, and now he says he “asked my team to gather the facts of any contacts with the governor’s office about this vacancy so we can share them with you over the next few days” He needs a couple of days to tell us whether they talked to Blago or not? I’m sorry, but his behavior just makes him look like he is hiding something.

In my opinion, Obama FULLY mishandled this situation. His initial statements, lack of action on the second day, and his denials totally opened him up to criticism. (and he is getting it, big time. Even from Eugene Robinson…)

I have said this many times about Obama, it is his failure to be truthful that bothers me.

I would expect a candidate of *change* to say he was *disgusted and outraged* over the actions of Blagojevich.

I would expect a candidate of change, upon learning of a bribery/pay to play attempts, to have reported what he knew to US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

I would expect a candidate of change to hold a press conference and condemn the corruption that has plagued his state for decades, and make a promise to clean it up once he is in the White House.

I would expect a candidate of change to state that he would be turning over the names of all those who he had knowledge of as being corrupt in Chicago.

I would expect a candidate of change to have full disclosure, and tell the public what he knew and when he knew it.

I would expect a candidate of change, who has promised transparency, to be transparent.

But Obama can’t do those things, because he paid to play in Chicago. And it paid off big.

Saddened and sobered…indeed.

Don’t miss Truthtellers’s great piece: EXHAUSTIVE ANALYSIS: More Questions about Obama and Blagojevich in the Wake of Obama’s Latest Gambit at Transparency

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  • leo

    Illinois is the most corrupt state around the country. It’s Blago, Rahm, PEBO, and more of the same ilk that are thugs in a suit. JJJ is toast. They’re all involved; tell “me who you hang with, and I’ll tell you who you are; birds of a feather…” BO didn’t “win the primary” so it’s “business as usual.” An empty suit, with no credentials, and paper-thin resume with “buying the election” with millions of dollars. We are in a sad, sad state of affairs. This too from a quote from Lenin who said: It’s not how many votes you get, but who counts the votes” that makes you the winner. The average American voter is very stupid and so uninformed. Shame on us.

  • drkate

    American Girl,

    thanks, great article and information. I found the videos revealing. Obama looks very different here than I’ve seen him: deer in headlights? Scared? Caught?

    Also, why lie? Why deny? Obama is a very selfish man indeed….let others twist in the wind for him. His operation is fraying at the edges, and clearly the lies are catching up. Perhaps Fitz is executing the perfect sting.

    I hope more continues to come out this weekend, gives all the electors pause, and the electors fail to give Obama 270 votes. Perhaps they fail to give anyone 270 votes. Still time then to challenge him and pressure him on eligibility.

    Must be a hard choice for obama: which diversion to execute–the natural born citizen scandal, or the pay to play scandal?

  • Twinkie

    Paramount is proud to present our selection for the new comedy trio – THE NEW THREE STOOGES!

    Funny funny pic.

    • beebop

      This one was pretty funny, too:

      Rub a dub dub, Three men in a tub, And who do you think they be? The governor, the mayor, The POTUS faker. Turn them out, knaves all three!

  • JS

    And as this article points out, EVERYBODY knows that he knew. He’s just used to lying and having the MSM cover it all up, change subjects, etc. I’m beyond spent, hoping that THIS TIME will finally do him in. Of course it’d be nice if the Repubs were screaming (and rightfully so) and demanding answers. You know, giving the Dhimmis a taste of their own medicine. Sigh…

  • hootnannie

    Like the typical pathological liar, Obama’s automatic reaction is to say he KNOWS NOTHING–even when the more believable reaction is to say anything but that!

  • JS

    Oh well. Some of us tried to warn others about this guy. After Wright surfaced, it should have been over. After Ayers, it should have absolutely been over. Nothing will come of this, no matter what is proven. My God, this guy is so pathetic, I almost feel sorry for him. Of course then I don’t-just for us. It’s like I lied my way into taking the space shuttle for a spin, and then after it took off, realized that I have no clue what to do. If the Dhimmicrats were at all serious, they’d be discussing Hillary about now…

    • Kal

      But how many times have we said that before, and of course nothing came of it. I suspect that most dem politicians are just relieved to have the dems back in the front at the pig trough again, and don’t actually much care who top pig is at any one point in time.

