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  • noproblama

    I’ve been calling Obama the Britney Spears of politics ever since the primaries started. It got plenty of satisfying blow back on HuffBlow.

    Now Jake Tapper has come up with the same idea. Sorry Jake, nine months and an election too late.


  • The End of the United States?

    File under Worst Case Scenarios:

    A Russian academic has been predicting a 2010 collapes of the United States for the past decade. Alas, his hypothetical scenario reads less like a wildly improbable fantasy these days. Professor Panarin believes the current chances of his prediction actually becoming reality are about even. I believe the linked article is worth consideration as a cautionary note. We need to get our collective act together, folks. No one really believed the former Soviet Union would so quickly come unglued, either.


  • Judy L. NC

    Brilliant! LOL….totally new meaning to “. . .should old acquaintance be forgot. . .” ROFL first thing in the New Year. Perfect, Awesome!

    (er, ah, um, still on my first cuppa, and I missed the memo. Would this be the same Jay who’s going to host a radio show?)

  • typical.white.person

    General Motors/GMAC wants a bailout from the federal government (U.S. taxpayer), yet GMAC is spending it’s money hosting an NCAA football game, The GMAC Bowl, on January 6, 2009, Ball State v. Tulsa.

    Our tax dollars at work, supporting corporate America, so they can get paid their bonuses.

  • I’m a Linda too

    Very good. Thank you for the chuckle.

  • rolling_thunder
  • rolling_thunder

    I thought I’d repost this. A hillary supporter needs help.

    guys, I am seeking help anywhere I can. My job is great fun but the economy has knocked out many of my insurance clients this fall and I have charge backs (people could not afford to keep when they lost jobs or their investments went south) that ate up all my cash and caused my checking account to go in to a roll of bounced checks. It was totally unexpected as I am new at this and was not warned it could happen. If I do not give my landlady at least 450 in the next few days I am out on the street.
    In the meantime I am looking for other work and could move to florida, but I have a whole apartment of stuff to get rid of before I do that and so I need to get rent and Oil heat money to her.

    I am at the end of my rope and have been for weeks, just trying to juggle everything and willing myself not to stay mired in the depression and anxiety that is eating away at me. I just can not juggle anymore and I am about ready to get in my car and disapear… to where I do not know.

    here is the link to my blog, if anyone has it in their heart to hit the donate button I would be very greatful.


  • Athena the Warrior

    Excellent! Thanks for finding and posting this.

  • rolling_thunder


  • rolling_thunder

    Oh Darn! I need my Patsy and Sugar fix.
    Sugar must have a hankering for some good food and R&R..

  • TIME Mag: PUMA 8th Biggest Buzzword of 2008!!!



  • Tricia Spiegel

    So clever and funny!

  • NewHampster

    Absolutely awesome. Thanks Susan