PREFACE: Larry Johnson and I as well as many of our writers and our faithful readers know Betty Jean (“BJ”) Kling, whose contagious enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton, for the Puma movement, and for the McCain/Palin ticket inspired all of us. Uppity Woman has written a profoundly important article about the tragedy that has befallen Betty Jean, her two daughters, and her family. Uppity’s essential reading is posted in full below. Larry suggested to me that you may wish to know the circumstances, so I looked up news articles listed at Google News, including a December 17th story by a New Jersey Star-Ledger reporter Carly Rothman. I don’t know which stories are most accurate, so I pray that this will give you a clear picture of this horrific tragedy. BJ is the mother of the “estranged wife” and the “woman’s sister” and, I believe, the grandmother of “Mark”:

A Lodi man who was told to leave his estranged wife’s home re turned later and shot the woman’s sister in the head, authorities said yesterday.

George Hartwig, 40, is charged with attempted murder, aggra vated assault, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and possession of a prohibited weapon in the Monday night shooting. …

Hartwig had argued with his estranged wife, Denise Richardson, at her Lodi home sometime Monday, but was told to leave by Richardson’s mother [B.J.], …

He allegedly returned to Richardson’s home that evening with a loaded shotgun. … Hartwig then began arguing with Richardson’s sister, 41-year-old Louisa Rodus. … The argument ended around 8:30 p.m. when Hartwig allegedly shot Rodus in the head. …

When police arrived, Richard son’s son Mark was restraining Hartwig on the floor. …

Rodus was taken to Hacken sack University Medical Center, where she remained in critical condition last night. …

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UPPITY WOMAN’s STORY, “Hear THIS, Senseless and Complacent Women Who Are Amused By Enablers“:

As the Grand Enabler takes office, here’s your Christmas present.

CNN, you cavalierly report what you enabled more of as you participated in the celebration of escalating abuse and hatred of women during this election season.

And don’t think you are safe from this yourself, Campbell. This is blood on your hands and on the hands of all women who take sexism and misogyny with a grain of salt. You didn’t fight the fight and you think your rights will always be there. You are Wrong. Those of us who Fought the Fight for you recognize all the signs.

Your reward for your complacency and viciousness awaits all of you who do not want to See how little steps grow into bigger steps. You will recognize what you have done nothing about when you see it all slip away from you by degrees instead of from others who mean nothing to you. And those of us who incurred the battle scars for ungrateful you won’t lift a finger for you either. You gave it up. Soon you will have to be the ones to get it back

I am incensed.

Slap em on the wrist till they blow her brains out

No laughing matter CNN, no slap on the wrist matter either! Who will join me?

Louisa’s law Maybe ? Keep the offenders away from these women not drive the women into shelters and away from their homes.

Do you have any idea how many women get their brains blown out daily in this country because we are too damned easy on men who abuse women? They abuse their wives and their families and the major reason they continue to do is because women have so little protection and because they are slapped on the wrist – they keep getting away with it till they finally blow someone’s brains out then they land in jail where a lot of them should have been kept in the first place.

Better yet – the first time they started to show disrespect for women and girls if we stood our ground- maybe it wouldn’t be a joke that that leaves me tonight looking at two daughters battling for their very lives! One from Cancer and the other from the gunshot wound to the head from the 23 year abuser who was left to become worse and worse till he finally became a would be murderer!

It all started with blond jokes- that the guys in the locker rooms thought were funny at the girl’s expense. Unchecked it graduated to degrading language then to shoves, then to short stints for spousal abuse which wound up sending the abuser right back home to abuse again.

Just On June 16th 2008 this man, attacked my sleeping cancer patient daughter with a hammer to the skull for her pain drugs. He spent 3 months in Jail then pled guilty to a lesser charge and they let him out ROR, and it ended up with her sister Louisa my youngest daughter’s brains on the living room wall last night!

You bet the 180 degree turn-a-round from fire Favreau to maybe we should send him to a battered women’s shelter and fix the bastard was a bit personal! Now I am on a death watch for two daughters.


