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Boo Hoo SONY. Fuck Yeah!! »

I apologize for the profanity but it does have a North Korea link. Read on. SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT is all over the news tonight in the wake of deciding not to let the Seth Rogen, James Franco North Korean Murder Porn movie come out next week. Current theme on the Cable news shows is that [...]

Obama’s Sinking Ship Strategy »

Today’s announcement that we are going to establish formal diplomatic relations with Cuba highlights Obama’s lame duck strategy for his last two years in office. He recognizes that he now has a freehand to push policies that he previously shied away from, notwithstanding his campaign pledges. Cuba is a case in point. He promised to [...]

Did the Obama Morons Trigger a Global Economic Collapse? UPDATE »

The dramatic fall in oil prices is not the result of mere market pressures. A market phenomena of falling prices would be triggered by a major surge in production and/or an equally large drop in demand. Something else is afoot. It appears that Obama’s team cut a deal with the Saudis. A very short sighted [...]

CIA’s Coercive Interrogation Course? »

I am shocked by some of retired CIA case officers who are going on TV to extol the virtues and value of torture. Why? Because this was totally against everything they were trained to do. The CIA officers who go overseas to entice foreigners to betray their countries or causes (or both) must first pass [...]

Sydney Islamist Hostage Crisis »

Consider this an open thread. The black banner in the window in the Lindt Cafe in Sydney means an ISIS sympathizer, at a minimum. We do not know how many hostage takers there are. Early reports indicate at least 40 people inside–10 employees and 30 customers. If there is only one bad guy inside this [...]

What You Need to Know About the CIA and the Torture Scandal »

Ignore the propaganda and lies from Dick Cheney, Michael Hayden, Jose Rodriguez, Bill Harlow and others circulating on the media trying to justify the CIA’s torture of terrorist suspects. Why? Because you do not understand what is supposed to be the central mission of the CIA–recruiting spies. Ninety-five percent of Americans, including our politicians, do [...]

John Brennan is Despicable, His CIA Incompetent and He Should Be Fired »

Unbelievable. How does current CIA Director, John Brennan, deal with the allegations of torture raised by the Senate Select Committe on Intelligence? He came out and wrapped himself in the horror of 9-11. When in doubt or under the gun, use fear to cow Americans. Despicable. This was nothing more than a pathetic propaganda show. [...]

The Shame of the CIA »

The Senate Report on Torture pulls the veil back on the lies and culpability of people like former CIA Director Hayden and former Chief of the Clandestine Service, Jose Rodriguez. It also explains why Hayden and Rodriguez are loudly insisting they did not do anything wrong. Although the report does not mention Jose Rodriguez by [...]

The Senate CIA Torture Report »

Did you catch the rant of former CIA Spy Chief Jose Rodriguez in Sunday’s Washington Post Opinion section? I will let you hear from him before I tell you why he is wrong. In one ear they hear the public, the media and members of Congress raising alarms about the terrorist threat from the Islamic [...]

No Yemeni Victory Lap for Obama »

Obama has been shameless in spiking the football in the wake of successful counter terrorism operations. He did the Super Bowl shuffle after taking credit for killing Bin Laden (of course, he ignored the fact that he had drug his feet for months before being coerced to give the green-light to that op). Is he [...]

Eric Garner Was Too Fat »

God Almighty. America has lost its friggin mind. Having actually been born in the era when blacks were routinely referred to a Negroes and the presence of African Americans in professional sports teams was a relatively new phenomena and lynchings in the South were routine, it is a goddamn lie to pretend that police are [...]

Loretta Lynch Vastly Better Than Eric Holder »

Believe it or not, Obama’s nominee to replace Eric Holder, Ms. Loretta Lynch, is a solid choice. Let’s start with the NY Times, which provides some perspective today: In the wake of a string of abuses by New York police officers in the 1990s, Loretta E. Lynch, the top federal prosecutor in Brooklyn, spoke forcefully [...]

To Hell with the Race Baiters »

The scamming, lying race baiters like Al Sharpton need to be stripped naked, adorned with Rolex watches and forced to walk thru the streets of Chicago, especially the African American neighborhoods. You know the place–more than 1000 black boys, girls, men and women slaughtered in the last four years. They were not massacred by white [...]

Brown, Wilson, Ferguson and the Morning After »

Mamas. Don’t teach your boys to be assholes. That’s the fundamental lesson from Ferguson, Missouri. If “Big” Mike Brown had not been such an impetuous bully he might be alive today. Why he thought it a good idea to steal cigarillos, assault a store clerk and then refuse to comply with a lawful police order [...]

“Fire Hagel,” a Symptom of Obama’s Incompetence »

The resignation of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel today cements the meme that Barack Obama has no clue what he is doing. Why dump Hagel? It is not like he was Don Rumsfeld, trumpeting non-existent successes in Iraq while the insurgents grew in numbers. He has been, at best, a grey man. A non-personality. In other [...]

The Benghazi Whitewash from the House Intelligence Committee »

Much of the media is celebrating the new report from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Committee as a vindication for the Obama Administration. Well, it is not. Only one little problem, you have to read the report like a lawyer in order to understand the meat of the matter. There are six key [...]

Killing Keystone for Global Warming in the face of Artic Blast »

You can’t make this shit up. On the very day that most of the Senate Dummycrats vote to tank the possibility of building the Keystone Pipeline, a vast swath of the United States is being crushed by the grip of an early arriving Old Man Winter. This waas not just a snowstorm. This was/is snowmageddon. [...]

What is Wrong With These “People” »

The murder of orthodox Jews praying by two Palestinians is an unspeakable crime. This is not just an act of terrorism. It is an act of depravity. While I think Israel has aggravated the situation over the past three decades by dehumanizing the Palestinians, there is no excuse or justification for today’s attack. It is [...]

Obama Just Doesn’t Get it On Immigration »

The depths of self-delusion for Barack Obama and the Democrats is profound and dangerous. I will give them credit for being effective in making some Republicans believe that open immigration and granting legal status to millions of illegals is political pay dirt. But the truth is, it is not. The majority of Americans are opposed [...]

Why We Are Losing to ISIS in Iraq? »

Very ominous, off-hand remarks from Obama this week regarding our failed strategy, if you can call it that, to deal with ISIS. Obama signaled that they may seek authority to take out Syria’s Bashir Assad. If we try to do this, and Congress goes along, we will be committing political suicide and putting Israel at [...]