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The Election is Over. Now Get To Work! »

I am really, really fed up with politicians and their ceaseless campaigning.  We just went through an exhausting election to basically end up with the same dynamics, the same players, as we had before.  It was all one enormous waste of time, judging by the results. So, here we are, facing what everyone is calling [...]

Moving On To 2016… »

DISCLAIMER/REMINDER:  I write my own opinions, not necessarily shared by Larry Johnson or other writers at  I’m NOT a Republican or a Democrat.  I’m an Indy, a political cynic, and a former (disappointed) supporter of Hillary Clinton. And I keep my tongue firmly in cheek. I’ve been reading many articles from “conservative” columnists, and those [...]

Your Help Is Needed »

I’ve created a new Web site for Bronwyn’s Harbor. Please visit this site especially for Bronwyn at a moment in her life in which she needs help.

It’s Nail Biting Time! »

We’re seeing lots of encouraging signs that Governor Romney will defeat President Obama in Tuesday’s election, but we need to be realistic.  It looks good for Romney, but it’s not a lock.  Promising, but not guaranteed.  Remember that famous picture of Harry Truman holding up the newspaper with the headline “Dewey Defeats Truman.”  Let’s not [...]

I Don’t Give A Damn About Chris Christie’s Opinions »

* Bumped Up * Bronwyn’s Note: Steve has it nailed. Last night, I turned to NPR, the one FM station on my car radio with news.THE HEADLINE? On BBC World News? First, BBC described Obama’s efforts. Snort. Romney? Chris Christie’s remarks headlined the segment. Screw him. “Priorities.” Governor Chris “Hey, look at me being a [...]

New Obama Plan is Not New and Not A Plan… and Not His! OPEN THREAD »

“Attacking me is not an agenda.” That was Mitt Romney’s best line in the last presidential debate. It summed up Obama’s debate style so succinctly and so cleverly, it was pure genius in its simplicity! And you know what? It turns out that Obama likes Mitt Romney’s agenda so much, he’s going to borrow parts [...]

Improve the Debate Moderators, PLEASE! + HK2′s overnight open thread »

What lousy debate ”moderators” we have had lately!  Where do they get these people?  Are they chosen by lots from a pool of “worst possible so-called journalists?” First off, are they ALL from left-leaning news sources?  Has there been even one who wasn’t?  What, no Charles Krauthammer?  No George Will?  Not even a Chris Wallace?  [...]