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“Renegade: The Making of a President.” Wolffe’s Book on Obama Misses No Opportunity to Diss Hillary »

(bumped up from yesterday) Huffington Post featured an exclusive excerpt from Wolffe’s book on Obama’s ascent to the Presidency. You can run over and see it for yourselves if you feel so inclined, I will not link to it. Much as I would wish otherwise, I must express bottomless contempt for the continuously disrespectful way [...]

Obama Held Hostage by Cheney on National Security, Says MoDo »

Lord knows I miss no opportunity to take Maureen Dowd to task for her near criminal Hillary bashing, but today her column is a scathing satire entitled “Cheney’s Third Term” which depicts the former Vice President and Don Rumsfeld sharing a fancy Washington dinner while gamely bragging they are controlling President Obama on national security. [...]

Politico Says Obama Snarfed Hillary’s Winning Platform. We Say, He Still Ain’t Hill. »

(Bumped up from yesterday evening.) In his article Obama morphs into old rival Clinton, Politico’s Alex Conant posits that all Obama’s campaign promises which distinguished him from Hillary have now been thrown out the window: A year ago today, with returns rolling in from the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, the late Tim Russert so [...]

Hillary Back In The Day »

My good buddy, SusanUnPC (No Quarter), told me about this lovely story. I figured since I ended up writing about Hillary Clinton yesterday, I might as well continue the theme and write about her today, too. Oh, who am I kidding – I could write about her EVERY day. She is the Secretary of State, [...]

The First One Hundred Days »

Is that all? Sigh – it seems like this has been going on forever. Maybe it’s just the MSM’s continued fawning over Obama, like yelling to the rafters what a HIGH poll number he has. Okay, it is more than half, but they are going this nuts over 56%? Seriously??? Wow, I guess it is [...]

What’s In A Name »

A lot. One thing we learned from the Bush Administration – make up a name for a bill or act that is diametrically opposite of what the act wil actually do. Then, talk it up! I am referring to the Employee Free Choice Act, the brainchild of the large unions in this country, who paid [...]

Party Like It’s 1999? »

Here’s some news you can use (cough): Wednesday nights are PARTY nights at the White House since the Obamas moved in. Who cares if we are trillions and trillions of dollars in debt? What’s the big deal about people losing their jobs? Or their homes? Just stop complaining, go out and spend money (yes, Obama [...]

“The Impending Obama Meltdown” »

Earlier in the week, one of my aunts sent me a piece by Victor Davis Hanson, The Impending Obama Meltdown (SusanUnPC also included this article in her excellent piece, “Is Barack Obama On The Precipice Of Becoming Jimmy Carter?“). I don’t want to be premature, but maybe, just maybe, there are some journalists coming up [...]

The New DNC Looks Like… »

The old DNC – nothing new here. The GLBT community continues to be treated like the proverbial red-headed stepchild. I bring this up because of the following comment left at my blog the other day: Thank God I found your blog! I feel like I’ve been living a real life version of invasion of the [...]

I Want A Mulligan! »

For those of you who don’t know this golf term, it’s a do-over.  It’s allowed between friends when something ruins what should have been a decent shot.  Like maybe a loud noise during your back-swing.  So the distraction or other accidental occurrence causes you to blow the shot.  You ask for a Mulligan, and your [...]

He Was For It Before He Was Agin’ It »

And other news on the ever-changing Barack Obama. Perhaps you have now heard that a 1996 questionnaire for Barack Obama has mysteriously reappeared AFTER he was elected (which of course he could not have done without the DNC’s new take on voting, i.e., it doesn’t really matter for whom you cast your vote – they [...]

Well, Golly Gee, Anne, That Will Learn Him! »

As in Anne Hathaway, an actress I actually like, and one whose movies I have seen (yes, both Princess Diaries – what’s your point??!). She has taken such a strong stand, I am sure you will agree, on an important issue. Oh, yes – I am talking, of course, about her decision to NOT turn [...]

In The Spirit of Diversity »

At least in the world of satire. Once again, The Onion has come through with a funny piece. This is timely considering Obama’s slap in the face to the GLBT community (AND women) by picking Rev. Rick Warren, the homophobic anti-choice minister from CA, to do the invocation for Obama’s Inauguration. So after that additional [...]

Why Is Anyone Surprised By »

This: Obama’s speechwriter, Jon Favreau, demonstrating who he, and so many of those associated with Obama, is: a misogynistic, juvenile pig who has disrespected the Former First Lady of Arkansas, a Top 100 Attorneys in the United States TWICE, the former First Lady of the United States, a two term US Senator, the RIGHTFUL Democratic [...]

Cheaters Never Prosper? **UPDATED** »

Uh, yeah, apparently they do. Obama is a major case in point. He only got to where he is now by cheating on a massive level, with the DNC both sanctioning and colluding in the cheating. A major avenue in which the cheating occurred was done so with the help of a number of young [...]

what stage are you in? »

I haven’t been doing much writing the last few days, instead I have been thinking, reading and observing. I just finished reading the threads from Welcome Back, Find Some Reason, and Larry’s comments: “I take back nothing I have written about Barack and Michelle Obama. That said, I don’t want to see them destroyed or [...]

O, Come Let Us Adore Him »

Oh, boy – this is quite some article by Howard Kurtz in the Washington Post (H/T to athy at No Quarter for this article). He really tells it like it is. I wonder if he still has a job there? Just the title alone gives it away: “A Giddy Sense of Boosterism.” Holy Toledo – [...]

Run Away, Run Away! »

That’s my advice to Senator Clinton, the THIRD candidate for Secretary of State in the Obama regime, or at least she was until yesterday. Now, it is down to her or Gov. Bill Richardson. Can I just say, from the outset, that to have it come down to her, the best presidential candidate we have [...]


I have to run out this morning for an appointment, so I would like to introduce you to one of my animals, my 3 yr old cat, Bug. Bug lives up to his name in three ways: he is as cute as a bug, he scoots like a bug, and he can BE a bug. [...]

The DNC Pops Its Hood Ornament »

Whoopsie—The Democratic National Committee’s hood ornament got and bounced into the street. Of course, it was loosened up a long while back when the DNC moved itself mostly to Chicago two months before the Democratic Convention. That right there tells you a lot about the DNC. (I think the “D” should be removed—it doesn’t [...]