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Grand Bargain Tehran, the Remake »

(Larry Johnson) appeared February 7th on John Batchelor’s program regarding Larry’s article, “John Brennan, Confirmation Open Thread.” I spoke again with a colleague, Reza Kahlili (nom de guerre) of the Fordow event [the Iranians' nuclear site] of January 21, 2013 that we are reporting as a sabotage explosion 300 feet underground in a secretly build [...]

Beau Geste Rides Again »

I spoke last Tuesday to Larry Kudlow and Michael Rubin in re the Hagel nomination. My information is that the nomination will go to a vote in the Senate and will be successful; however there are plenty of turns ahead. As of the close of the week, the White House remained concerned enough to oblige [...]

“Transparency Is the Thing This Century” »

John Batchelor spoke to John Bolton at the American Enterprise Institute For Public Policy Research (AEI), regarding Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico and Eric Schmidt. Bbelow, I (Bronwyn) added information about Eric Schmidt about Google’s embassy to Pyongyang, North Korea. John Batchelor continued: We puzzled as to what to say about this scale of [...]

Ten Thousand Years From Now (Open Thread) »

(Çatalhöyük (Turkish pronunciation: [tʃaˈtaɫhøjyc]; also Çatal Höyük and Çatal Hüyük; çatal is Turkish for "fork", höyük for "mound") was a very large Neolithic and Chalcolithic settlement in southern Anatolia, which existed from approximately 7500 B.C. to 5700 B.C. It is the largest and best-preserved Neolithic site found to date.) Fundamental Adam Smith. Am spending time [...]

Syrian Civil War, Year 3 »

The Obama White House backs the Islamists and their sponsors. … (read more below the fold) : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : The new year 2013 begins the third calendar year of the Syrian Civil War, and it [...]

December 28, 2012 Unclassified Benghazi, to Be Continued (open thread) »

I recently spoke to Joe Kernan, of CNBC “Kudlow Report,” [see video below] re the unclassified report on the Benghazi tragedy, and I aimed to be clear that the State Department is not at fault (about nine minutes into the lengthy segment). The Benghazi mission was and continues to be a national security operation for [...]

Zero Dark Fairy Tale (and open thread) »

I spoke with Eli Lake, Malcolm Hoenlein,and Reza Khalili with regard to the Middle East minefield, and what is to be done with the predator state of Iran. The new Hollywood version of what is to be done, “Zero Dark Thirty,” presents the horse opera scenario of how to win a war. Find the boss [...]

Wreckers of the Arab Spring »

John Batchelor wrote: “The reversal of fortune in the Arab Spring appears to be a surprise to the Obama administration as Cairo now reveals the wolf in wolf’s togs of the Moslem Brotherhood.” I spoke Eric Trager, Malcolm Hoenlein, Sebastian Gorka in re the Morsi declaration that the judiciary in Egypt is illegitimate because it [...]

Red Line Syria »

“Why are Obama and Clinton speaking out again about ‘red line’, repeating what they said earlier in the year?,” asks John Batchelor. Larry Johnson and John Batchelor just discussed these issues on WABC-AM (podcast). I’ve written notes of what they discussed, so please read what they discussed at the end of this post. (Photo above: [...]

Strangelove in Tehran (and open thread) »

I spoke with Michael Vlahos, Naval War College, in re the developing theme in strategic weapons called the Second Nuclear Age, and it is time to apply this thinking to the gathering storm of war in the Middle East. In the First Nuclear Age, two superpowers, Uncle Sam and the Soviets, faced off with tens [...]

Entitlement Gloom »

LARRY is on John Batchelor right now. If you miss it, look here to see the podcast. He is explaining the process through which CIA memoranda go from person to person. Ladies and Gentleman, I titled this image: “THEY WHO RULE US ALL.” That sizes it up. These geniuses are supposed to lead the U.S. [...]

“Jaw-Jaw is the War-War” »

What a clever title, I thought, as I post this so you can all read John’s typically brilliant, insightful posts.Written Nov. 18. Please see my note below. – Bronwyn My information is that the triad of Morsi of Cairo, Erdogan of Ankara, and the Emir Hamad of Qatar conferred and agreed upon a peace plan [...]

“Hamas Boasting” »

“Yes, POTUS Obama sides with the Arab Spring strongmen of Morsi, Erdogan, Hamad of Qatar. …” (more below) I spoke with Larry Kudlow of CNBC’s “Kudlow Report,” along with Ambassador Marc Ginsburg, in re the Gaza crisis. [Video below.] My information is that Hamas is boasting of its success the last five days, because delegations [...]

“By the way, you skipped Israel” »

“Candidate Obama’s disdain for Mr. Romney, undisguised and even exaggerated in the Hempstead, New York debate (video below) and the Boca Raton, Florida debate* suggests a peculiar defensiveness …” more below. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [...]

Benghazi and the Swing States: “In Real Time” »

“Act of Terror” »

Below the fold: “Candy Crowley Stepped In.” The second presidential debate provided the candidates with several instances to exchange their disagreements, however the detail that most attracts my reading at this point is the Benghazi question that came up nearly 75 minutes into the event. It turned on Mitt Romney arguing that POTUS Obama did [...]

Surprise? (Turkey, Jordan, Syria crises growing) »

The big question: Is POTUS an ally of Syrian resistance aided by Turkish Intel, U.S. weaponry and Gulf cash? – Editor _____________________________________________ I spoke with Malcolm Hoenlein with regard to the war drums across MENA (Middle East North Africa), and we specially focused on the slow motion fail of the Jordan governance, the rogue state [...]

Benghazi Betrayal »

      My information is that the consulate guards were both sympathetic to the attackers and most likely participated. …       My information is that Chris Stevens and the whole consulate were betrayed by Libyan officials to the very gangs that the CIA is recruiting to fight with the so-called “Free Syrian Army.”       My information is that the [...]

Devils of Tehran and the Obama Vision »

My best information is that an Israeli attack would not be against the nuke fuel facilities, which are hardened sites, but rather against the leadership — a decap strike. Spoke to Larry Kudlow, CNBC Kudlow Report, in re the threat of the rogue regime of Tehran. Does the Obama administration take the Tehran threat seriously? [...]

Benghazi Bump Questions To Be Asked »

CNN reported starting Friday 21 that its agents in Benghazi found a personal diary of the slain Ambassador Chris Stevens on the floor of the abandoned US Consulate. CNN reports now that it photocopied the contents and returned the diary to the Stevens family. CNN reports that it has confirmed details in the diary with [...]