That seems to be Bill Ayers’ new refrain when pressed on his history with the Weather Underground. “Who me, a dangerous guy?? Oh, no. You’ve got me all wrong! I’m just a harmless education professor who was anti-war back in the ’60’s, but who wasn’t?!” Or so his NY Times Op-Ed piece would have you believe.

Recently, Soldier4Hillary had a powerful piece on this very Bill Ayers Op-Ed, “Quiet Storm.” In it, she decried this domestic terrorist being treated as “Hail, fellow well met” by major media outlets. I could not agree more. We are not alone, thank heavens.

The other day, Paul Greenberg, the head of the editorial board for the Arkansas-Democrat Gazette, had this piece: HE’S B-A-A-ACK! Yes, the one to who he is referring is none other than “Not in prison on a technicality” Weatherman, Bill Ayers:

He lay low during the presidential campaign, and for good reason. His various connections to a neighbor named Barack Obama would have embarrassed both of them.

To hear Sen. Obama tell it during the campaign, this was just somebody he would occasionally pass on the street in Hyde Park, their upscale enclave back in Chicago. No need to go into detail about the various committees and fundraisers they’d put together for their mutual benefit. It wouldn’t do for a presidential candidate to acknowledge the depth or variety of his associations with an unrepentant terrorist out of the literally explosive 1960s.

But now that the campaign is over, Bill Ayers has resurfaced. In the New York Times, of course, where his latest apologia appeared earlier this month. Like so many distinguished old terrorists, he now denies he ever was one. A founder of the Weather Underground, which he once described as “an American Red Army,” he now says it was guilty only of “symbolic acts of extreme vandalism.”

I’m sorry, but “extreme vandalism”?? Seems like he’s still on those ’60’s drugs if this is how he now chooses to frame the terrorist activities of his “posse”:

Euphemism is still the last resort of the violent. The Weathermen, the talented Mr. Ayers explains, were guilty only of “attacks on property, never on people. … But it was not terrorism; we were not engaged in a campaign to kill and injure people indiscriminately, spreading fear and suffering for political ends.”

He could have fooled me. In Weatherman’s heyday back in 1969 Chicago, aka the Days of Rage, its members attacked police and civilian targets alike. Is he now saying that they killed and injured people only discriminately?

The rhetorical distance between Bill Ayers’ old memoir, “Fugitive Days,” and the mild persona he’s now adopted on the op-ed page of the New York Times is impressive mainly for its sheer chutzpah. For in his book, which might as well have been a confession in full, he wrote proudly of having “participated in the bombings of New York City Police Headquarters in 1970, of the Capitol building in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972.”

Of the day he bombed the Pentagon, Bill Ayers recalled: “Everything was absolutely ideal. … The sky was blue. The birds were singing. And the bastards were finally going to get what was coming to them.”

See? Nothing but a little “vandalism” going on there! Who could possibly claim that Ayers and his little gang were actually terrorists?? I mean, c’mon already! Oh, wait, Ayers wasn’t finished:

There’s a lot more of that kind of thing in his rhetoric: “There’s something about a good bomb. … Night after night, day after day, each majestic scene I witnessed was so terrible and so unexpected that no city would ever again stand innocently fixed in my mind. Big buildings and wide streets, cement and steel were no longer permanent. They, too, were fragile and destructible. A torch, a bomb, a strong enough wind, and they, too, would come undone or get knocked down.”

Mr. Ayers’ earlier defense of his terrorist past had appeared, with perfect timing, in an interview in the New York Times published on the morning of September 11, 2001. The events of that day rather took the shine off his remarks. Or were those terrorists just practicing “symbolic acts of extreme vandalism,” too?

Lest we forget, people were killed during the Weatherman’s reign of terror, notably three Weathermen — including Mr. Ayers’ then-girlfriend, Diana Oughton. They blew themselves up accidentally in their Greenwich Village town house while preparing a bomb that had been intended for an Army dance at Fort Dix.

Just because terrorism is incompetent doesn’t make it any the less terrorism. As a more honest Bill Ayers once admitted, that bomb could have done a lot more damage if it hadn’t killed the terrorists themselves, “tearing through windows and walls and, yes, people, too.” Instead, it tore through the terrorists. There is a raw justice in these matters.