This has got to stop – too many innocent females are destroyed daily because we will not stand up and fight like hell. We want this stopped this was not a laughing matter CNN boys – come to Hackensack, Medical Center NJ and take a look at my daughter- Louisa Rodas. She has less than a 50/50 chance of surviving and if she does she will have one eye – one ear a half of a head and be paralyzed on one side – we have no idea how much brain damage. STOP THIS NOW – PLEASE! For all our daughters !

  • elise

    There was a story today about a newly elected congressman(D) who broke a glass across his girlfriend’s face. I hope to God Pelosi will refuse to seat him, but I’m not betting on it. She has other priorities.

  • karen for Clinton (told you so)

    We will not be silenced part two. Election fraud is one thing we can deal with on a non-emotional level but violence against women is something that has been ignored for far too long and is a much more important beast and has grown, thanks to The One.

    BJ and her family have personalized this world wide epidemic of gender violence. We noted the lack of attention paid to important evidence of it all year.

    The statistics are astounding and have been all along, it took Hillary and Palin bashing for us to focus more clearly on the elephant in the room.

    A beheading here, a hammer attack there, a slur, a card-board grope, an honor killing, a c*unt t-shirt, acid in the face – it is all related and world-wide.

    Someone here at NQ linked a Glamour article from Eve Ensler – Women Left for Dead and the man who is saving them, about the Congo. It is 9 pages long and it is an absolutely unforgetable horror story.

    Prayers to BJ, her family and all the suffering ones everywhere. We will not be silenced. Women power.

  • elise

    I’m sorry I missed this when you posted it, Uppity Woman. This kind of tragedy is repeated thousands of times every year in this country and almost every other country in the world.

    I am so sorry for this family and I know this mother must be inconsolable. I share her anger and frustration with the lack of response from the media.

    We stopped watching CNN and MSNBC months ago and I will never watch them again unless something changes and that’s not likely any time soon. The male members are bad enough, but what has been so disturbing are the “enablers”. It is truly heart breaking.

    It is also unbelievable there are still those, like jbjd, visiting this site to continue the harassment with no sense of shame and no compassion for this family. But, the media and our PE have given their stamp of approval.

    Even blatant sexism isn’t always recognized by younger women. How did that happen? I do believe the male members of the media and government are consciencely trying to keep women in their places and from any real authority, but many men voted for Hillary in spite of their campaign against her.

    Now we know the names and faces of many of the enemies of our rights; Mathews, Cafferty, Olberman, Huffington, Dowd, Mitchel, Obama and many members of the DNC. This is not the times to let up on them and I thank you for your efforts to keep the light shinning.

  • TexasMirth

    My heart goes out to BJ and her family. This story is so tragic, more so because it could have been prevented had the offender been charged with attempted murder for attacking the first victim and stood trial for that. I noticed the Campbell Brown reference above…what does that refer to?

    • candymarl

      Uh sorry for the late reply. Campbell was one of the many female journalists that dismissed the idea of any misogyny during the entire campaign season.
      She smiled and smirked and didn’t seem to see what the problem was.

      Maybe now she can see. But I say it’s far too late.

      • Amae

        I e mailed Campbell about her lack
        of objectivity re Obama and sexism. I
        also e mailed Jack C after he returned
        from his wife’s death. I ask him to
        try to treat women better. I thought
        losing her might cause him to value
        women. Neither seemed to pay any attention.
        I stopped watching them and mostly
        do not now watch CNN.

  • Some men do understand this and they are a better advocate then women who ignore or pretend that sexism does not exist (like Pelosi, etc.)

    District Attorneys have the power right now to make a difference in keeping violent males locked up so they can not return to complete the “job”.

    Years ago I lived in Mass. — about the time that John Kerry was working his way up the political ladder. He was the DA for Middlesex County — and at the time he aggressively went after men who harmed women. The bullies who could beat up on the women — were afraid of a DA who knew how to use the law to protect women. Crimes of “domestic” violence went down — the police were actively involved. This was the mid 1970s. I remember at the time that this proactive campaign by Kerry to stop the violence was RARE. And today this sort of action by a DA is rare.

