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Enough with The Transgender Obsession »

What is wrong with our country? Pretending that Transgender issues are one of the most important, transcending matters on the American policy plate is goddamn delusional. Now, I’m not saying that Transgender folks should be persecuted or shunned. Heavens no. You are what you are. I am very much in the libertarian camp on this. [...]

Barack Obama, Thin Skinned Disgrace »

If you are watching the White House Correspondents Dinner you are witness to everything juvenile and immature about Barack Obama. His “speech” is shameful. You can tell that the criticism from Republicans and the press, what little there has been, has gotten under his skin. He has not a single self-deprecating bone in his body. [...]

CIA versus DOD Drone Programs–Failure from Incompetence »

Very odd behavior by Barack Obama today with his announcement that a U.S. drone had killed U.S. hostages being held by Al Qaeda in Pakistan. A U.S. drone strike in January targeting a suspected al Qaeda compound in Pakistan inadvertently killed an American and Italian being held hostage by the group, senior Obama administration officials [...]

Why the Passion for War with Iran and Russia? »

We have lost our minds and are under the control of the insane. And I don’t mean Barack Obama. He’s certainly part of the problem, but he is joined in this quest for conflict by Democrat and Republican leaders, prominent members of the Media and pundits of various ideological persuasions. Republican Senator John McCain, along [...]

Why the Pundit Boners for Rubio? »

I don’t get it. Why the fainting and praise for the supposed genius of Marco Rubio? Typical of the fawning was David Brooks and Mark Shields (both Democrat sympathizers): MARK SHIELDS: That’s right. What do we — but let’s talk for a minute about Marco Rubio. Where does he fit in this? MARK SHIELDS: I [...]

Yes, NeoCon is a Perjorative Term, Deservedly So »

Kudos to Kirsten Powers for blowing the bullshit whistle on NeoCon, Charles Krauthammer. “Stop playing dumb, you know you’re a NeoCon.” What is a NeoConservative? It started in the 1970s with Democrats who were liberal in social matters but strong hawks on issues of national security and defense. The late Jeanne Kirkpatrick fit the mold [...]

The Lazy Barack Obama Endangers America »

Yes, word among those knowledgeable of inner workings in the West Wing is that Barack Obama is lazy. He does not read and is not up to speed on key foreign policy and national security issues. Senior military officials are extremely frustrated. This is a very dangerous time. At a minimum, Barack Obama should be [...]

Tired, Old Hillary and Young Marco, Both Not Ready for Prime Time »

Are you ready for Carly Fiorina? As I survey the growing Republican field I simply cannot take Marco Rubio seriously. What has this man done to be considered seriously as Presidential timber? He’s quite ambitious. No doubt. Carly, by contrast, has real experience running a large, corporate enterprise. I think she will be a surprising [...]

Cuba and the Terrorism List–Obama is Right and Rubio is Wrong »

Just as the broken clock can be right twice a day, this may be Obama’s moment. There was a time when to name a State as a sponsor of terrorism meant something. Unfortunately, that designation became hostage to politics and past Administrations–Republicans and Democrats–shied away from putting some countries, such as Greece, Pakistan and Saudi [...]

The Judith Miller Delusion »

The dreadful Judith Miller is back and she is spinning a tale of total bullshit. Before digging in on her revisionist history, let me provide some context. I had my first indirect contact with Judith Miller in 1996. I actually dealt directly with Jeff Gerth. The topic? Osama Bin Laden. One of my former colleagues [...]

Jumping the Gun in South Carolina »

Unless you’re being held hostage by ISIS, I suspect you’ve seen the video of the South Carolina Police Officer, Michael Slager, gunning down a man, a black man, who was running from him. Based on that videotape it is clear that the Slager lied his ass off. The dead man? Walter Scott. Stopped for a [...]

US Counter Terrorism Policy in Disarray »

So how goes the so-called “war” on terror? Based on recent events in Kenya (the wanton slaughter of 147 Christian students), Yemen (the jail break of 300 Al Qaeda hardliners) and ISIS (industrial terror on a nationwide scale) not too well. In fact, the policy is a wreck. Barack Obama is not solely responsible for [...]

Taking Stock of the Potential Nuclear Deal with Iran–UPDATE »

Well, the propaganda machines on all sides are going full tilt. Some celebrating the new Age of Aquarius and other lamenting impending doom, which includes the immolation of Israel. Let me suggest there might be a middle ground. One of my favorite Americans, who also happens to be a former FBI Agent and Shia, Ali [...]

You’re Gay and Want a Cake? »

Conflating gay couples with the Jim Crow era in the South is total bullshit. Black people in the South were subjected to discriminatory treatment because of how they looked not what they did. A black man walked into a Woolsworth drug store and was prevented from sitting down at the counter because of the color [...]

Religious Freedom Restoration Act Hypocrisy »

While I love Apple products, its President/CEO, Tim Cook, is stupid prick. His faux outrage over the law recently enacted in Indiana is fucking ridiculous. Indiana did not deny him the right to have anal intercourse or blow job with the man of his choice. Nor did it proscribe him from getting a wedding cake [...]

The Anti-Iran Propaganda Campaign at Full Tilt »

Let me state at the outset that I condemn pedophilia, anti-semitism and discrimination against blacks. I also do not believe that Iran is a utopian regime and undeserving of its bad reputation. But I do believe it is essential to be truthful about Iran and our role in helping create this entire mess in the [...]

America, the Whore of Saudi Arabia? »

When the pimp tells you to go to the corner and suck dick, you go to the corner and suck dick. You resist. The pimp beat your ass. Right? Well, that sort of sums up our relationship with the Saudis. Confused? Okay, you explain to me why we continue to cater to the interests of [...]

Pilot Suicide–An Islamic Angle? »

This will be short and sweet. Now that word is out that one pilot locked the other out of the cockpit, it is clear that this was a suicide. Given the German Government’s refusal so far to release the names of the pilots tells me that at least one of the guys was not an [...]

Trading for a Deserter? »

One more feather in Barack Obama’s cap. He traded five dangerous, radical Islamic terrorists for an Army deserter. But look on the bright side–Obama got to feel up the deserter’s MILF Mom. How sweet is that? This is but one more piece of evidence of the juvenile, myopic mindset that afflicts Barack Obama and his [...]

Do We Really Want Another Inexperienced First Term Senator? »

Ted Cruz is smart and articulate. No denying that. Wired a little tight. Too tight for me. I have no doubt that he is smarter than Barack Obama. He certainly was very articulate today and showed real chops for speaking extemporaneously (Okay, he rehearsed real good). He really served up some conservative red meat today. [...]