  • lark

    2 things you said AGII, one,

    it is COMPLETELY expected

    Most of the behavior of everyone was and is expected and can be defended because it was expected.

    What was not expected is what results indefensible and egregious behavior. That JJjr. would come into Blago’s office making an offer he can’t refuse. That the offer he can’t refuse was engineered by Rahm. That Obanana would have allowed his closest suporters, Rahm and JJjr. to slip and slide because he was unable to care enough for them to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule to warn them and instruct them.

    The Dems will be mighty mad with Obanana more and more as this issue unwraps.

  • Kal

    Question: What does the rest of the sign on the front of BO’s podium say, in that top video clip? ‘The Office…’ of what? Where is he?

  • beaming

    candymarl, 4 more years of “I don’t recall”. This would be a good country to be FROM if he gets reelected. You already planning to vote for him again ?

  • WildChild

    I would expect a candidate of change…

    I’ve lived all over this country and this is what I have found to be true. No matter where you go, people… are people. All these grand differences we make between ourselves amount to nothing more then an exercise in cosmetology. Which is why there is no such thing as a change candidate, for the only way that could happen is if the candidate had somehow evolved into a new species and was capable of being something different then just plain old human . Anything short of that and all that changes is the name of the human running the show, and then all that matters at that point is whether or not that individual is competent and capable to the tasks that lay before them.

    BOBO has been running a con job on us from the moment he went with the slogan change we can believe in. It shouldn’t surprise anyone if he spends the next four years continuing to run the con on us just like he’s doing with this Blagojevich thing. Because competent and capable are two components missing from his true face.

    • Ferd Berfle

      His campaign was a con job, one that will continue through his presidency. The only difference between That One and a common thug is the scale at which they operate.

  • Kal

    No, I think he could fit it in on the evening of the 20th, don’t you?

  • teresa

    Dkos can cry foul all they want… this is as much Fitzmas as Scooter Libby was Fitzmas.
    Merry Fitzmas everyone!

    • Strawberrybitch

      The Barky camp reaction to Blago is eerily similar to the Bush bot reaction to the Plame case. I only hope this time we get to see some real justice.

  • noproblama

    I heard a psychoanalyst say Blago has NPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She said it’s a very common disorder. Ya think? I haven’t seen too many politicians that don’t have it. How else does an unqualified candidate muster the cojones to run for POTUS.

    Then I get this letter from BC. Evidently part of the Hillary sos deal was to hand over the names of his foundation contributors. This must be part of that transparency PEBO is always talking about. Too bad it never applies to him or anyone close to him.

    • Kal

      Its one-way transparency.

      Sort of the political equivalent of the one-way mirror.

    • AF catfish

      Politicians have big egos. Presidents have big egos.

      Obama is in a class by himself, he’s in a weird bubble and is definitely a Narcissist. I have a family member with NPD and it makes for a very dysfunctional environment.

  • Diana L. C.

    One thing that I heard on the second video that I have not heard on t.v. before from a journalist about BO. “That excuse is getting a little thin” in regard to BO claiming ignorance about his many connections. Ya think?

  • The Robot

    “Did you have any contact with or were you aware at all of what was happening with your Senate seat?” asked a reporter, the Wall Street’s Journal Jonathan Weisman.

    “I had no contact with the Governor or his office,” Obama said, “and so we were, I was not aware of what was happening.”

    Rahm Emanuel talked with governor’s office about who should fill Obama’s Senate seat

    Of course Obama is lying and carefully parsing his words in doing so – just as he’s always done. The hopey-dopey crowd was warned that their One spoke with an ambiguous and nuanced affect because he’s dishonest – a corrupt charlatan and bamboozler. How quickly he’s revealing this truth!

  • Twinkie

    The Sergent Schultz Administration – SSA!

    • candymarl

      Perfect! LOL.

  • candymarl

    It seems that no knew anything. No one talked to anyone and everyone was unaware of any wrong doing.
    Great. Eight more years of an “I don’t recall” Presidency. So much for Change.

  • Twinkie

    Thanks AnnieO for the page 70 quote.