I see – so attempted murder doesn’t count, then, right? Because of their own incompetence, the Murtaugh family, particularly NY State Supreme Court Justice Murtaugh, in Manhattan was not killed when they firebombed their house. So, that doesn’t count in the reign of terror – oops – “vandalism.” Oh, of course not. We were all just taking this Weather Undergound thing a little tooseriously, at least according to the BIll Ayers of today:

But the greatest violence Bill Ayers has done, and continues to do, is to the language. He now presents a campaign of terror as just vandalism, and his old speeches as just a lot of posturing. (“Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that’s where it’s really at.”) Today, thanks to his remarkable forgettery, he can’t even remember saying such things.

Bill Ayers may be willing to twist the simple meaning of words, but he can’t seem to admit their power, and take responsibility for the effect his own might have had on impressionable young minds. Naturally he’s now become a professor of “education” at the University of Illinois. If he couldn’t destroy American society in his youth, maybe he can undermine the next generation in his advancing years.

And that is, in a nutshell, one of the major concerns about Bill Ayers. Not only is he completely unreprentant for his deeds, and is now trying to couch them in far less incendiary language, but it is what he is imparting to this generation (you nkow, Obama), and the next.

And speaking of Obama:

It wouldn’t be quite accurate to say Professor Ayers never made an appearance during the late presidential campaign. Fox News sent a camera crew to waylay him outside his nice home in Hyde Park. The newsmen found him wearing a shirt adorned with, of course, a big red star. And he did not welcome their attention. “This is my property,” he told them, ordering them off the place. Then the old Weatherman and cop-baiter called … the police.

The professor would seem to be all against vestiges of the old, oppressive capitalist order like private property — unless of course it’s his. His guiding philosophy isn’t communism, it’s hypocrisy. Bill Ayers’ politics and maybe life can be summed up simply enough: He’s the personification of the spoiled brat as ideologue.

Now that I’ve written this column, I almost regret it. If I hadn’t spotted his self-righteous little act in the New York Times, I might have spared both you, Gentle Reader, and me this brief review of his miserable career. The man isn’t worth wasting good time and words on. But attention must be paid, a record kept. So some future innocent won’t take his type, and hype, seriously.

Well, amen to that, but the vast majority of the media is far too complacent, even encouraging, of Ayers’ “type and hype.” Yes, vigilance is required to keep an HONEST record of what this man did, of what his group did, and how terrorized people were byt his organization. For Ayers to try to claim now that it was essentially just some spirited hijinks on his part is not only disingenuous, but dangerous. We must remember the truth, and not let him get away with his revisionist history (or that of Obama’s relationship with this man). It is far past time this man was held accountable for his actions, no matter his words.

  • Lana

    Coincidentally his book Fugitive Days went out of print during the election and just so happened to be re-released on Amazon November 5th. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Magic Puzzle Box

    Didn’t he also write a book about how we should get rid of prisons that Obama gave rave reviews to? A Kind and Just Parent? More like “An Overindulgent Parent” after his dad, but then all of his brothers ended up the same way he did, WUO sympathizers and education people. Makes you wonder. But even more interesting from the MSM perspective is when I pulled up some old reviews when his Fugitive Days came out and no one seemed squeamish back then about openly calling him a terrorist. So what’s up with that? In just a matter of a few years, that is now taboo? Better still, why did that Sean Penn Castro/Chavez article/video sound like it could have been straight from Ayers? Any influence there? I understand that in Venezuela, Ayers is on some think tank committee and is considered a hero, too.

  • Judy L. NC

    I’m waiting for Ayers to admit he did it for the drugs and sex.

  • cathnealon

    Joe the Plumber asked one question of BO and was investigated by the state of Ohio for any past wrongdoing. Ayers blows people up and should have been in jail along with his wife and he writes op eds for the NYT and is a professor of education. This is scary. This is the essence of the ‘elitism’ that BO represents. The average Joe is denigrated and the real crooks and murderers are elevated. God help us.