    Kerry also prosecuted rape cases — many DAs aren’t that aggressive and accept plea bargains. It takes a lot of leadership to bring about change — but it can be done.

    I suspect that the DA in BJ’s daughter’s case was lazy and worked out a plea bargain with the creep of a husband.

    Where are major women’s groups in this?

  • Inez Watson

    I have been emailing BJ for about a year and have been praying for Dee Dee also.Even though we have never met it’s as if I have known her always.I didn’t know that she also had a son that died of cancer until today.Now she has another tragedy on her hands.How much more can she take?
    My prayers are with you and your family.
    My daughter went through this also until we made her leave the jerk.He has also told us that he would shoot us.We called the police on him and we told that they couldn’t do anything until he did something.I guess that means we would have to be shot.
    Stay strong BJ.

  • ford

    The pain is unbearable, I am disgusted.

    The children of these men suffer too. The age of trying to keep families together that have abuse at their heart has got to stop. The politically correct goal of intact abusive families is a travesty.

  • Garry

    Wasn’t it Not Your Sweetie who related the story of her mother, (maybe grandmother) and the Texas gasman?

    He threatened her, she told him if he followed through, she’d castrate him, and serve up his willie with peppers, and onions?

    Brutal, but it is the only thing some understand.

    I don’t mean to imply it’s a solution, here, but, you know, no amount of counseling, in the world, can help some men.

    • Pennsylvania Red

      I agree, the times I’ve had to deal with men who attempt to intimidate me they get the message that even though I am not Sicilian, they will not want to see my Italian garlicnose self emerge.

      As you said, beasts only comprehend a threat from a meaner beast.

  • Garry

    My condolences to BJ, and her family.

    I am very sorry for this tragedy.

  • Karma

    Words just don’t do justice in a time like this….

    But please know BJ and Family….my heart was with your family before knowing that we’ve spent time together here.

    Please remember to take care of yourselves as you take care of both Louisa and Denise.

  • Nellie

    And Congress gives itself a raise after remaining silent about the horrible misogyny this last year and a half? It’s their THIRD raise in 2 years.

    I say we protest and tell them to reduce their pay back to January 2006 levels and the overage from their vastly UNEARNED raisees be donated to a legal fund to represent woman.

    What say all of you??

    • TERM LIMITS! For both houses! It has become a country club of the Rich and Famous and the people are the ones that continue to be neglected.

      We are the one country that gives aid worldwide, but we are one of the few western countries without UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE?!? Betty Jean, was working hard for Hillary because she has always been an advocate for UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE, many of us did too and now that too will be lost, despite the Democrats having full control.

      Term Limits…

      • Annie Oakley

        More than term limits, we need to regain control of the auction of our representatives. So long as they need corporate money to get elected and reelected, they will ignore us except to pander to whatever demographic group their advisors tell them they need during the “election”. Once that’s out of the way, it’s back to business.

  • Tricia Spiegel

    My heart goes out to BJ and her family.

  • candymarl

    Law enforcement knows the stats that show that when a man is told to leave without incarceration a woman either dies or is injured.

    The hammer incident should have been tried as attempted murder I don’t care how sorry he was.
    That judge should be removed from the bench.

    So for all those women who sniggered, smiled, and laughed at the b*tch, c*nt, and wh*re remarks think about these women and their suffering.

    For all those women who thought the Obama’s speech writer’s fondling of Hillary’s cut out was no big deal take a good long look. Still think it’s funny?

    Women like Campbell Brown actively enabled this. Ellen and Maddow fell silent. Oprah? She’s an egotistical joke. NOW and Emily’s list made excuses while asking for money.

    This is not just sad it’s criminal.

    • Amen, candymarl. Couldn’t have said it better.

      A friend who lives in the DC area was telling me that his partner’s women’s group was coming down for Obama’s inauguration, “no surprise.” I said, yes, actually, it IS a surprise given his misogynistic treatment (and more). He said years ago that until women start voting FOR their self-interests, things will never change. This year has been a real eye-opener in that regard. Blatant misogyny is acceptable now.