    Linda, and everyone else: Is it just me or the the corporate held media even cover Obama’s smoking addiction?

    Obama’s smoking….. dirty cigs in the White House…..

    • AnnieO

      Your welcome. It appears to be a smoking gun to me. I find it strange that the MSM hasn’t picked up on it, to my knowledge.

    • noproblama

      Naw, Meshelle will make him go outside to smoke. Ha! I can just see him and the secret service standing in the snow in the middle of the night.

    • HARP

      NO SMOKING in a Federal building.

    • I’m a Linda too

      auh yes, that other little lie they’ve been protecting him on. Amazing isn’t it. And they still cover for him as he skirts answering straight on “I’m getting healthier”….Yeah, Oprah used that too.

      Other reports were him WREAKING of cig smoke. Of course, those stories never got air time.

  • Mar

    In 2006, there was a primary in March in which the position of governor was at the top of the ticket. Blago was up for re-election.

    The incumbent Cook County board chairman, John Stroger, was being challenged in the primary by Forrest Claypool who had become a reformer. Claypool was a former chief of staff to Mayor Richard J. Daley (i.e., Richard the Second). It may be that Claypool did “get religion” and decide honesty in government is the best policy. Cook County encompasses all of Chicago and the inner ring suburbs.

    “That One,” our PEBO, did not openly endorse Claypool.

    One week before the primary, John Stroger suffered a stroke. The Stroger family did not reveal the seriousness of the stroke before the primary. Obama did not openly endorse Claypool, and John Stroger won the Democratic primary.

    As time went on, John Stroger was unable to return to his duties. So his son, a benchwarming alderman, in the Chicago City Council, was slated to take his father’s place on the November ballot for Cook Co. chairman. And he was later endorsed by “That One.”

    Todd did not cut the patronage job rich Cook Co. government and even added his cousin, Donna Dunning, as a financial analyst to his staff. In February 2008 the county board approved a new budget that made sales taxes in Chicago the highest in the U.S.

    So much for a timely word from our PEBO.

  • I’m a Linda too

    Like I said before, Obama is so used to lying and telling tales, he expected no one would question this.

    Everyone else, his supporters, promoters/media all covered for him before when they knew he was full of it, so why not now?

    It’s the the general population didn’t know any better, because the media was covering for him.

    Obama is confused as to why he can’t tell his tales anymore and have the media report them as fact?

    Now THAT’s a sobering act.

  • wodiej

    great post Sara, you obviously put some extra time into this one!

    your point is right on….if it was fine for Obama to talk to the Gov. about Senate seat replacements, why is Obama lying about it?? I think it’s going to get worse for Obama before better. And even if nothing is done to Obama, at least it will put a shadow over him Jan. 20th.

    • jbjd

      AGI and wodiej, this is so characteristic of BO’s response when confronted with questions as to his possible involvement with corruption. He lies when the truth would suffice; and he believes his denials sound credible! I cannot wait to see his medical records.

    • Chris

      Yeah just like not producing his vault BC or his real medical records etc, etc. He just assumes everyone will believe anything he says and he will never suffer the consequences of his lies. He’s bddn protected andgotten away witth it so far hasn’t he. Maybe this time the truth will win out before it’s too late. We can only hope so.

  • I’m a Linda too

    OH! Otherwise known as Blago’sMF Five S Gate.

    …ie Sentate, Seat, Sell, Sober and Sad 🙁

    • AnnieO

      The sequel is RICO!

      • I’m a Linda too

        OK, no fair, I explained what I meant.

        …come on, give it up. lol

        RICO Rezko ____ ____ _____ ?

        • AnnieO

          Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization. It the charge they often use for these organized crime cases.

          • I’m a Linda too

            Auhhhh! I see. Thank you. Obviously I’m out of touch and need to brush up on this stuff. 🙂

      • workingclass artist

        Yeah AnnieO…The R I C O shuffle…

        • AnnieO

          It sounds like a musical!

          • AnnieO

            Here’s the opening song!


            • workingclass artist

              rflmao…Elton or Andrew as composer?

              • AnnieO

                No composer necessary. Just squeeeeeze.

                (Please don’t try this at home. No birds were actually harmed by this comment.)

