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Wait, Which One Is It? Obama Plays Both Sides (And More) »

Obama is doing what he likes to do best – campaign. But he is doing it under the auspices of the People’s Business. Uh huh. I suppose if one completely ignored the blatantly partisan nature of his campaign, uh, I mean POLICY speeches, like the recent one in New Hampshire, one could buy that. The [...]

Your Tax Dollars Pay Off Obama’s Bundlers And DNC Donors »

Doesn’t that just make you jump for joy to know this? Believe it or not, I am not just talking about Solyndra here. Oh, no. It is a far bigger picture than just that one failed company, though there are more energy programs involved. Peter Schweizer has written a new book, Throw Them All Out: [...]

Turns Out Obama’s Current Message Is Just Like His Old Message *Open Thread* »

Well, well, well, seems Barack Obama’s message isn’t as Fresh! and New! as we were led to believe it was. Recently discovered was this 2004 ad campaign by Barack Obama, complete with his fake Southern sing-songy accent (though as the Daily Caller article points out, he was in a church so you know, he had [...]

King Obama Doesn’t Need No Stinkin’ Constitution *OPEN THREAD* »

President Obama has done his darndest to go around Congress on a number of issues. His latest attempted end-run is for those who are in over their heads with their mortgages. Not just any mortgages, of course – only those by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. You know, the very institutions which helped to get [...]

Truth Will Out, The Dirt Rises To The Surface *Open Thread* »

Oh, things are really starting to get good. Um, I mean to say, that stories buried during 2008 are starting to make their way back up into the light of day. For instance, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Jr. is making some headlines now, not just for his “extra-constitutional” exhortation to Obama he made recently. That was [...]

Those In The Know Changing Their Tune Too Late To Matter »

Well, well, well. All kinds of people are coming out of the woodwork suggesting Hillary Clinton oughta give Obama a run for him money. From the recent Chicago Tribune Editorial by Steve Chapman in which he exhorts Obama to step down, and Clinton to step up, to Dick Cheney, who not only suggested she would [...]

Want To Know Who Really Ordered The Mission Against Bin Laden? It Wasn’t Obama… »

“The operation was at this time effectively unknown to President Barack Obama or Valerie Jarrett and it remained that way until AFTER it had already been initiated. President Obama was literally pulled from a golf outing and escorted back to the White House to be informed of the mission. Upon his arrival there was a [...]

What Should We Make Of Obama’s “Army Of Community Organizers”? »

* Bumped Up * The Los Angeles Times in a short piece by Andrew Malcolm, says it all in the headline,”Obama Recruits An Army Of Community Organizers To Carry His ‘Movement Forward For Years To Come.” Holy crappy doo. You may recall that during the 2008 Election campaign, Obama had his “Obama For America” thugs, [...]

Obama Lectures Egypt On “Free And Fair Elections”?? (& Open Thread) »

Is he for real? It isn’t enough that he is insisting upon the overthrow of Egypt’s leader, but oh-my-gosh, where does HE come off lecturing ANYONE about how they should “listen to their people” (Um, hello? Obamacare?), and what kinds of elections they should have. Don’t take my word for it – here’s the man [...]

Obama’s MSM-Bestowed Halo Continues To Slip »

Yes, indeedy, as time goes by, the media is starting to shake off its KoolAide induced haze, and are beginning to see that – SURPRISE – Obama is a (Chicago-style) politician!! Wow! Who knew? Ahem. Many of us did, that’s who. Bernie Goldberg discussed Obama’s Fall from the MSM’s “slobbering love affair” recently, based on [...]

The Day Has Finally Come *Updated* »

Update below the fold. No, not Election Day, though yeah, that’s right around the corner (thank heavens). No, I mean my very last visit with my Physical Therapist. YAY!!! And he came about an hour earlier than usual, too, so that was good. Oh, what a relief. Not that I am done with physical therapy, [...]

A Bit Of A Follow Up To Trumka And Palin *Open Thread* »

To my recent post about Palin and the new McCarthyism. Michelle Malkin had this post about how President Obama will be spending his Labor day, “Obama spending Labor Day with real thugs.” Wanna guess who? That’s right, Richard Trumka. And why would Malkin say such a thing in her post? This is why: [snip] Trumka [...]

Obama’s Adminstration Employs Forgetful Tax Payer For SEIU Funds »

How is it there are so many people in government who forget to pay their taxes? As it is, federal employees owe the US Government over $3 BILLION in unpaid taxes. But how is it that Obama keeps picking people to be in his Administration who “forget” to pay their taxes? I don’t get it. [...]

Has The BP Oil Spill Broken Through… »

The Hopium Haze of Obama’s followers? Well, if Jon Stewart is an example, I’d have to say yes. Larry Johnson finally got me to start watching Stewart again after a long hiatus. The hiatus began when Stewart jumped on the Obama Sycophant Bandwagon. I was very disappointed that Stewart went that route, but he did. [...]

Truth Will Out Even With Nuts! »

~~ Bumped Up ~~ That should be your big hint that this is about ACORN. Yep – you know the one. Our tax supported, partisan organization that participates in voting irregularities on a regular basis, which has now allegedly disbanded (but hasn’t really, the ones who are more than willing to bend tax law, “register” [...]

“The Ties That Bind…” »

You know, for an Administration that campaigned on “Transparency,” there sure seems to be a whole lot of opaqueness when it comes to Obama and those who pushed him to prominence. Take, for example, Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel. He has some mighty interesting Connections, as this article highlights, The Ties That Bind. Remember [...]

“Obama, The Thin Skinned President” »

I have never understood this whole meme about how even-keeled Obama is, how eloquent, how brilliant, how “likeable,” how “unflappable,” blah, blah, blah. All evidence to the contrary does not seem to sway our “intrepid” media. Fortunately, though, some people (besides us) are seeing Obama for who he is as this article highlights (h/t to [...]

Bertha Speaks (And Shouldn’t); And Funding Ban Back »

ACORN’s Leader, Bertha Lewis, recently spoke to a group of young people. Her talk, excerpts below, was mighty interesting: Holy moley, did you catch all of that? Let’s see: Socialism, Check! Demean Tea Party members, Check! And on it goes. Perhaps it was because of this speech that ACORN’s funds are once again on hold, [...]

What Senator Obama Opposed, President Obama Loves »

I know, I know, that could be any number of things. Obama has, as many of us knew he would, morphed into George W. Bush. Not that his followers will ever admit it, but those of us in the “reality-based community” clearly see who he really is. Just look at his recent flip flopping backtrack [...]

Under The Radar »

So Mr. Transparency and his Pelosi-led crew have been mighty busy over the past couple of weeks. Okay, okay, his entire presidency thus far. But the past couple of weeks have been particularly bad. First there was the whole health care bill rammed down our throats. But also inside that Health Care bill was a [...]