      And as someone who worked a LOT on domestic violence, you are absolutely right. The stories abt women assaulted/killed by their batterers are horrifying, and most of them were PREVENTABLE.

      That this happened to BJ’s family is heart breaking…

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy,

        You are so correct. Why wasn’t the hammer attack on Denise’s head treated as what it was:Attempted MURDER! Why else would someone hit another person on the head with a hammer?!?

        That judge needs to go to traffic court, in the parking division, because they simply didn’t get it, but it also could have been that the district attorney didn’t file the charges…no charges of attempted murder would have left the judge’s hands tied. It is the District Attorneys who file the charges and they rely on the police.

        Anyone know who the District Attorney in the first case was?

    • Annie Oakley

      Well said. And it’s not just the political content of television and the acceptance of misogyny by its women who think they are excluded. It’s also the nonstop formula of shows like CSI: sex and violence and women as victims. I’ve never been able to figure out how scenes of gratuitous pole dancing amount to liberation. But in these fantasy shows, the women also carry guns and are “one of the guys”. Like the political women, they give cover to the misogyny as so many think that if women participate in it, it can’t be misogyny.

      These stories of abuse are also not news. They are not news because they are so common. This particular story of a woman being so horrifically attacked while she was in bed reminded me of another recent story, the female news anchor who was similarly attacked and killed. Remember her? This kind of violence represents an extreme hatred of women. In that case, the criminal took her credit cards, but didn’t have to kill her to do that. In this case, he didn’t have to assault his dying wife to steal her drugs. They seem to be hate crimes against women.

  • I’m a Linda too

    I read this on Riverdaughter’s site, it nearly broke my heart. I lit some candles for Louisa and Betty Jean.

    My sincerest and heartfelt wishes and prayers to you.

    • I’m a Linda too

      …and of course, Denise.

      My best to you all

  • The system failed and failed enormously. Denise had been sick for some time, he had stolen her medication in the past, medication for pain and she was so afraid of it being stolen that she slept with it.

    One day he attacked Denise with a hammer on her head for her pain medication, was sentenced to a mere three months and released. The signed were there, this man was a KILLER, he should have been charged with attempted murder and given a long sentence.

    The system’s failure is why Louisa is now in critical condition, and CNNs comments are endemic of why our society doesn’t call out misogyny when it raises its ugly head. Instead, we see people Like Keith Olbermann rewarded with big contracts and Chris Mathews exalted to be worthy of a senate seat and given the green flag by the Democratic party.

    I was recently called a lunatic, a person who was insane by the obots. You wonder what I said? Well it appears I finally said some thing that hurt them, I had dared to attack their pocket book here!

    I wrote something here at NQ and was attacked at TGW. It has never been more evident that we must DIVEST FROM MISOGYNY, because that is really what the system will pay attention to. Four women die every day here in the US, a woman was burned alive in California but it didn’t make the main news. We must speak up, as silence is our greatest enemy.

    Divest form Misogyny Today and stand your ground and fight for your rights and your childrens rights…

    • Comment by Woman Voter | 2008-12-02 12:31:06

      Amnesty International: Stop Violence Against Women
      Every minute of every day all over the world, women are harassed, attacked and even killed just for being women, daughters, Sisters, mothers, children. It doesn’t have to be this way. Amnesty International is working to stop it. Making a difference is easier than you think. The first step is making your voice heard, make some noise to stop violence against women.Take action at Amnesty Internationals’ website.

      I too feel pained and a deep sorrow. I feel that we have come under fire and our own helped out. All our leaders stood silent and said nothing!

      We have lost ground and as SBB said, “Ladies stand your ground.”

      We must DIVEST FROM MISOGYNY! Stop supporting companies that have men that sing songs calling women misogynistic/sexist names. Stop supporting companies based in countries that don’t value Women as Human Beings and don’t afford them Human Rights.