                • beebop

                  My standard poodle freaked when I played that!

  • How can newspapers like the WAPO or NYT’s ignore such facts, and maintain credibility?


    I used to think they were missing, but now believe they are a wing of the operation. They are even helping to remove their own reports that will put
    ‘The One’ in bad light?!? I never thought I would ever see the press suppressing information, and it breaks my heart as I see the country moving into an area that we didn’t even witness under BUSH II.

  • jeremy

    ill tell you why. first instict when you do something wrong, YOU LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • beebop

      Speak for yourself there, Jeremy. Most decent people with nothing to hide tell the truth.

  • blog force one

    I now think that Rahm Emmanuel has big time dirt on Obama and Obama was “asked “by Emannuel for the Chief of staff appt. An offer he “couldn’t refuse” If Fitzie Gets Harris or Blago to “roll” on Emmanuel this could be very rough going for the “One” indeed! Anyone for a game of dominoes!?!?

    • Kal

      Ahhhh — probably BO will just find some way to buy Rahm off even bigger. Remember, as soon as anyone is convicted and sentenced, they will be in position for instant pardon, same day even.

      That’s why if Fitz is not just playing with this, he needs to get a whole gang of people lined up, if only to try to sober the voters up in time for 2012. If the Dems are as Chg-dirty as it looks like they are, the Dem-controlled congress would never adopt articles of impeachment against BO even if a whole host of fallpeople came out singing in the open.

      • JG

        The next move in the scandal is to link Obama to Hot Rod in the MSM. Two easy ways:

        1. Patty the wife – she orchestrated the Rezko-Obama same day purchase of the two lots as the real estate agent, earning a fat commission. MSM has reported already that using Patty as a conduit of funds via her real estate work was a Blago activity. Yet, noone in the MSM or even the blogging world has gone with this story yet.

        2. Hot Rod-Obama-Emil Jones legislation – Obama built his record on bills handed off by Emil. Hot Rod and Obama most likely benefitted with contributions (hot rod for 06, obama for 04 and 08) from those bills. Easy enough to research, just waiting on someone with resources to do so.

        • Kostermann

          Yes, both very good points, I’ve heard the same things, Jones prominent, here.

    • AF catfish

      No, Obama leaked to the press Emanuel had accepted his chief of staff offer before it was so. A reporter asked Emanuel if he’d in fact accepted and Rhambo snapped “NO.”

      Emanuel did NOT endorse Obama until the very end of the primaries. In fact, he roasted Obama for being soft and wimpy. Emanuel is wishing right now he stayed in the House.

      If Obama didn’t know Rezko was shady, didn’t know Blago was shady, how would he have dirt on Emanuel?

  • Kostermann

    I’ve been having some trouble getting NQ today.

    Sometimes that spells an impending hack, though not certainly.

    Guess we’re “training the puppies,” today…


    (Someone told me once if you have a stalker, you should train him.

    Not too bright, stalkers…

    It seems anytime NQ, or others, get close to Obama dirt, someONE hacks_.)

    *zoomzoom,* indeed.

    • blog force one

      I had problems accessing NQ as well!

      • Kostermann

        Given the trouble they had yesterday, it can spell a hack attempt.

        Or not, best to be prepared for this type of thing, though.

        • Chicago Joe

          Me too. Trouble connecting to the server. Posts lost.

  • AnnieO

    Clearly, BO was consulted. From p70:

    On November 12, 2008, ROD BLAGOJEVICH talked with Advisor B. ROD
    BLAGOJEVICH discussed with Advisor B his idea for a 501(c)(4) organization. Advisor
    B stated that he likes the idea, but liked the Change to Win option better because, according
    to Advisor B, from the President-elect’s perspective, there would be fewer “fingerprints” on
    the President-elect’s involvement with Change to Win because Change to Win already has
    an existing stream of revenue and, therefore, “you won’t have stories in four years that they
    bought you off.”

  • William L. Donlon


    Obama is the New Don in Chicago!

    He has brought major “heat”, the DNC, back to Chicago to establish the new pecking order.

    Moe didn’t kiss the new Don’s ring and he is paying the price via Obama’s new mussel Patrick Fitzgerald.

