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The Climate Change Bullshit of a Real Security Threat »

When I heard Obama’s ludicrous speech to the Coast Guard last week, where he insisted that Climate Change is the biggest national security threat we face, I was left with one thought–he’s insane. Apparently, I am not the only one with this thought: When the Egyptians are laughing at you, that shows what a total [...]

Yes, Benghazi Blood is On Hillary’s Hands, She Won’t Be President »

NOTE–I wrote the following two years ago. Hillary flacks have insisted that there was nothing to this story and encouraged us to move along. But, with each passing day, new revelations and proof emerge highlighting Hillary’s lies on Benghazi. I was one of the first to write about the fact that the CIA Annex was [...]

The Farce of Delta Force and Obama’s Treasure Trove of Crap »

The horde of breathless media hacks inhabiting all channels, both cable and broadcast, pushing the propaganda of the Obama Administration is truly staggering. Everybody is on the bandwagon celebrating a great victory while carefully averting their eyes to ignore the carnage underway in Ramadi. What is wrong with this picture? Publicly acknowledging that a Top [...]

A Delta Force Propaganda Assassination in Syria–Politics by Obama »

The Obama Administration, once again, is shooting its mouth off rather than being quiet about a Special Ops mission. They are touting a Special Ops mission in Eastern Syria, which reportedly was launched from Iraq, that killed a Senior Al Qaeda operative. Why is the Administration reporting this? Say nothing. Let the Syrians or the [...]

Amtrak Train Crash Open Thread »

I’ll leave it to Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead to make the appropriate observations on the Amtrak derailment outside of Philly last night. Question–Was the engineer high on cocaine?

Black President Accuses Black Pot of Being Black »

God, I wish Obama were Jewish. He takes Chutzpah (or, as Michelle Bachman pronounces it, “CHOOTZ PUH”) to new dimensions. Shooting his mouth off at Georgetown University yesterday, Obama had the audacity to make the following observations: Obama criticized the free-market system in America for allowing higher concentrations of wealth to exist among the rich [...]

The Hypocrisy of CIA Leaders »

When Valerie Plame, who was a frontline non-official cover officer working on Iraq, was exposed as a CIA intelligence officer, very few in the community had the balls to speak up in her defense. I was one of a small group in this regard. Imagine my surprise to see the names of several former Directors [...]

Sy Hersh Does it Again, This Time Nailing Obama on Osama »

He may be 78 years old, but he still packs a punch. Legendary Investigative Journalist, Seymour Hersh, is out with a story dismantling the fantasy of the search for and death of Osama Bin Laden that has been spun and fed by the Obama White House. You can read Sy’s piece here, at the London [...]

It Is Official–Jeb Bush Not Qualified to Be President »

If you held the delusional view that Jeb Bush is the “smart’ Bush, think again. While he does not have that twangy, faux-Texas accent, he still sounds like his brother. He was asked a very simple question by Fox’s Megyn Kelly, “Was the War in Iraq a Mistake?” Watch the latest video at This [...]

And the Soviets Saved the Jews »

Following up on my rant regarding the lack respect shown to Russia for the heavy lifting it did in destroying Nazi Germany, I want to focus your attention on the Holocaust. I think the view of the average American is captured in the episode of The Band of Brothers, when Easy Company stumbles upon the [...]

The Disgraceful Behavior of the West Towards Russia »

Miffed at Russia for its intervention in the Ukraine, the West–the UK, France, Canada and the United States–behaved like petulant teenagers and boycotted Russia’s commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany. Shameful. Without Russia, we would probably be speaking German. If you are a fan of movies about World War II, [...]

Why the HubBub over ISIS in America? »

I really don’t get it. The media, especially Fox, are hyperventilating about the supposed ISIS “terrorist” attack in Texas last week. You remember what happened? The incendiary Pam Gellar sponsored a Draw Mohammed Cartoon fest in Texas. Two jihadi wannabes showed up, apparently intent on killing them some infidels, and only succeeded in getting themselves [...]

Why the CIA Should be Disbanded »

Time to start over. Whatever the CIA once was, good and bad, it has devolved into an incompetent, political bureaucracy. This entity is beyond reform. It needs the equivalent of a bullet to the head. Kill it. The latest evidence of the disaster that is CIA comes courtesy of former Acting Director of CIA, Michael [...]

The Black Baltimore Whitewash »

The bullshit arrests today of six police officers in the Freddie Gray case is nothing but a feeble attempt at a show trial. This is all public performance and is only intended to placate an ignorant populace that is a borderline lynch mob. Mark my words. Not one of these officers will be found guilty. [...]

The Fictional Wire “Mayor to Be” versus the Real Baltimore Mayor »

Think I was kidding. First, watch this clip from The Wire (it was an HBO Series and is one of the best things to ever be done on TV). The woman in the following clip is Council President Nerese Campbell, who aspires to be the next Mayor. Watch and listen and tell me, did they [...]

It’s Official–Obama’s Failed Economic Policies Stick it to Black America »

The left and the staunch defenders of Barack Obama proved a total lack of self-awareness and irony as they commented on the rioting of the black underclass in Baltimore over the past couple of days. Why did this violence break out? The best summary came from John Angelos, the son of Oriole’s owner, Peter Angelos [...]

Media Hypocrisy in Full Bloom »

Baltimore is burning, Baltimore police are battling rioters, baseball fans are trapped in Camden Yards Stadium afraid to leave the safe confines of the park, and where is the media? Doing an act of public fellatio on a lame duck President and celebrating their self-importance. The White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday provided the Wizard [...]

Enough with The Transgender Obsession »

What is wrong with our country? Pretending that Transgender issues are one of the most important, transcending matters on the American policy plate is goddamn delusional. Now, I’m not saying that Transgender folks should be persecuted or shunned. Heavens no. You are what you are. I am very much in the libertarian camp on this. [...]

Barack Obama, Thin Skinned Disgrace »

If you are watching the White House Correspondents Dinner you are witness to everything juvenile and immature about Barack Obama. His “speech” is shameful. You can tell that the criticism from Republicans and the press, what little there has been, has gotten under his skin. He has not a single self-deprecating bone in his body. [...]

CIA versus DOD Drone Programs–Failure from Incompetence »

Very odd behavior by Barack Obama today with his announcement that a U.S. drone had killed U.S. hostages being held by Al Qaeda in Pakistan. A U.S. drone strike in January targeting a suspected al Qaeda compound in Pakistan inadvertently killed an American and Italian being held hostage by the group, senior Obama administration officials [...]