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George Bush’s Deception Points »

Republished from Huffington Post with the express permission of Joe Wilson. Decision Points Having read that people began lining up in front of bookstores before former President Bush’s memoir, Decision Points, was due to be released, I hurried off to purchase mine early on November 9, arriving about fifteen minutes after opening time. I have [...]

Courage and Consequence: Less Memoir Than Hoax »

Reprinted from The Huffington Post with the express permission of Joe Wilson. Karl Rove’s book Courage and Consequence is less memoir than hoax. The chapters that relate to the CIA leak scandal are yet another attempt to deflect attention from his central role in the betrayal of Valerie Plame Wilson’s identity as a covert CIA [...]

Legitimate questions of judgment, experience »

Published today in the North Carolina News & Observer, May 4, 2008 || Reprinted with express permission _____________________________ SANTA FE, N.M. – In recent weeks Americans have been subjected to a litany of outrageous statements from Sen. Barack Obama’s pastor of 20 years, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. While Obama was finally compelled to distance himself from [...]

The Obama Campaign: Consent of, or Contempt for, the People »

Originally published at Huffington Post. Reprinted with express permission. __________________________________ Senator Obama’s ill-conceived remarks likening small town Americans to embittered guns-and-God bigots have triggered a justifiable furor. Not only are the remarks insulting, but also factually incorrect. As it happens, at the same event in San Francisco, Senator Obama made other remarks, equally startling, insulting [...]

Obama’s illusions on foreign policy »

Re-printed from the Philadelphia Inquirer with express permission. Joseph C. Wilson IV is a retired career diplomat, a former U.S. ambassador, presidential foreign-policy adviser, and author of “The Politics of Truth” Sen. Barack Obama declared in Pennsylvania on March 27 that his foreign policy would “return” to that of George H.W. Bush and that Sens. [...]

Smears and Tears: How Obama’s National Security Week Turned Into the Mendacity of Hype »

Originally published at Huffington Post. Reprinted here with express permission. ________________________ The past week marked the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War and the milestone of the 4,000th American soldier killed in that disastrous adventure. Commemorating and underscoring the urgent need for a new policy direction, Senator Clinton delivered a serious and detailed address clearly [...]

Obama’s Shallow Credentials on National Security Are Dangerous for the Country »

Originally posted today at Huffington Post. Reprinted with express permission. The Clinton campaign ad featuring a 3 a.m. telephone call as a metaphor for experienced leadership in foreign policy has generated considerable comment, but much of the reaction is from people who have never been involved in foreign policy and certainly never had to field [...]

Obama’s Hollow “Judgment” and Empty Record »

Originally published at Huffington Post. Reprinted here with my express permission. __________________________ Barack Obama argues that he deserves the Democratic nomination and Hillary Clinton doesn’t because he possesses superior “judgment,” as he calls it, on the key issues we face as a nation. As definitive proof he offers one speech he made in 2002 during [...]

The Real Hillary I Know — and the Unreal Obama »

Yesterday the London Times reported central questions about Senator Obama’s shocking dearth of international experience: “Fresh doubts over Barack Obama’s foreign policy credentials were expressed on both sides of the Atlantic last night, after it emerged that he had made only one brief official visit to London – and none elsewhere in Western Europe or [...]

A Reality Check on Iran Policy and U.S. Campaign Politics »

On November 1, 30 Democratic senators, led by Senator Jim Webb of Virginia, delivered a strong letter to President Bush in response to his increasingly bellicose language on Iran. The letter informs the president that he does not have the authority to take military action against Iran without prior, specific authorization from the Congress. This [...]