    The Jacksons are being “Schooled” as well. (Cut Who’s nuts off??)

    Look at the “Hit” on Scooter and you see the same finger prints on the Moe Green hit.

    Over blown charges — ALL FLUFF — no substance.

    A Mike Nifong Press Conference to hype the “Fluff”.

    Demonize the “Perp’. with MFer phone tapes.

    Try to force a resignation and confession.

    Now the Don strikes out with the Ill. Attorney General pushing to remove “Moe” from power.

    The Father of the Ill. Attorney General, who wants to be Gov. is himself an Ill. Political Don. — Check it out.

    Moe’s father in law is a “Made Guy” in the Chicago Political underworld, who Moe has pissed off.

    Like Nifong’s case and the Scooter case, THERE IS NO THERE, THERE!!

    Calling someone an M–Fer on the phone is not a crime even if they are talking about the Don.

    Saying that the “Power” to fill a vacant Senate Seat is “gold”, is just stating a political fact of life.

    Saying you want something in return for the favor of being appointed, is what filling positions is all about and always has been.

    Look at the Cabinet appointments and you will see favor after favor being repaid.

    Caroline Kennedy??
    A Senate seat in New York???
    She and Uncle Ted endorsed Obama against Don Clinton’s wife???

    Pleeeease! Tell me you get it.

    Come on, even if you didn’t read the book, you must have seen the movie.

    Moe Green, the one who had to put his glasses on to see it comming.

    Right through the eye.


    Patrick Fitzgerald is a Political Nifong thug, working for the Don.

    • Kal

      Your reasoning has a certain internal logic. However, what does not make sense is why Fitz would work for anyone, when he has had the bushies at his back throughout. Where is the lever?

      • William L. Donlon


        An Appointment to the Federal Bench for the man who cleaned up Chicago.

        Look, Obama has a problem — Rezko!

        Fitzpatrick has a problem — Rezko!

        Rezko flips on Blagojevitch and gets Three to five counting time served.

        He’s out on parole is eighteen months tops.

        Fitz has landed his big fish.

        The Ill. Attorney General helped and now runs for Governor.

        Blagojevitch is SOL and has to cop a plea.

        He gets two, out in one.


        Like Scooter he fights the fluff charges.

        He will then of course be charged with lying to a Federal Agent and get three out in two.

        Heads I win Tails you Loose.

        Ain’t the “Justice System Fine??

        Everyone should own one.

        And Obama??

        His choice gets the Senate seat and it wont be JJJr.

        • Kal

          WJD: This is purely frightening. Whichever way it lands, we all lose — so long as there is no one in the whole chain willing to stand up for what is right.

          Thanks for the scenarios. I had no idea.

        • JS Ruby

          Unless BO has to wait for the end of his term, I see a lot of pardons on Jan 21st.

    • Kostermann

      Obama is not Michael Corleone.

      He may wish, he may hope, he may pray, he may sing along with Dusty Springfield, but Obama is not Michael Corleone.

      And he never will be.

      Michael was smart, as far as gangsters go, Obama is not.

      • beebop

        What was the dumb brother’s name?

        You have to spend your lifetime in that cesspool and swim in the genetic pool to operate. Michelle knows how it’s done and has a whole network to protect her. Not so much Body Odor.

    • extreme ways

      If Fitz was Obama’s man, Obama would have had a better answer than his ever-ready lie and there would be no reference to a “specifically named individual” on page 62 of the complaint (I think, not to mention I hope.)

      On another note, I’m also puzzled why Barfy did not want JJJ as his first and only pick. Maybe he was doing a child psychology play on Blago, knowing a million was preferable to an appointment, while seemingly going against Barfy’s desires and at the same time out of his hands, aka no fingerprints.

  • nationalert

    Obama’s lies about the Blago deal.

  • Linda C.

    The problem with Obama is that he wants to project the high road. He can only accomplish that by lying which of course isn’t taking the “high road”. Obama is a politician from Chicago. He can’t get around that fact and the more he tries to project an image of being something other than what he is…people loose confidence

  • Twinkie

    someone asked McCain if he’d take advice from others, he said, “Not from any politicians from Illinois.”