  • mkm125

    I find the most disturbing aspect of this whole Ayers fiasco is the comments I read at the end of the articles (whether pro or anti Ayers). So many individuals who are now in their 50s/60s and remember the anti-war movement of late 60s/ early 70s call him a “hero.” It just makes me ill……Ayers and Dohrn (who lauded Charles Manson!) are exactly what was stated, “….. personification of the spoiled brat as ideologue.” If they both went to jail and served time for their deeds and were actually “repentant”…I might feel otherwise.

    Ayers work in education is hardly enough to “atone for his sins” and what he did to the American public in terms of (mental) terrorism. I have to wonder–since his supporters like to applaud his contributions to education as a Professor of Education at the University of Illinois–why are Chicago public school still such a mess?

    • Wisewoman

      mkm25: His “work” in education in Chicago is another big lie. I am an AA who taught in the public schools in the ghetto in Chicago for 2 years before returning to the south. At that time the desease of something for nothing and “welfare on the brain” had not taken root as deeply as they have now. Gang banging, lack of parental involvement, lack of interest was on the rise. However, there were many students (the overwhelming majority) who tried to study, pass and graduate. I taught 8th and 9th grade math. Although everyone thought I had lost my mind, I took my students from the ghetto on a 5 day spring break trip to the nation’s capital. I challenged them to “have fun but behave” and have no incidences that would reflect badly on them, me or the school. Although I became sick and could not watch them, they were so grateful and did just as they were told. they behaved beautifully. I loved those kids and worked hard to help them succeed in the old-fashioned way.
      My sister taught in the public schools in Chicago for over 30 years and recently retired. We always talk about the difference in teaching 20 years ago vs now. She will tell you that the so called “education reforms” that have been advocated mainly came out of the U of Chicago. She was devistated when she found out that most of those came from Ayers and people of his type. She always says that these so-called unsuccessful reform ideas are “practiced” on poor children in the public schools while upper middle class people send their own kids to “charter” or private schools. Many of these ignorant reforms came from Ayers. What a shame and a sham that 99.999% of Americans don’t know that Ayers and Obama are lying, flim flam artists.

      • mkm125

        Wisewoman: thanks for your comments on the Chicago public schools. As a somewhat academic (I’m finishing my PhD and deciding if I am going to stay in academics…) it just burns me to think of all those professors who recently signed a petition supporting Ayers and his work in Education. It is one of the reasons I am contemplating leaving…the egos alone are draining! “Professor” Ayers is a shining example of what I want to flee from.

  • oowawa

    Who is Donna Ron, and what does she have to do with Bill Ayers? If you don’t know (and this link has been posted before), you should find out:

    Note that this very readable and horrifying little memoir was published about 3 years ago, before Barack Obama was a factor, and other info on the net indicates Donna Ron later supported O’s candidacy.

    Maybe it’s all a big lie. You be the judge.

  • Dormaphaea

    “He’s the personification of the spoiled brat as ideologue.”


    Thank you Rev. Amy.

    • Strawberrybitch

      Yup, at least Tim McViegh had the balls to live and die by his twisted ideals. Ayers was just a candy ass rich kid who didn’t get enough attention from daddy.

      • workingclass artist


  • Cindy

    Thank you, Rev. Amy! Your vigilance is appreciated.
    I was a young public school music teacher back when terroist Bill was active. And let me tell you, I had to BEHAVE like a good citizen or I could be FIRED from my teaching job.. That’s the main reason I didn’t even smoke marijuana, or allow people to smoke it in my apartment, because you could go to PRISON back then, for such an offense. My daddy and mama taught me to obey the law, or suffer the consequences, i.e. be a grown-up! Ayers has behaved like a spoiled teenager, and worse, has been rewarded for that behavior!

  • Mary Anne O’Neil

    As someone who was a college student during the 60s, I can tell you that this account of Ayres is absolutely correct. And the distortion of language practiced by Ayres and, yes, Obama,show that Orwell was right in his vision of a totalitarian government fueled by technology.

    • Mary

      Agree completely, Mary Anne.

      As a college student against the war at the time—but peaceful protests—-I can attest to the fact that Ayers and his rich kid antics literally HANDED the election to Richard Nixon.

