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A Lot of Righties Are Still Confused About Kurds and Iraq »

I am not giving the Left a pass. They seem equally clueless. But I am reacting to opinions and analysis proffered by voices on the right, such as Ed Morrissey at Hot Air. Ed is writing about reports out of London that the Gulf Allies want to arm the Kurds to fight ISIS but Obama [...]

Washington, America’s Premiere Whorehouse »

To refer to Washington as a bordello is an insult to prostitutes around the world. At least a legitimate prostitute ensures that her (or his) customer gets what they paid for. Not so in Washington. What is going on in the White House and the Congress and the Supreme Court is closer to rape. So, [...]

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should »

I am neither a homophobe nor anti-homosexual. The gay men and women I know are decent, wonderful people. But that does not mean that I embrace homosexual sex as something good for people or good for society. There is no scientific consensus yet, to my knowledge, that explains why men are sexually attracted to men [...]

Ship of State – Ship of Fools *Open Thread* »

I’m not very good with  computers.  Television was the new thing when I was growing up. I still remember the thrill of our first “color” teevee.  The skin tones were kind of green but we didn’t care, it was in color! From there to here was a long journey and the truth is that most 10 year olds [...]

Really Barack? »

Barack Obama reinforced his growing legacy as clueless, doofus who lives in a delusional cocoon. In the wake of the murders last week in Charleston, South Carolina, Obama: expressed anger over the “senseless” shooting in a black church in South Carolina and said Americans had to confront the fact that frequent incidents of gun violence [...]

Sorry, LGBT Ain’t Normal »

What in the hell has happened to our country? Bill Clinton championed the Defense of Marriage Act, which had the full backing of his wife. Barack Obama campaigned on the defense of marriage between a man and a woman. Now? Amnesia. I am tired of being smacked in the face and bombarded with propaganda that [...]

The Obamacare Delusion »

Today’s Supreme Court decision is really a sideshow and masks the true problem, not just with Obamacare, but the overall concept of healthcare in the United States. Let’s start with some basic facts: 1. Agricultural subsides by the Federal Government promote “food” that makes people sick. The two biggest culprits on this front are Sugar [...]

Obama Breaks US Hostage Policy–UPDATE & MORE »

President Obama tomorrow officially will dismantle a hostage policy that once worked but, under his stewardship, has been an unmitigated disaster and cost the lives of Americans and put others at risk. The New York Times offers the following innocuous explanation: President Obama on Wednesday will announce that the government will no longer threaten criminal [...]

Black Lives Matter? Hell, No »

I am past the point of outrage over the double standard and political posturing when Obama plays the race card. A mentally disturbed white boy in South Carolina murders nine black folks and we are immediately assaulted with parallels to the Jim Crow South. “All white people want to kill them some niggers.” At least [...]

Are You Ready for Cable Stupidity? »

Get your Valium and/or martinis charged and ready to go. Supreme Court will issue decisions within the next week that will “deal” with the issue of gay marriage and Obamacare. Regardless of the decision, the news media will go into frenzy mode. Sweating, panting interns will be dashing down the steps of the Supreme Court [...]

Are The Inmates Running the Asylum? *open thread* »

As an official “old fart” I  look around and wonder if, like Alice, I’ve slipped down the Rabbit Hole and emerged in a land where the inmates are running the asylum. Every generation watches as the next generation changes, sometimes for the better and sometimes not so much, the world they knew.  Most of us accept that [...]

In Defense of Sid and Tyler »

Lost amid the senseless murders of worshipping Christians (who were killed because of the color of their skin), is the continuing saga of Hillary’s out-of-the-network emails and her reliance on outside advisors. A column by Monica Crowley summarizes the rightwing conspiracy: Last week this column asked, “Was Hillary Clinton running her own rogue intelligence operation?” [...]

Charleston Massacre–UPDATE, Obama is a Total Ass »

What in the hell got into the mind of 21 year old Dylan Roof? Roof, in case you’ve been hiding in a cave, allegedly murdered 9 African American parishioners last night. Wednesday night for Christian Protestants is usually reserved for a Prayer Meeting–you meet to pray and testify. The deceased reportedly were having a Bible [...]

Donald Trump–Delusional or Dangerous or Both »

Count me down for “both.” Making a lot of money and being in the category of the very rich is not the same as being in the category of the smartest or wisest. Wish it were so, but it ain’t. Watching the Donald Trump clown show today outside of Trump Towers left me stunned by [...]

Is Mokhtar Bel Mokhtar Kaput? Or, Moby Dick? »

Look at the shiny bauble. Look over there–SQUIRREL. Nothing like a symbolic distraction when you are, like Barack Obama, getting your political ass kicked. The recognized government said the strike had killed Mokhtar Belmokhtar, an Algerian militant who became a major figure in insurgencies across North Africa and the Saharan border region and was dubbed [...]

Bruce Jenner, The Faux Queen with Hot Clothes »

Can’t let this one go. The media propaganda campaign insisting that Bruce Jenner, a man with testicles and a penis and XY Chromosomes, is actually a woman. Hans Christian Andersen foresaw this foolishness and produced the prophetic story, The Emperor’s New Clothes: A vain Emperor who cares about nothing except wearing and displaying clothes hires [...]

Yes, Mike Morell is a Liar »

Former CIA Deputy Directer, Michael Morell, has been popping up on the news media and, among other things, allowed to call Sy Hersh a liar. If this ain’t a case of pot calling kettle black I don’t know what else qualifies. The liar is Morell. But that’s not just my opinion. That’s the judgment of [...]

Hillary’s Role in Helping Create ISIS–UPDATE »

Who you going to believe? Bill and Hillary? You should. I will highlight a recently published DIA analysis obtained as a result of a Judicial Watch FOIA request. That document makes it very clear that DIA warned early in August 2012 that the Syrian rebels fighting the Government of Syria’s Bashir Assad were under the [...]

The Dark Side of the SEALS »

A curious and interesting piece in the New York Times today, SEAL Team 6: A Secret History of Quiet Killings and Blurred Lines. This is not a “hit piece” on the SEALS. It is something else. The amount of classified information in the piece is truly stunning. As I have written before, leaks like this [...]

Obama and the Stupidity of the BORG »

Typical of an Air Force General. Meet Gen. Herbert J. “Hawk” Carlisle. He is a fucking moron. “Hawk” has been shooting his mouth off about the great effect that U.S. airpower is having in weakening ISIS. In a speech sponsored by the Air Force Association on June 1 in Arlington, Gen. Herbert J. “Hawk” Carlisle, [...]