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Hillary is for Real! »

“Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got her groove on while she danced at a party in Pretoria, South Africa.” This is why I still love Hillary. She’s one of us no matter where in the world we are.

The Most Honest Video on YouTube? (+ Open Thread) »

WHOAAA! What do you thnk?

The New Prohibition »

Forget about buying a large-size soda in New York City. Any sugary drink over 16 oz. may soon be banned in restaurants, movie theaters, sports arenas, food carts, and delicatessens. Papa Bloomberg apparently knows what’s best for his mentally challenged 19 million wards he figures are too dumb to know that sugar-loaded drinks aren’t very [...]

How Our Government Deals with Its Messes: The Perfect Analogy (& open thread) »

So, how am I feeling about our government’s leadership today? Well, I finally found a video clip that portrays it perfectly. We elect people who say they will clean up our problems. And they are huge, stinking problems. But what do they do instead? Well…see for yourself. Your turn …

Stopping Our Nightmare »

We are all worried. Politicians of all stripes seem to have forgotten people are hurting out here. Money and power (pretty much the same thing) rule both parties. But we have each other here at No Quarter with whom we can discuss and debate the issues. But not always in a way that brings us [...]

Obama’s Speech-Writers Need Some New Material! »

Obama has so many nice things to say to foreign heads of state when they visit here or he visits them there. How genuine are his words of praise? How embarrassing when some clever Dane decides to string those nice phrases all together, all TWO of them.

Splish Splash, North Korea’s Missile Took a Bath–AGAIN! »

Sometimes history repeats itself, well this time without the funny-looking little guy with tall hair. But the stories are so close that I wansted to repost it 3 years later (almost to the day).

Where Were They in 2008? »

How interesting that some of Obama’s strongest supporters and some of Hillary’s most vocal and unkind critics are now saying she should run in 2016. Here are a couple of recent snippets from, of all people, nasty Jack Cafferty’s blog on CNN: Nancy Pelosi became the latest to weigh-in on Hillary’s future, saying it would [...]

Knitting Vaginas »

No, I am not kidding! The Snatchel Project aims to convince our male lawmakers to stay out of women’s vaginas by knitting them one of their own.

Helicopter Parents and the Cancelled Egg »

Turns out the kids in Colorado Springs, Colorado will miss out on the thrill of the annual Easter Egg hunt. It’s been cancelled. Why? So-called Helicopter Parents have ruined it for everyone.

No More BFFs? »

Some schools in London are banning kids from having best friends. Why? Because one may want to break up and the other will be upset. We can’t have any of that.

When Men Do Good Things »

How refreshing! Men rushing to the aid of stranded dolphins. What an amamzing video.

Rick Hurls »

Next door is a Pagan, and across the street is a Catholic family, and next to them are Unitarians and on the other side are Mormons. At the end of the lane are Presbyterians. Inside my home are Christians and Jews. Our best friends are Buddhists. And so it goes. We get along. We break [...]

The Great Rant »

I love this guy!

Rick’s Primary Adversary »

Turns out it’s not the Taliban or terrorists or even people having fun regardless of gender. Quoting from an article in the Washington Times, the former Senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum, declared in 2008 the identity of our true enemy.

How Much Longer Do we Have to Wait? »

Republicans can’t seem to make up their minds as to which of the four will stay on board.

Don’t Break Down in Chi Town! »

Norwegian expressionist Edvard Munch’s The Scream came to mind as I read how Chicago treats its mentally ill. That city doesn’t seem to be a place that cares much about its people or its politics.

Hillary’s Still Cookin’ »

Soon our Secretary of State and the candidate No Quarter supported in 2008* will leave government service. It’s a loss, and largely for reasons that get way too little media attention. Despite her favorable ratings as the SOS and as a woman, it is hard to fully appreciate Hillary Clinton’s humanitarian service to the world [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day »

The times may not always be so happy, but we hope you have pockets–the larger the better–of love and laughter in your lives. We at No Quarter wish our readers a good day that preferably includes chocolate.

F**king for Flowers »

OK, I admit I am on an anti-sexism kick these days. So when you watch the big game on Sunday you will be accosted by this little gem.