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Religious Freedom Restoration Act Hypocrisy »

While I love Apple products, its President/CEO, Tim Cook, is stupid prick. His faux outrage over the law recently enacted in Indiana is fucking ridiculous. Indiana did not deny him the right to have anal intercourse or blow job with the man of his choice. Nor did it proscribe him from getting a wedding cake [...]

The Anti-Iran Propaganda Campaign at Full Tilt »

Let me state at the outset that I condemn pedophilia, anti-semitism and discrimination against blacks. I also do not believe that Iran is a utopian regime and undeserving of its bad reputation. But I do believe it is essential to be truthful about Iran and our role in helping create this entire mess in the [...]

America, the Whore of Saudi Arabia? »

When the pimp tells you to go to the corner and suck dick, you go to the corner and suck dick. You resist. The pimp beat your ass. Right? Well, that sort of sums up our relationship with the Saudis. Confused? Okay, you explain to me why we continue to cater to the interests of [...]

Pilot Suicide–An Islamic Angle? »

This will be short and sweet. Now that word is out that one pilot locked the other out of the cockpit, it is clear that this was a suicide. Given the German Government’s refusal so far to release the names of the pilots tells me that at least one of the guys was not an [...]

Trading for a Deserter? »

One more feather in Barack Obama’s cap. He traded five dangerous, radical Islamic terrorists for an Army deserter. But look on the bright side–Obama got to feel up the deserter’s MILF Mom. How sweet is that? This is but one more piece of evidence of the juvenile, myopic mindset that afflicts Barack Obama and his [...]

Do We Really Want Another Inexperienced First Term Senator? »

Ted Cruz is smart and articulate. No denying that. Wired a little tight. Too tight for me. I have no doubt that he is smarter than Barack Obama. He certainly was very articulate today and showed real chops for speaking extemporaneously (Okay, he rehearsed real good). He really served up some conservative red meat today. [...]

The Dangerous Chaos of Barack Obama »

Remember the “good old days” when Barack Obama, a newcomer on the political stage, promised to usher in a new era of foreign policy utopia? Well, he was right about one thing. He certainly has ushered in a new foreign policy. Only one little problem–it is a total disaster. Can you name me one area [...]

America’s Mistaken Iran Obsession »

Are Republican Senators and Representatives really so stupid? The are all over the media repeating the false litany–IRAN IS THE LARGEST SPONSOR OF TERRORISM IN THE WORLD. Nope. Not even close. There was a time that was true. Go back to the 1980s. From 1982 thru 1989, Iran was one of the world leaders in [...]

ISIS Using Chlorine Gas in Iraq? »

Remember back in August of 2013 when the Obama Administration tried, but failed, to carry out a Gulf of Tonkin type hoax in order to justify invading Syria? The Syrian Government was accused of carrying out a Sarin gas attack against Syrian civilians and rebels. I wrote extensively about this propaganda campaign (The WMD Bamboozle, [...]

Injustice in Oklahoma »

So much for free speech. The push is on for politically correct speech and ginned up outrage when someone says something reprehensible or stupid. Of course I’m writing about outrage de jour over the racist song sung by Freshman aspirants for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. If one of those young men caught on camera [...]

Hillary Doubles Down on Stupid »

This gets worse by the day. Just when you think that Hillary has probed the depths of mendacity and foolishness, surprise!!! She goes to new lows. For me this is sad. The Hillary I met in person is a kind, funny, intelligent person. I do not recognize that She-Hag that appeared yesterday at the UN [...]

A VIPS Memo on Planned Changes at CIA »

I am a signatory to the following. I will post my own comments and observations later in a separate post. LJ MEMORANDUM FOR: The President FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity SUBJECT: John Brennan’s Restructuring Plan for CIA Mr. President, the CIA reorganization plan announced by Director John Brennan on Friday is a potentially deadly [...]

Did the CIA Really Get a “Bum Rap” on Torture? »

Mel Goodman graciously gave me permission to re-publish this here. You can read the original at Melvin A. Goodman is senior fellow at the Center for International Policy and professor of government at Johns Hopkins University. He is the author of “The Failure of Intelligence: The Decline and Fall of the CIA;” “National Insecurity: [...]

The Despicable GOP »

Damn John Boehner and damn Mitch McConnell. Boneheads all. Today’s 50 year commemoration of the march from Selma will not have the Republican leaders in attendance. Ass clowns!! This is a major event in American history. That march marked a shift in the inexcusable racism and persecution of black Americans. Kudos to Charles Cooke for [...]

The NeoCon, Israeli Iran Obsession »

If you are watching Fox News you will notice that a full court propaganda campaign is underway under the guise of “breaking news.” Starting with Bibi Netanyahu’s speech, in which he declared that Iranian Islamic Republic is the same as ISIS, the other shoe has dropped–Iran is a key supporter of Al Qaeda. The not [...]

Speaking of Stupid, Ben Carson »

I remain an admirer of Ben Carson as a skilled neurosurgeon. But on other matters he has demonstrated that he is a total dumb ass. He claimed on CNN this morning that homosexuality is a choice. People who go into prison straight come out gay. They like gang rape in the ass so much that [...]

Hillary, So Smart that She’s Stupid? »

The Hillary Clinton email debacle leaves me scratching my head, with a heavy heart. The Hillary I met and briefed back in 2007 was a very intelligent, engaged person. But that person is missing. She has become a clown show of incompetence, arrogance and hubris. In 2012, congressional investigators asked the State Department for a [...]

Why Does Israel Get a Pass? »

Are you an American or a Christian? Are you an American or a Muslim? Are you an American or a Jew? A deliberately provocative question. I don’t know about you, but I am troubled by the spectacle of American politicians trooping to genuflect before the annual meeting of the American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC). [...]

What is a “True” Conservative? »

The Barry Goldwater era is long dead. He was the genuine symbol of “conservatism.” If he popped from the grave today and showed up at the CPAC conference, I suspect he too would be booed and considered too much a liberal flake. Republicans and Democrats find themselves facing significant opposition from within–the extremes on the [...]

Iran and Al Qaeda–The Big Lie »

Fox News is busy today carrying water for the NeoCons and the Netanyahu crowd with the claim that the Obama Administration is sitting on intel recovered from Osama Bin Laden’s porn palace in Abottabad 5 years ago that shows Iran and Al Qaeda are working together. Horseshit!! We’ve seen this play before. Remember the hot [...]