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Hey Obama, You Can’t Polish a Turd »

Watching Obama’s desperate, hysterical attempt today to sell Obamacare, I was reminded of the old Navy saying, “you can’t polish a turd.” If you are handed a piece of festering shit, no matter how hard you rub, you can’t make it shine. All you do is smear the smelly clump into an equally disgusting pile [...]

OK Neocons, Which Is It? »

Have you seen the new video of Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula marching around and chanting, “Death to America?” Finally, frigging CNN is talking about something other than the goddamned missing plane: A new video shows what looks like the largest and most dangerous gathering of al Qaeda in years. And the CIA and [...]

When It Comes to Russia, Wheelchair Warriors Want a Brawl »

The only thing worse than an Arm Chair Quarterback is a Wheelchair Warrior. And I’m not talking about US military personnel wounded in battle and left disabled. The preeminent Wheelchair Warrior is Charles Krauthammer. He was on Bret Baier’s Special Report tonight and illustrated with his diatribe on Ukraine why he is both foolish and [...]

More on the Non Reaction in the US to Sy Hersh’s Important Piece »

I am going to keep flogging this dog. Why? Because Barack Obama tried to take us to war in Syria on a lie. Watching the mainstream media stay mute in the aftermath of the publication of Sy’s piece is instructive and disturbing. Their mass refusal to simply deal with the facts presented by Sy stands [...]

Protect Obama At All Costs, Ignore Sy Hersh »

Which of the following matters to US National Security: 1. Oscar Pistorius breaks down weeping on the witness stand while describing how he shot his model girlfriend. 2. Malaysian Flight 370 is still missing and no one has found a shred of wreckage. 3. Chris Christie remains the target of MSNB, er, the Justice Department [...]

Sy Hersh Bombshells Expose Obama’s Fraud in Syria and Benghazi–UPDATE »

Sy Hersh is out today with an explosive, damning piece of investigative journalism that completely dismantles the fable on Syria and Benghazi that President Obama and his national security team, including Hillary Clinton, tried to foist on America. The article, The Red Line and the Rat Line, is in the London Review of Books. Mr. [...]

The Obamacare Turd Sandwich »

The delusion of Barack Obama and his disciples is alarming. They genuinely believe that they have turned the corner on the “problems” with Obamacare and that the only thing left to do is simply remind Americans of that this is a great law and fixes the problem of people not being able to get health [...]

The Despicable Michael Morrell »

I look at former Deputy CIA Director Michael Morrell and all I see is a liar and a fraud. His willingness to play fast and loose with facts was on public display yesterday during the 2 April hearing of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Let’s review the facts courtesy of Sharyl Atkisson’s blog: [...]

7 Million Sign Up for Obamacare—APRIL FOOLS!!! »

Hysterical. What a hoot. Obama and team, in the “fool” spirit of 1 April, got their gag game on and went out before cameras insisting that a gazillion people had signed up for the ironically named, Affordable Care Act. Got to show some love to Barack Obama and company for their shrewd since of humor. [...]

Benghazi Ain’t Going Away »

Democrats desperate to make the debacle of Benghazi go away are not having a good week. Two stories in the news so far and, by this Sunday, there will be a new blockbuster twist. First, there is the drama surrounding former Deputy Director of the CIA, Mike Morrell. Morrell is on the hot seat for [...]

Noah. Do You Give a Shit? »

I am watching with fascination the reaction to the new piece of Hollywood bullshit, NOAH. According to Variety’s Justin Chang, the movie is just brilliant: Watching “Noah,” which makes a few concessions to epic fantasy/blockbuster conventions without sacrificing its fundamental seriousness and moral urgency, you get the feeling that Aronofsky (who wrote the script with [...]

Mike Rogers’ Goes Delusional »

News came late Thursday night that the Michigan Republican Congressman Mike Rogers, who chairs the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, is bowing out and plans to launch a new career as a talk radio guy. What a laugh! House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers plans to leave Congress after this year to host a [...]

Obama’s Head is Where? »

More tough talk today from junior birdman, Barky O’Bama. Maybe we should concede that he is an aspiring Irish comedian–a congenial guy who tells great stories that make people laugh, but has zero heft. Leave it to cartoonist Michael Ramirez to eviscerate him for his foolishness: I suppose it is appropriate that Obama is in [...]

Obama and Europe Act Like 12 Year Old Girls–UPDATE »

For those of you who once were 12 year old girls and for those, like me, who have played the father role for a 12 year old, the following headline will send chills up your spine: World Leaders Will Exclude Putin From Summit Meeting Oh SNAP you bitches. Really? This is what foreign relations have [...]

I Love This Girl »

If you haven’t seen this, must see. I don’t blame young folks for buying into the Obama bullshit. But I do applaud the ones capable of objective thought.

Russia Ready for Hardball, Obama? No Balls »

As I have written before, I fully back Russia’s play in the Crimea and Ukraine. We are not confronted with an ideological foe. The Communist inspired Soviet Union is in the dustbin of history. Good riddance. Nope. We are back to good old fashioned Russian nationalism. Candidly, it is none of our damn business. Russia [...]

Malaysian Air Shiny Object »

I am only posting this as a protest against the endless, inane and stupid commentary by self-professed experts on the fate of the missing Malaysian Air 777. The agendas being pushed are sickening. Here’s the bottom-line–nobody knows. The speculation is ridiculous and meaningless. If this was a terrorist attack it was a completely inept effort. [...]

Crimea River »

What a ridiculous display of impotent rage by the United States on the eve of Russia’s official annexation of Crimea. I do not know who is more pathetic–Barack Obama, John Kerry or USUN Ambassador Samantha Power. Power should be renamed, “Powerless.” That’s what she is. A windbag hurling invective and empty threats and the Russians [...]

More on the CIA Holding Back an Internal Report »

Congress, both Senate and the House, tend to be a bunch of craven cowards prone to pandering rather than leading. That said, I am giving the benefit of the doubt to Senator Diane Feinstein and doubting the purity of the CIA in the battle over getting the “truth” about the CIA interrogation program. Let’s be [...]

CIA Spying on Congress? »

The gloves are off and Senator Diane Feinstein is pissed. Seems the CIA is conducting an illegal search of Senate staffers charged with investigating the CIA’s interrogation program. According to the AP: The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee accused the CIA Tuesday of criminal activity in improperly searching a computer network set up for [...]