  • sjc-tx

    What I find very worrying is how the OBVIOUS sleezy and inept political and moral character of obama will endanger us in the International/foreign policy front… The rest of the world doesn’t fall for ‘race-card’ tricks, nor koolaid diets…

    • stodgie

      good point! and that is why obama needs hillary more than she needs him. foreign governments overall respect the clintons. and the obamas? i don’t think so. they never will. take a look at what the british governtment was saying. and putin? i bet that chess player is laughing his axx off right now at how stupid americans can be.

      • sjc-tx

        I think they have been laughing for a LONGGGGGGG time!

  • Twinkie

    And it just gets worse….

    “You working hard for Rod?” interrupted Berkowitz.”

    Of course, Obama and Blagojevich were very close. Why else would Obama work so hard to get him elected?
    This is what Obama said about his dear friend in 2002:

    On the Chicago TV show “Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz” on June 27, 2002, state Sen. Obama said, “Right now, my main focus is to make sure that we elect Rod Blagojevich as Governor, we…”

    “You working hard for Rod?” interrupted Berkowitz.

    “You betcha,” said Obama.

    “Hot Rod?” asked the host.

    “That’s exactly right,” Obama said.

    In 2004, then-Gov. Blagojevich enthusiastically endorsed Obama for the Senate seat after he won the nomination, and Obama endorsed Blagojevich for his 2006 re-election race in early 2005.

    Hat Tip Tom W.

    • Kostermann

      During Rezko’s first trial, wasn’t it mentioned both Obama and Blago vistied with, or called Rezko, every single day?

      How can newspapers like the WAPO or NYT’s ignore such facts, and maintain credibilty?

      They can’t.

      • How can newspapers like the WAPO or NYT’s ignore such facts, and maintain credibilty?


        I used to think they were missing, but now believe they are a wing of the operation. They are even helping to remove their own reports that will put
        ‘The One’ in bad light?!? I never thought I would ever see the press suppressing information, and it breaks my heart as I see the country moving into an area that we didn’t even witness under BUSH II.

        • Kostermann

          I remember nusaS, or NQ, posting something about Pat whatshisname, the editor of the NYT, and his take on the Obama/Clinton race.

          He considered it a fictional narrative, I mean, really, the contest broken down to nothing more than a bad gothic, Obama the new, Mr Smith like (Mr Smith from IL, right) character, Clinton in her twilight, a last hurrah. This was how he chose to report it, a purposeful decision, in spite of knowing, or maybe not, about Rezko, and the IL corruption.

          It was my impression he saw nothing wroing with it, buying into, and selling the narrative.

          The guy, as a newspaper editor, is useless, utterly useless, laughable. Even as a editor of fiction, he leaves something to be desired.

          I mean, if I want trite narrative, I can go elsewhere, at least someplace where the people have a sense of humor about themselves.

          Someone told me, a long time ago, to get a subscription to the NYT’s, I would need it — I tried, but he was wrong, it’s useless.

          • stodgie

            the family that owns and controls the nyt left their little stoodge in control and he has run it into the grown. first he kissed w’s arse and now obama. what do they have left? the answer is nothing!

      • lark

        That is exactly what people need to understand. That the papers betray and are treasonous to the public good.

    • teresa

      Yes, but Obama hardly knows Blago… just ask him.

  • Andy

    AmericanGirl in Italy:

    Emmanuel is on the FBI wiretaps:

    H/T to Jennifer Rubin who posts this from the Chicago Tribune

    Obama said Thursday he had never spoken to Blagojevich about the Senate vacancy and was “confident that no representatives” of his had engaged in any dealmaking over the seat with the governor or his team. He also pledged Thursday that in the “next few days” he would explain what contacts his staff may have had with the governor’s office about the Senate vacancy.

    Emanuel, who has long been close to both Blagojevich and Obama, has refused to respond to questions about any involvement he may have had with the Blagojevich camp over the Senate pick. A spokeswoman for Emanuel also declined to comment Friday.

    One source confirmed that communications between Emanuel and the Blagojevich administration were captured on court-approved wiretaps.

    Another source said that contact between the Obama camp and the governor’s administration regarding the Senate seat began the Saturday before the Nov. 4 election, when Emanuel made a call to the cell phone of Harris. The conversation took place around the same time press reports surfaced about Emanuel being approached about taking the high-level White House post should Obama win.