      Let’s DIVEST FROM MISOGYNY/SEXISM TODAY! Take some action, make some noise with your pocket books! Don’t support those that don’t support women. Silence is our worst enemy.

    • Guys, you can focus the problem on violence against women. That’s fine. The PROBLEM is bigger than that, however. I worked in the criminal justice system and it made me sick every day of my life. I gave up going to law school and becoming a prosecutor because of the volunteer work I did for the Victim/Witness Advocacy Unit. Every day I saw violent criminals out on the street, repeat offenders, committing the SAME crimes they had once been imprisoned for. For the people here who whine all day about the one in 10 million innocent people who get wrongly convicted, well that’s the problem. Twofold…one, it’s WAY harder than you think to convict criminals. Stop watching TV and thinking you know anything. You don’t. Unless you have a ton of evidence, they aren’t going to jail. And even with solid evidence and 100% proof, often the system fails. Also, it’s hard to keep them in jail. 82% of violent criminals are recidivists – i.e., they get out and go right back to violent crime. Why are we letting them out so they can kill/rape, etc. again? Overcrowded prisons and liberals. Yes LIBERALS. Wahahahah we’re too hard on them. Let them out and give them another chance. What a load of crap. Sorry, if people knew that they would be severely punished for their crimes, they might think again. But the system fails us. We are pansies on criminals. I am all for the death penalty. They won’t kill again if they are dead. Period.

  • Sassy

    Another sad story that will play for a day in the media, and for a lifetime for the victims.
    I have lived for a lot of years, but have gained no wisdom on this issue. What will it take? How much longer? When will society demand that ALL persons should be respected and protected?
    I pray that I never have to harm another, but I WILL do whatever I can to protect my family and myself!
    My sympathy to these victims, and all like them, and may God restore their faith and lives!

  • honora

    Thank you so much for covering this vitally important story on what happens when a society decides that women are not as important as men. Betty Jean’s daughter Denise (who is suffering from terminal cancer) has been victimized by her ex-husband before. Her courageous sister, Louisa, had to step in to protect her sister because the government of the US and NJ would not. Please join us , in the PUMA movement, in praying for strength for this incredible family of women.

    • Alicee

      damn men. kill em all

      • I am not advocating ‘hate’ against men, all men are not evil, I live with a man, many of my younger family members are men and they don’t hate women. What we need is to educated men about the growing misogyny in this country, ask that they not partake in misogyny nor support it and bring the message home that ‘Women’s Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women’s Rights’…so a wise woman once said.

        Societies that respect women prosper, those that oppress them do not, their children suffer (male and female) and society as a whole declines.

        All we are working towards is the right to live with dignity, respect, free of violence, free of intimidation, free of harassment and afforded rights of a human being, no more no less.

    • jbjd

      WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT. We write these laws that result in ‘slaps on the wrist’ for violence perpetrated against women, through our elected representatives. So, every time we complain of how society treats perpetrators of violence against women, we are railing against ourselves.

      In overwhelming numbers, women supported HRC. People felt sorry she was victimized by sexism from the MSM and her Party but for the most part, accepted her “choice” to live with it. But by allowing BO and his supporters to publicly denigrate her, she enabled them to attack Governor Palin. Most of the women who had supported her for POTUS, voted for BO, notwithstanding he symbolically ‘brushed’ her off his shoulders; gave her the finger; and celebrated that of his “99 problems,” “a b**** ain’t one of them.” They even denigrated his mother while ostensibly objecting to his sexist conduct(“son of a bitch”).

      The PUMA movement claims to care about this woman and her family and, I have no doubt, they do. But, evidently, this care does not extend to the woman the founder of PUMA PAC wrote on the top of her blog was a “piece of shit,” because of a disagreement. What perverse rationale legitimizes extending to this woman’s family less respect than a woman who is a member of the PUMA club? The founder of this PAC was also banned from another woman-run site for using offensive language, subsequently unleashing a torrent of demeaning criticism she allowed to be posted on her site, against that other site.

