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Cold War Fever »

What happened in Ukraine? Not sure, but I lean toward the explanation that Ukrainian rebels thought they were shooting at a Ukrainian military plane and hit, by mistake, a Malaysian commercial airliner. Evidence? The rebels initially made the claim on social media that they had downed a Ukrainian plane. But that’s not the story that [...]

Horrific Video of Malaysian Air »

The following video tells us quite a few things if it is the genuine article. It does appear to be the real McCoy. CNN and FOX and others need to stop with the nonsense that the plane’s wreckage is scattered over miles. As you can see on the video, the right engine/fuel tank is on [...]

The Malaysian Air Distraction »

Yes. A sad, horrific tragic accident. This was not terrorism. It was a big, fucking mistake by Ukrainian rebels, who thought they were shooting at a Ukrainian transport aircraft. This is beyond, “OOPS!” Ultimately, I think the Ukrainians will find a scapegoat and punish him as well as agree to pay families compensation. They will [...]

Malaysian Air and Terrorism? »

If the initial news reports are correct regarding the altitude of the Boeing 777 Air Malaysian jet–flying at 32,000 feet–one thing is certain–it was not shot down with a should fired surface to air missile (i.e., a MANPAD). So, what are the possibilities: 1. Catastrophic mechanical failure. 2. Ground to air missile (GTAM), but from [...]

Obama, Irresponsible and Unpatriotic »

Obama, per Obama, is both “Irresponsible and Unpatriotic.” Tough for me to admit, but Obama is right.

Join the Hilarity »

Rolling Stone has taken stupid to a new low. Check this out: The five most dangerous guns: Pistols Revolvers Rifles Shotguns Derringers

Obama’s Foreign Policy Collapse »

These are dangerous times; made more so because of the weakness and incompetence of Barack Obama. The litany of failure is so vast that even Helen Keller could see it: The earnest Josh Earnest continues to show himself completely out of his depth on these issues. Josh is a good kid. I know him. There [...]

Israel’s Real Military Problem »

The current dust up with the Palestinians in the Gaza strip is nothing more that theater, helped staged and provoked by Israel. I realize this makes me anti-Semitic, but I really am a friend of Israel. The original genius of Israel was to be a society and government that was 180 degrees opposite from the [...]

Barack Obama is Hurting America »

I attended the 60th birthday party of a old friend last night and had the chance to meet a senior diplomat for a major country that is one of our key allies. I won’t identify the country in order to protect the confidence of this senior diplomat. Like all diplomats, this gentleman was quite circumspect [...]

Dick And Liz Cheney Are Batshit Crazy »

Dick and Liz. Especially Dick. STFU. Yes, Shut the Fuck Up! You have done enough damage to America. You have lost your right to express any opinion on Iraq after your multiple predictions and warnings were proved by subsequent events to be delusional, at best, and complete fabrications, at worst. You lied in 2002 about [...]

Obama Losing Blacks on Immigration »

Obama. He’s got 99 problems. As Jay Z rapped: 99 Problems but a bitch ain’t one If you having girl problems I feel bad for you son I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one Hit me Let’s hope he is gay. At least then there is no chance of Michelle going Medieval on [...]

Ugly and Fat = Angry Woman »

If you have to get up every morning and look at this puss in the mirror, you’d be angry too. She’s probably upset that she’ll never get the chance to have an abortion. Why?

CIA’s German Debacle, Obama’s Litany of Incompetence Continues »

The fish stinks from the head and so it is with the feckless Obama Administration. The meme, the legacy for this inexperienced, inept Senator from Illinois is becoming set–he is incompetent and inept. Playing pool and swilling beer while tens of thousands of Central Americans flood our southern border is the least of his problems. [...]

Israel and Gaza, A Contrived Crisis? »

Stop the primal scream. I am not denying nor dismissing as nothing the fact that Hamas is firing a flood of rockets into Israel. But I do want to encourage you to go read an important article by Max Blumenthal at the Electronic Intifada. The facts on the ground in Israel are different from what [...]

CIA and the Intimidation Factor »

We have reached a point in our society where the intelligence and law enforcement communities have grown too big and have too much authority. Our very liberty and freedom, as citizens, is at risk. With each passing day we hear of new instances of overreach by police of some sort who, in the name of [...]

The Prelude to Benghazi »

The September 11, 2012 attacks on the special diplomatic facility and the CIA Annex in Benghazi were provoked by Obama’s efforts to restrict weapons flows to Syrian rebels for fear that success by muslim jihadists in Syria would undermine/discredit the central message of Obama’s reelection campaign–Osama is dead and al Qaeda is on the run. [...]

When is a Terrorist a Patriot? »

My intent is not to offend. Rather, I want to raise a sincere question and probe your thoughts. Is Bill Ayers a terrorist or a patriot? I watched with fascination the debate the other night between Ayers and Dinesh D’Sousza, which was hosted by Megyn Kelly. Worth your time to watch: I was impressed with [...]

Barack Obama Never Said Anything About Sneakers! »

That’s right. Obama promised no more “boots” on the ground in Iraq. He never said anything about sneakers, sandals or loafers. So there you have it. Using a typical lawyer loophole, Obama dispatched an additional 200 troops to Iraq today. He’s up to 1000 military personnel. Looks like that number will grow in the coming [...]

Yes, Bill and Hillary Clinton Are Despicable »

As part of the hysteria on the left in response to the Supreme Court decision yesterday stipulating that Hobby Lobby does not have to provide abortion causing drugs to employees, the reaction of Hillary Clinton was particularly sickening and disgusting. I regret ever having given this crazy woman a penny. Read this madness: Part of [...]

Is Barack Obama a Cunt? »

Yep. Figured the C word would get everyones ears perked up and blood boiling. Yes, my shock value is a deliberate act. And yes, I understand that if you are from the United States this is probably the worst word in the English language. Of course, Chaucer had no problems using it, but that was [...]