    Emanuel delivered a list of candidates who would be “acceptable” to Obama, the source said. On the list were Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, Illinois Veterans Affairs director Tammy Duckworth, state Comptroller Dan Hynes and U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Chicago, the source said. All are Democrats.

    Sometime after the election, Emanuel called Harris back to add the name of Democratic Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan to the approved list, the source said.,0,3359611.story

    • lark

      This reports closes the deal. Completely. Thanks for posting it. I don’t need much of anything else to wrap up my theory.

      A. By blotching this abortion and letting die without attention (per BO legislation) Obama will incur hate of the first degree among Dems in Congress.

      B. By being careless and self-centered, Rahm and JJjr will not forget that his behavior amounts to personal treason.

      Obama is toast to party loyalist.

      Obama is vying to run as an Independent in 2012 since the Dem party will not support him by then.

    • AF catfish

      Obama said Thursday he had never spoken to Blagojevich about the Senate vacancy and was “confident that no representatives” of his had engaged in any dealmaking over the seat with the governor or his team. He also pledged Thursday that in the “next few days” he would explain what contacts his staff may have had with the governor’s office about the Senate vacancy.

      So which is it ‘Bamb? He flip flopped within the same press conference.

  • Kal

    The whole JJJ bit has a whiff of ‘I’m the only real AA politician in this country’ to it — sort of a race-based version of the queen bee syndrome.

    Those tv clips showed someone who looked genuinely surprised and scared by how things looked — someone who seemed to have felt that whatever he had been doing was just fine and dandy. So he can’t be the only one who was tripping merrily down that road.

    • Kal

      clarification: queen bee = BO

      • workingclass artist

        lol…Barry Queen of Snots?….snicker…*wink*

    • FranSC

      “The whole JJJ bit has a whiff of ‘I’m the only real AA politician in this country’ to it – sort of a race-based version of the queen bee syndrome.”

      Wait a minute!! There is no “sort of” to it! JJJ feels VERY special and entitled with direct blood lines to the civil rights movement.

      The only problem is with his Blood-sport performance in the Obama Campaign as the “Race Man” in charge of campaign-directed race-baiting and race-card playing, he is VERY proud of himself for being willing to go to the gutter to insure Obama’s election.

      Who could ever forget the guts of this hit man who promoted the Clintons as *racists* along with everybody else that was for someone other than Obama. It was also his role to keep the AA congress people in line and getting them to abandon Hillary’s campaign as super delegates or else!

      Without a doubt, JJJr is the most racist, meanest elected official we have and would stop at nothing to reward himself for something he feels deeply he deserves. Forget his resounding dispute of nothing to do with Pay to play. Forget his father coming out in his defense – this is the same father that JJJr kicked under the bus for daring to say something negative about his Messiah friend.

      I had thought, this dispicable man who has set race relations back 50 years even among liberal democrats like myself, deserves nothing but scorn – certainly NOT a US Senate Seat prize.

      • WildChild

        Karma seems to be kicking in a lot more quickly then it usually does. But then after the comment JJJ made about OJ and Hillary he’s going to need to bury himself up to the neck in magic amulets to keep what’s coming back around at bay.

  • NCgirl

    I read something day before yesterday that convinced my that this unknown advisor that was taking to Blago had to be good ole’ Rahmbo. I am now thoroughly convinced that it was Emanuel. Did you hear about that little confrontation he had with the media when they followed him to his son’s school? He sounds like a man with something to hide to me.

  • Kostermann

    Also, it is NOT looking good at all for JJJ. Reports are surfacing that someone tried to hold a $1M fundraiser for the Governor a week ago on JJJ”s behalf. And if JJJ does get implicated we will get to hear how yet another of Obama’s friends/associations will have saddened him, and aren’t who he thought they were.
    From reading in the Chicago Tribune, it appears the Indian community has been big in IL politics, in fact helping to provide the seed money for JJJ’s aborted Senate buy.

    I know Mushareff, ex Pakistan, had a brother, (a doctor), living in Chicago, but I coudn’t find a reference.