      Uppity Woman refers to CNN as “enablers” for the sexist speech and conduct on their broadcast, implying a distinction between one news outlet and all of the women who vote for legislators who write lax laws; or fail to petition their legislators to strengthen these laws; or opt out of the political process altogether. What about all of the women who elected the man who gave the former First Lady the finger and remained silent when his supporters displayed t-shirts refering to a female governor as a c***? Do they get a pass because they are women? Who’s perpetrating inequality now?

      There is enough blame to go around to everyone for violence against women. And cloaking oneself in the mantra of PUMA does not bestow absolution.

      (Disclosure: I was banned from that PUMA site for complaining to the Moderator that comments she allowed on her site were racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic.)

      • Yes, agreed but when 1% of women are reflected in our history books, only 16% of women are in elected office (we are ranked 69th in the world for electing women), 70% of those in poverty worldwide are women, women own 1% of titled land worldwide, but alas it is all for not if the younger generation doesn’t know of these facts.

        • EDUCATION is the key — and EDUCATION about sexism and misogyny is NOT covered in school.

          SEXISM and misogyny are LEARNED — and they can be unlearned — but it takes LEADERSHIP.

          And it takes more women in leadership and powerful positions — until THIS happens the cycle of teaching the boys how to hate women and teaching the girls how to be the target of hatred will go on and on and on and on.

          Women’s studies in colleges — did very little to change the attitudes of the college culture.

          The EDUCATION must start with the text books etc. Nice message (NOT) for girls is to see that women had NO role in history — according to the textbooks. In my high school text book NO women poets could be found.

          Things have not gotten better since the “Women’s Liberation” movement of the 60s & 70s — because people like Obama should KNOW better — but he is acting like the politicians of the 1800s who loved to show the voters that they were “Indian fighters” — it was hip to make anti-Indian speeches and many people considered Indians to be less than human. I’ve read the historical record — written at the time, and it was a shocking eye opener.

          Now we’ve progressed to the point that having Indian heritage is something to be proud of.

          Yet — we all have a mother and a female linage. Females are vital to the health and well being of the world — and our world is in very bad shape — because few cultures do not worship the male and denigrate the female.

          The FACT that Betty Jean’s daughters could be harmed in this day and age shows us that we have NOT progressed.

          And the blame is NOT on all of us — it is on the LEADERS who have not shown leadership — except for Hillary Clinton. And I will continue to have an intense disgust with Obama and his followers — because they have added to the culture of hate against women: Two T-shirts — Bros before Hos — and Palin is a c**T — and Obama said nothing. I judge him guilty of willful misogyny.

          • EDUCATION is the key — and EDUCATION about sexism and misogyny is NOT covered in school.

            SEXISM and misogyny are LEARNED — and they can be unlearned — but it takes LEADERSHIP.-Northwest rain

            I agree 100%, until they learn it is wrong, it will continue…

      • Go away.

        You have no idea what you are talking about you TROLL.

        You assh0les have been trying to divert the subject away===

        Obama is YOU sexist pig candidate — and you are a sexist PIG for supporting this assh0le.

        • The above remark is directed at the troll jb — above.

          • Sorry Northwest rain I read the post before having my coffee. Sorry.

            I guess this guy thinks it is fine to wear the C-T-shirts. 🙁

      • Sexism, Misogyny, Women’s History & Hillary Clinton
        All we are asking is for equal treatment, please provide the statistics for ‘four’ men being killed daily in America for being men.

        Also, when did you hear this:

        Did you hear about Phil in the news? Yup, they took him, kicking and screaming from the gym’s parking lot, and no one helped. They found his body today, he had been raped, disfigured and tortured.


        As women in America we hear this every day in the news, and some times the females are just babies.
        Misogyny/Sexism against women must STOP!

        • candymarl

          I didn’t hear about Phil but anyone who’s capable of that type of behavior needs to never see the light of day again. It does not speak well at all of our society that no one helped. I’m guessing no one, even if they didn’t want to get involved, called 911.

          Do you have a link to Phil’s story? I’d like to read more.