      He sure ran back to his rich Daddy’s “capitalistic profits” to keep his nappy little ass out of prison, didn’t he?

      And here he is, again, writing books that twist and distort what he did as “vandalism,” and all that, to make $$$ off the sale of that book.

      Disgusting man. Truly amoral.


    No Quarter is a finalist for Web Blog Award–Best Political Coverage!!!



  • kenoshamarge

    Expecting a factual article about Ayers from any of the MSM is futile. With the few rare exceptions media is simply too corrupt and inept to both with unimportant little things like facts.

    The public seems all too willing to be fed swill and pretend it’s nourishing and delicious. Or it may just be that many can no longer tell the difference.

    And for a country with so many avenues of information open to us it’s amazing how uninformed, misinformed and ignorant so many of us are.

    Media has bamboozled us. And we let them.

  • bert

    The MSM has sunk to such low depths this past election season that they spent more time denigrating Sarah Palin’s ability to shoot and dress a moose than on the truth of Ayre’s and his band of thug’s reign of terror on America and Americans.

    This period in our nation will surely go down in the history books as one of our worst ever. That Ayre’s can spout this B.S. on the airways and in print is shameful. What next? The re-evaluation of Timothy McVeigh?

    • Ginger

      Exactly my thoughts……and this line alone lends all his other to lies “The sky was blue. The birds were singing. And the bastards were finally going to get what was coming to them.”
      So does this line mean the building is a bastard, or does it mean his claim of vandalism is a lie as he calls the people inside the building “bastards about to get theirs?”
      Ayers is a self-serving bastard as none I have seen in ages….denial of his own motives while still calling his victims bastards. The mind boggles at his bullcrap and justifications.
      And just when I thought he couldn’t stoop lower….

  • BernieO

    Good article, but I think this one in the very liberal “Nation” is the best I have read. Not only does Katha Pollitt make a lot of the same points as Soldier4Hillary, she also rightly blames him and his pals for destroying the peace movement and handing Nixon the weapon he needed to paint liberals as dangerous.
    Here is part of her take on how to describe Ayers:
    “How about huggish? Vainglorious? Egomaniacal? Staggeringly irresponsible? And illogical, don’t forget illogical: as Hilzoy points out, the idea that because “peaceful protest” hadn’t ended the war, bombs would is missing a couple of links. It’s like a doctor saying, Well, chemo didn’t cure your brain tumor, so I’ll have to amputate your leg.

    The arrogant pseudo-intellectual Mr. Ayers must be furious at being described as irrational by a person on the left. As someone who participated in the peace movement and watched it destroyed by Ayers and his ilk (and got to see up close just how idiotic these kinds of people were), I loved this article! Too bad the NY Times doesn’t have this guts to tell people what a pathetic, hypocritical, idiotic egomaniac Ayers and Dohrn really are.

  • C.S.

    Attention is always paid, even to the most vile tyrant or the largest killing fields. Sometimes long after the despots are gone but historians and archeologists tease the secrets of these self righteous madmen from the lies they have told until the Truth emerges and history is rewritten whether from the proof of the mass graves of innocent victims or the convoluted duplicity that made them all leaders, both large and small.

    If you doubt that eventually any legacy of lies can be overwhelmed by investigation of evidence, I suggest you check out any archeological site where forensic archeologists are reconstructing massacres from World War II to present day. It has already begun in Mumbai where information and photographs of those killed by the Islamic terrorist are surfacing. Did you know that India has released information that those Jews that were targeted were tortured and mutilated before they were killed? Did you know that Rivka Holtzberg was close to a full term pregnancy when the terrorists killed her, and that both she and her husband had their genitals mutilated?

    My Ayers and his protege may feel that they are beyond punishment for their deeds and they are protected by the power they wield but these insatiable truth seekers will get them yet.

    • melba peachtoast

      Oh, thank goodness! Before I read your comment I was noticing that Ayers was Jewish. But since you bring up the mutilated genitals of Rivka Holzberg, I see now that Jews are always the victims and never the perpetrators: to be precise, that a perpetrator who happens to be Jewish is never acting as a Jew and a sufferer who happens to be Jewish always suffers as a Jew. Thanks!