    I dont know why, something about this reminded me of him, I guess in conjunction with the Indian terrorist attack at Thanksgiving.

    Random, I know, but I wondered if Mushareff’s brother is a player in IL politics.

    • Jackson Jr. Denies Wrongdoing In Gov. Scandal

      Why didn’t Obama want Jesse Jackson Jr.?!?

      • Chicago Joe

        Think back to when the AA community didn’t like BHO because he wasn’t black enough. Not old school Chicago. Didn’t come up through the neighborhoods like JJ. And then he leapfrogs over somebody like JJ Jr. with the whole civil rights movement pedigree that he has (regardless of what you think of Sr., he is authentic.) So here comes BHO and he is assuming the mantle (Sen., future mayor–that was once the plan, now POTUS) dreamed of for JJ Jr. No wonder JJ Sr wanted to remove something from him.

        • First, I know I will get flack but hear me out. In my humble opinion, it is a very sad state of affairs for Jesse Jackson Sr., to see all this come down at his door step. Not only is Jesse Jackson Jr., mentioned as candidate number 5, but his other son is too, I think.

          For a father it must be a sad state of affairs, since Jesse Jackson Jr. is more qualified than Obama, having served in congress for over ten years and actually voted and taken hard positions at times. That said, I hope that JJJ has learned what must be a hard lesson…now that he knows that Obama didn’t have the same loyalty towards him, that JJJ had towards Obama, even being critical of his own father at times.

          This must be a very hard time in that family and yes Jesse Jackson Sr. is authentic and I did defend him when he was ‘attacked’ by Obots and I was also very upset about the ‘attacks’ on John Lewis and Charles Wrangle too. I haven’t seen any of their qualities in Obama, Obama has never stayed anywhere long enough to do the CHANGE he speaks of. Jessee Jackson Sr.’s family will be in my prayers as even my own have fallen for ‘Change’ mantra and its been tough. Mr. Unity has been anything but…

  • Twinkie

    Love this quote from one who lives in the Windy City and knows!

    “We have a sick political culture, and that’s the environment Barack Obama came from,”

    – Jay Stewart, executive director of the Chicago Better Government Association

    from “Obama Was Mute on Illinois Corruption”

    • Chicago Joe

      Amen to that. With my knowledge of Rahm’s colloquialisms, as they say, it should be quite entertaining when those tapes are leaked. If nothing else, a huge embarassment to Obama, and hopefully, much worse. Told ya so when he picked Rahm as his Chief of Staff. R must know a lot about unpleasant factoids in O’s past, or why would he have taken this chance on him? Everyone knows how R operates, and Barry was ok with that? Why?

      Frankly, I think Blago may go scott free in all of this as the “sunlight” he alluded to the other day shines all over a lot of other players in this tragic comedy.

  • AngryWhitePerson

    Chicago Tribune is reporting that Rahm Emanuel gave Blago a list of names that Obama found to be “acceptable” replacements.

    The moment Obama said that he NEVER talked to Blago, Emanuel knew he was yesterday’s dinner. However, I’m confident that because Rahm and Blago are bloated egotistical gasbags, neither will go out quietly.

    • lark

      You got it. Poor Obots and left wingers.

    • AF catfish

      Because Emanuel is independent and not afraid to tell Bambi to get over himself, I’m afraid of who could replace Emanuel.

      The day Bambi gets a naive sycophant chief of staff is the day our country is in trouble.

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    • stodgie

      you might add if you want to talk there is a nice prosecutor willing to listen for free too! hehehe

    • Kostermann

      Mr Clean?

      Big, bald gay guy, earring?

      • workingclass artist

        Doesn’t he have a RAP cd coming out soon?

        • Kostermann

          Something about “the Life and Times of Mazda C.”

          Mr Clean, living la vida loca…

          • workingclass artist

            lol…and in a stylish sarong…chuckle…

    • Anon

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      • Ferd Berfle

        But wait! If you act now we will throw in free of charge two limited edition aluminum coins of the one along with a plate!

        Nothing so dear as aluminum–they’re tin, just like That One, searching for a brain.

        • drkate

          …and a heart…

          • Ferd Berfle

            You’re right, of course. Oops.