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Brown, Wilson, Ferguson and the Morning After »

Mamas. Don’t teach your boys to be assholes. That’s the fundamental lesson from Ferguson, Missouri. If “Big” Mike Brown had not been such an impetuous bully he might be alive today. Why he thought it a good idea to steal cigarillos, assault a store clerk and then refuse to comply with a lawful police order [...]

“Fire Hagel,” a Symptom of Obama’s Incompetence »

The resignation of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel today cements the meme that Barack Obama has no clue what he is doing. Why dump Hagel? It is not like he was Don Rumsfeld, trumpeting non-existent successes in Iraq while the insurgents grew in numbers. He has been, at best, a grey man. A non-personality. In other [...]

The Benghazi Whitewash from the House Intelligence Committee »

Much of the media is celebrating the new report from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Committee as a vindication for the Obama Administration. Well, it is not. Only one little problem, you have to read the report like a lawyer in order to understand the meat of the matter. There are six key [...]

Killing Keystone for Global Warming in the face of Artic Blast »

You can’t make this shit up. On the very day that most of the Senate Dummycrats vote to tank the possibility of building the Keystone Pipeline, a vast swath of the United States is being crushed by the grip of an early arriving Old Man Winter. This waas not just a snowstorm. This was/is snowmageddon. [...]

What is Wrong With These “People” »

The murder of orthodox Jews praying by two Palestinians is an unspeakable crime. This is not just an act of terrorism. It is an act of depravity. While I think Israel has aggravated the situation over the past three decades by dehumanizing the Palestinians, there is no excuse or justification for today’s attack. It is [...]

Obama Just Doesn’t Get it On Immigration »

The depths of self-delusion for Barack Obama and the Democrats is profound and dangerous. I will give them credit for being effective in making some Republicans believe that open immigration and granting legal status to millions of illegals is political pay dirt. But the truth is, it is not. The majority of Americans are opposed [...]

Why We Are Losing to ISIS in Iraq? »

Very ominous, off-hand remarks from Obama this week regarding our failed strategy, if you can call it that, to deal with ISIS. Obama signaled that they may seek authority to take out Syria’s Bashir Assad. If we try to do this, and Congress goes along, we will be committing political suicide and putting Israel at [...]

Thank God for Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi »

If you thought the Democrats were/are smart, think again. They are friggin morons. Thank God! In the military, if it is professionally run, a field commander that gets his ass kicked is replaced. Not when it comes to the Democrats. They get gobsmacked in the mid-terms. They lose at least 8 seats in the Senate [...]

Why the SEALS Got to Kill Bin Laden »

Politics baby, politics. I have been fortunate to have provided training in counter-terrorism missions to Special Ops soldiers, sailors and Marines since 1994. I know SEALS, both active duty and retired, and I know members of the Army who have served in a Top Secret unit that was first popularized in a movie put out [...]

Angus King is a Genuine Jackass »

He claims to be an independent, but after watching him on Fox and Friends this morning the Senator from Maine, Angus King, is a total jackass. He was confronted with the facts from one of the architects of Obamacare: Cruel? What is cruel is having to listen to this moron claim the intellectual high ground [...]

Intelligence Pissing Match »

James Risen and Matt Apuzzo have an important article in the Sunday New York Times, Getting Close to Terror, but Not to Stop It: After a car bombing in southeastern Iran killed 11 Revolutionary Guard members in 2007, a C.I.A. officer noticed something surprising in the agency’s files: an intelligence report, filed ahead of the [...]

Obama’s Delusional Economic Recovery »

Like an unrepentant alcoholic or junkie, Barack Obama continues to insist that he ain’t got no problem. Especially when it comes to the economy. It is increasingly apparent that Obama and his sycophantic advisors are looking only at macro numbers–e.g., “unemployment fell to 5.8%–”rather than come to grips with more accurate measures that the economy [...]

Obama Administration Hypocrisy with the SEALS–UPDATE »

A couple of stories cropped up that merit further comment. I’ll postpone till tomorrow writing about Obama’s opening to Iran. I’m actually on his side on this one. Tonight’s rant is the mistreatment and double standard being applied to the two Navy SEALs who played a direct role in killing Bin Laden. Leave it to [...]

Whoopin Obama’s Ass »

If Adrian Petersen whipped his son like American voters clobbered Obama yesterday, he would be well on his way to prison. Obama got more than a mere spanking. He got flayed. Let’s start with the culinary metaphors of defeat. Is he eating crow or sucking eggs? Is the toast? All of the above. Particularly sweet [...]

Mid Term Election Open Thread Blues »

Personally, I do not care. The business of raising and spending money using the illusion that something earthshaking and important is at stake takes cynicism and hypocrisy to new levels. Our system is totally broken and, come every two years, we are asked to buy in to the myth of a non-existent epic battle between [...]

A “New” DOD Spy Agency Shrinks? »

I appreciate Helen flagging the following article from the Washington Post, Pentagon scales down its plans for new spy agency: The Pentagon has scaled back its plan to assemble an overseas spy service that could have rivalled the CIA in size, backing away from a project that faced opposition from lawmakers who questioned its purpose [...]

Obama’s Iraq Disaster »

On the eve of the likely electoral drubbing that will certainly flay the hyper-sensitive political skin of the incompetent now sitting in the big chair at 1600 Pennsylvania, there is no solace for Obama to be found in Iraq. The Islamic State continues to move steadily forward consolidating control over disparate parts of Iraq and [...]

A New CIA? »

What is John Brennan, CIA Director up to? Back in the day the CIA Office of Medical Services conducted a survey every two years designed to take the pulse of the Agency. It was comprehensive, and considered by some to be rather tiresome. In theory, it was supposed to help guide senior CIA leaders in [...]

Ebola is Kicking Obama’s Ass, and Justly So »

To quarantine or not to quarantine. That is the question. What a pathetic display of incompetence from the Obama team. What the hell is their policy. Obama hollered liked a scalded chicken when Governors Cuomo and Christie imposed a quarantine on a nurse who, initially, exhibited a temperature and had just returned from the Africa [...]

Tracking the Information Operation Warfare in Iraq »

What is truly happening on the ground in war between Iraq and the Islamic State? We really do not know. But there is a lot of propaganda and spin out there by all sides. Consider as a typical example this blurb today from NINA: Prime Minister Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider Abadi [...]