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Reach over 800,000 affluent, independent-minded, and well-educated readers monthly who each spend higher-than-typical time at No Quarter, giving the blog an exceptional 2.2 million page views per month.

Our readers are politically diverse — from Democrats to Independents to Republicans — and all share characteristics of independent thinking, curiosity, and fair-minded assessment of issues, politicians, and the products we advertise. Our readers are also active far beyond the Internet, with most also directly involved in their own communities, political parties, and local and state governments.

No Quarter attracts elite opinion makers and members of the media. The managers and staff members of all of the major political campaigns, as well as popular voter movement organizers and members, read No Quarter daily.

No Quarter also attracts a sizable audience of government and military leaders, given No Quarter founder Larry Johnson’s background in intelligence, counterterrorism, international diplomacy, forensic investigations, and military training.

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